Peter O’Toole And Elizabeth Taylor Hooked Up And Slept Together Behind Richard Burton’s Back!

Peter O'Toole And Elizabeth Taylor Hooked Up And Slept Together Behind Richard Burton's Back!

Old Hollywood was significantly more scandalous than current-day Hollywood, if you can believe it. Nowadays, most of the ‘scandals’ break on TMZ and are usually over celebrities getting arrested for drunk driving or drug possession. Back in Hollywood’s heyday, those things were not only common, but considered to be minor transgressions. Also, cheating and sleeping around? Actors and actresses did it without blinking an eye, regardless of whether they were married, straight, gay, or single. One such actor that gave no regards to social convention when hooking up with his next conquest was the legendary Peter O’Toole, who was quite the playboy during his time.

According to a report from the National Enquirer, Peter actually hooked up with Elizabeth Taylor behind Richard Burton‘s back, despite the fact that he and Rich were buddies. See what I mean by scandalous? It’s like the Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, and Jennifer Aniston love triangle, except way more fascinating.

What’s worse is their hookup supposedly happened when Liz, Peter, AND Rich were filming together. They were reportedly making Under Milk Wood in 1972, with a source explaining, “One night, things got out of con­trol between Peter and Elizabeth, and they ended up having sex. Elizabeth always tried to keep Peter and Richard apart after that. She was afraid that Peter would get drunk, and slip and tell Richard what happened.”

Alas, neither she nor Peter ever told Richard the truth, and it looks like they both took the secret with them to the grave. Of course, the Enquirer reporting this makes me doubt the veracity of this report, but there are always many witnesses on a film set that are willing to talk. A grip that watched this all go down in 1972 might have decided to wait for the perfect opportunity to reveal all this, when neither Liz nor Peter would be around to dispute the story.