Nina Dobrev and Miley Cyrus Clash Over Liam Hemsworth?

Nina Dobrev and Miley Cyrus Clash Over Liam Hemsworth?

Well, we knew it wasn’t going to be pretty when Liam Hemsworth finally showed up somewhere with a new woman on his arm, right? Earlier this month he and Nina Dobrev were spotted at Atlanta’s Corner Tavern grabbing drinks and sharing kisses. They didn’t seem to care who saw them, making it pretty obvious that this wasn’t a first date but more like a first public outing after already getting to know each other behind closed doors.

I think the media has been anxious to link Liam with someone and Nina is a pretty decent match. The two are both conveniently working in Atlanta and clearly enjoy each others’ company. One person who is none too happy about this sighting is Miley Cyrus. According to the March 3rd print edition of Star Magazine she absolutely flipped out when she heard that her former fiance appears to be moving on with Nina. Years ago the Vampire Diaries actress was asked about marriage and she said that she had no intention of “pulling a Miley”- meaning getting engaged very young. She quickly apologized for the comment but it left Miley ticked off and apparently time hasn’t made her feel any better.

Now Miley is telling those close to her that she and Nina better not end up in the same place at the same time because there’s going to be a fight. That sounds about Miley’s speed doesn’t it? She’s so mature that she wants to beat up the chick that dares to date her ex! As for Liam and Nina, how serious do you think that they actually are? Of course with all the noise about her concert tour and it being a scandalous porn show there is no way that Liam would go anywhere near Miley, right? We know Ian is still sleeping with Nina so perhaps Miley should chill. Is this just a rebound romance for both of them or could it be the real deal? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

Nina Dobrev Threatened By Miley Cyrus for Dating Liam Hemsworth

  • Guest

    Nina is not dating Liam, i know for sure. The are friends, and not even close. Nina was with other friends of hers at the bar. She has not seen Liam since then. She said that personally to my mom and she works at the wardrobe of TVD. Nina laughed a lot at this story when it came out. All TVD crew members were laughing. Nina is there most of the time and people can see who, what and when. She is much closer to Ian then anyone else on set. I am not saying they are dating, because i do not know this and both of them are very privet, even on set. I heard Kat’s fiancee comes often on set. this i know for sure too.

  • Clara Tezolin

    Nina, can be dating Liam , now will not give me that ,Miley Cyrus jealous this is a lie!

    Ian are following your life away from Nina, are only co-workers!