Nina Dobrev Dating Rocker Dominic Howard and Viking Alexander Ludwig – Ian Somerhalder Abandoned

Nina Dobrev Dating Rocker Dominic Howard and Viking Alexander Ludwig - Ian Somerhalder Abandoned

It’s time to play the game To Whom Does Nina Dobrev‘s Heart Belong To Now? The popular The Vampire Diaries actress has been busy and adventuring around during her time off from filming her crazy vampire show. She’s not shy about her life and isn’t afraid to share her journeys via social media. But sometimes this raises questions, questions of the romantic sort…questions about who exactly this girl is dating, thinking about dating, or possibly crushing on.

I think people are slowly starting to accept the fact that Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder — one of the hottest and most-talked about young couples in Hollywood for a while — are chilling on ice for the moment. This leaves Nina free and open to find herself a new man. Or, erm, multiple men. Hey, all the power to you, girlfriend!

As we reported recently, sources revealed to CDL that Nina is currently dating Dominic Howard, of the band Muse. The couple was spotted together at the Grand Prix in Monaco and partying together with a group of friends at 2014 Coachella. There were some fans who even took to Twitter to say that they had just “caught them making out.” What?! Are these two an item.

Nina has also been linked to Alexander Ludwig, with whom she’s currently costarring in a new romantic comedy. The pair were recently on location shooting scenes for the new horror comedy The Last Girls. Dobrev seems incapable of working on a project together without hooking up with one of her co-stars, so it is probably just a matter of time before her relationship with Howard crashes and burns.

Do you think Nina is dating any of these fellas? Or do you think that she’s just getting her flirt game on to make Ian Somerhalder, that boy she’ll always have a soft spot for, uber jealous?

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17 responses to “Nina Dobrev Dating Rocker Dominic Howard and Viking Alexander Ludwig – Ian Somerhalder Abandoned”

  1. Guest says:

    What the [expletive]? You are such idiots!

  2. zz says:


  3. Amanda says:

    I hope rumours about Nina and Alexander Ludwig are true. He’s a sweetheart.

  4. giga says:

    i hate nina , she is [expletive] stupid for leaving ian

  5. Anchy Briški says:

    omggg stoppppppppp nina

    you not slut ,cam back Nian plissss

  6. Anchy Briški says:

    just are friends dominic and ludwig is not boyfrends

    nina stopppppp you not slut

  7. Anchy Briški says:

    jealous ian, nina stopppp plssssss

  8. Anchy Briški says:

    nottttt alex and dominic nina stopppp you not slut

  9. Anchy Briški says:

    and Michael TREVINO


  10. Guest says:

    Nina and Ian broke up well over a year ago. It is time to let that one go. Nina is not dating Dominic Howard, nor is she dating Alexander Ludwig, nor is she dating Julian Tobias any longer. Nina is, however, dating the British race car driver, James Rossiter, who has been in NYC with her this weekend. He cancelled out driving in the LeMans and chose to visit Nina instead.

    • melisa says:

      James Rossister has a girlfriend for a year.stop spreading this lie.Nina is not dating to him.he is in NY with his girl and for his work.He an Nina are just friends.Dont dlete my comment,please.

  11. giga says:

    I hate nina

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