Nina Dobrev Doesn’t Want Ian Somerhalder Back, Done For Good?

Nina Dobrev Doesn't Want Ian Somerhalder Back, Done For Good?

Nina Dobrev‘s relationship with Ian Somerhalder was always a tabloid fascination, more so because of the fanatical fan interest that followed the couple. As an on-screen couple on The Vampire Diaries, their off-screen romance drew significant interest with the series’ fan base, and that continued over the past few years. However, since Nina’s breakup with Ian at the beginning of the year, many fans have been holding out on the hope that their Damon and Elena will get back together.

Alas, it hasn’t happened, and sources tell us, it won’t happen. While Ian may want Nina back, she’s moved on and is no longer interested in a possible reunion. Sorry, TVD fans. Or rather, sorry to those of you who care about Nina and Ian getting back together. It just isn’t going to happen.

Despite rumors that Ian was hooking up with several different women after the breakup, Nina was the first one to officially move on with a new boyfriend, Derek Hough. They soon broke up as well, amid rumors that Nina was once again getting close to Ian. However, while the two remain on good terms thanks to their close proximity on the set of the Vampire Diaries, the romantic spark is reportedly gone from Nina’s end. Even though reports claim that Ian’s New Year’s resolution is to get Nina back, what good will that do if Nina’s not interested?

What do you guys think? Do you believe that Ian’s still interested in getting Nina back? He certainly hasn’t dated anyone else since the breakup, which says something. But then again, maybe he’s too focused on his career to worry about his private life right now? And say that Ian does want Nina back, do you believe that she’s closed that part of her life and wouldn’t be interested in a reunion? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

11 responses to “Nina Dobrev Doesn’t Want Ian Somerhalder Back, Done For Good?”

  1. Diane says:

    Ian is making it clear that he finds NIna to be a silly, immature child and definitely doesn’t want her back. He’s kicking himself for wasting his time getting involved with a girl who is chronologically 10 years younger, and emotionally about 20 years younger. He’s the one who’s done.

  2. guest says:

    This is a truly crap article by a very jealous writer. Leave Ian out of you stinking rag stories.

  3. Clara Tezolin says:

    garbage of matter that does not know anything, publishes what comes to mind!

    Now I can say that Ian did not want to come back, he has other conserteza but he is not showing

    Ian is cautious!

    • Guest says:

      Is it a man this time? Maybe he will finally come out of the closet? Nah, doubt it. When will he hook up with the next costar/beard?

      • Clara Tezolin says:

        hahahaha you came out of the closet conserteza,not only of the closet as of a hospice


  4. marzie says:

    Leave them alone at last! For one, you cannot know how they feel or what they want and secondly it is their lives not yours. Yes, I like Ian and Nina being a couple too IN THE SHOW, but in reality it is really none of anyone else’s bussines…Stop interfering in their personal lives!

  5. Jocelyn says:

    They’re probably better off without each other

  6. MakeHerUp says:

    They both need to move on!

    • Guest says:

      Agreed. and so do their fans.This fandom has turned me off of Ian, Nina and TVD. i have never seen such a crazy fandom.

      Newsflash people: You don’t know Ian and Nina and have no clue what went on or what they are feeling or thinking about each other or anything else.. We only know what they decide to put out there publicly.

  7. Enedina says:

    well basically doesnt really matter whos moving on or not . nina is living her life have fun. As for Ian too im glad hes not a jerk after breaking up over it. im glad hes doing great smileing being happy thru his T.V interviews but i think he hurt alone haveing a hard time i think.

  8. Kendell says:

    But you could say the same thing for Ian and NIna. How could they be together when they are not spending free time with each other and being seen? Do you think Ian is hiding from the world so he can be private with Nina? That idea is foolish and unrealistic and is not happening despite what some crazy Nian fans believe.

    Ian may or may not have a new girlfriend but it is pretty clear he is not in a serious relationship with Nina at this time. They are both probably casually dating others at the moment.