Paul Walker’s Baby Mama Rebecca Enters Rehab To Avoid Custody Battle Over Meadow With Grandmother Cheryl

Paul Walker’s Baby Mama Rebecca Enters Rehab To Avoid Custody Battle Over Meadow With Grandmother Cheryl

Paul Walker’s 15 year old daughter Meadow Walker moved in with his Mom Cheryl Walker three months prior to his unexpected death. After Paul’s death in November, Meadow’s mother Rebecca Soteros flew in from Hawaii to support her daughter during the heart-wrenching time. It is no secret that Paul Walker specifically stated in his will that he wanted his young daughter to live with his Mom Cheryl in the event that anything happened to him.

You would think that Walker’s baby-mama Rebecca would know what was stated in his will, it has been plastered across the cover of every tabloid for the past three months. But, when Cheryl went to court and applied for temporary custody of her grand-daughter Meadow this week, Rebecca flipped a lid and snatched Meadow and left the Walker estate with her.

According to TMZ, Paul’s Mom Cheryl is headed to court today to wage an epic legal battle over custody of 15 year old Meadow Walker. Cheryl plans to use Rebecca’s alleged drinking problem and her 2 DUIs to convince the judge that she is an unfit mother.

In a Vanity Fair report published last month it was revealed that Paul Walker’s estate is worth an estimated $25 million, and he left his entire estate to his teen daughter Meadow Walker. It’s no secret that whoever gets custody of Meadow Walker, also gets lost of money and some control of Paul Walker’s estate for the next three years (until she turns 18). Personally I think Meadow Walker should just take her millions and hire herself a guardian for the next three years and tell her grandmother and her mother to kick rocks.

Who do you think the court should give custody of Meadow Walker and her $25 million dollar estate to? Her grandmother whom Paul Walker wanted her to live with, or her mother who may or may not have a drinking problem but managed to raise Meadow just fine up until three months before Paul’s death? Are you Team Cheryl or Team Rebecca? Let us know in the comment section below.

Update March 30: Rebecca has agreed to go to rehab and do follow-up drug testing in order to get Cheryl to back off filing for custody. TMZ reports that Meadow’s mom has begun a detox program Friday, March 28, and will enter full-time rehab in a week. So the question is this: will Rebecca stay clean and sober? Well my guess is that she won’t. Meadow’s 15 years old and left her mother 3 years ago to live with Paul because of Rebecca’s substance abuse. Rebecca claims that being with Meadow is the most important thing to her – well she obviously wasn’t the most important thing to her before, so what’s changed? The $25 million dollar estate?

  • biscuit

    If she is such a bad mother how she had custody of her her whole life like that doesn’t make sense thats crazy I dont care if thats in the will her mother is still alive if he left them money I dont think they would haved cared about custody The love of money makes people do evil things