Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder Conflicted About Going Public With Love Affair and Dating

Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder Conflicted About Going Public With Love Affair and Dating

Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder caused the Interwebs to light itself on gossip fire after the former lovebirds shared a kiss on the cheek, all the while accepting their Best On-Screen Chemistry award at the People’s Choice Awards. They joked about their awkward on-screen and off-screen love affair, and honestly, it seemed like they were as close as ever – either that, or they’re the best actors in the world.

Obviously, this little show of affection and flirtation led Vampire Diaries fans to wonder if Nina and Ian weren’t back together, as has been rumored for the past couple of months. I mean, Nina’s relationship with Derek Hough barely lasted a millisecond in relationship universe, and she and Ian have reportedly been spotted hanging out in Atlanta quite a lot recently. So are they really just ‘best friends’, are they friends with benefits, or are they dating again?

Nina Dobrev Takes Ian Somerhalder Back as Boyfriend: Couple Dating After KISS At The Peoples Choice Awards

Well, sources tell us that while Nina and Ian aren’t technically dating again, they are seeing each other – although they’re both doing their best to keep it quiet. They’re not sure if they’re going to go back into full dating mode, especially since they’re still on good terms and don’t want to ruin their existing friendship. There’s also a rumor going around that Nina’s not sure whether she’s willing to go through the public speculation and media attention that comes from being part of a beloved Hollywood couple, especially one that has so many fans.

Either way, whether Nina and Ian are dating or not, they’re keeping in on the down-low. Whether they go public again will really depend on how their relationship progresses, and how crazy the focus on them is as the show goes on.

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9 responses to “Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder Conflicted About Going Public With Love Affair and Dating”

  1. Angelia says:

    I know you can’t help who you love, but what she did, she doesn’t deserve him on or off set…Ian I hope you think hard about this, once trust is gone, it doesn’t TRULY come back

  2. Angelia says:

    Ian you need a woman not a child, her actions have already shown her immaturity, think hard about it, once trust is gone it doesn’t TRULY come back…she doesn’t deserve you on or off set!!!

  3. guest says:

    Get real. Stop using the same recycled story to get hits on your site. they are done. Over. Finished. They said it on National T.V. Are you calling them liars? Very disrespectful.

  4. Not a fairytale says:

    Oh for Pete’s sake give it a rest already. You people keep repeating the same lies to get readers everytime something happens where it’s obvious they’re not together. No matter how many times you try to counter the no more Nian with this garbage it’s not going to change the reality that they are done. It came directly from both of their mouths more than once. What part is still unclear. Everything they say and do isn’t some great big conspiracy to keep some hidden relationship private. No means no. Accept it and move on. They have. Smh.

  5. Last verse same as the first says:

    Ikr? It’s insane that these articles keep coming out when there is zero proof they’re together but tons of proof to the contrary. It’s all about money and they think sells. It’s not fair to to Ian and his new gf. It’s mean to give false hope to desperate fans. And it’s beyond annoying to the rest of the fans who want to see them happy and move on.

  6. Mimi says:

    She spent Christmas with Derek!

  7. Annoyed says:

    I love how all these women or girls I would say on here are bashing nina saying she doesn’t deserve him etc etc. please let me guess you’re good for him? You were so involved with their relationship that you know exactly the reason why they broke up? Honestly who cares?! To me it seems like they are on good terms, whether it’s friends or on the downlow couple but it’s none of our business nor our right to bash someone we don’t know because of the crap tabloids we read. 99% of celebrity magazines and articles are fabricated. So grow up girls

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