Carrie Underwood Divorce: Fed Up With Husband Mike Fisher, Pregnant Break Up Before Baby Born?

Carrie Underwood Divorce: Fed Up With Husband Mike Fisher, Pregnant Break Up Before Baby Born?
Are country singer Carrie Underwood and her hockey playing hubby Mike Fisher going to break up and divorce before their first child is born? Well, rumor has it that ever since Carrie announced via social media that she is rocking a baby bump and pregnant with their first child, their relationship has gone drastically down hill. Mike and Carrie were easily one of the most solid couples in Hollywood, but according to recent reports there is some trouble in paradise.

The November 3rd edition of Star Magazine claims, “Since news broke that the pro hockey player’s wife Carrie Underwood is pregnant with the couple’s first child, Star can reveal that the dad-to-be isn’t making enough of an effort to alleviate some of her responsibilities. The gorgeous country singer and the Nashville Predators star, who wed in July 2010, have been bickering over Mike not pitching in with household duties.”

Star’s inside source reveals that, “Carrie has always done the cooking, cleaning, and laundry. But, it has been harder for her to keep up since she got pregnant. She gets bouts of morning sickness and is tired a lot of the time. Carrie constantly asks Mike to help out more, but he is oblivious to it. It’s gotten to the point where she is starting to resent him, and the stress isn’t good for the baby.”

While, no one likes a lazy baby-daddy, the odds of Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher divorcing over the laundry are pretty slim. We’re talking about a Grammy winning singer and a professional athlete, I’m pretty sure they can hire a maid or two to pick up the slack while Carrie is pregnant, before they resort to breaking up. Do you think Mike and Carrie’s marriage is solid? Or do you believe they could get divorced before their baby is even born? Let us know what you think in the comment section below.


14 responses to “Carrie Underwood Divorce: Fed Up With Husband Mike Fisher, Pregnant Break Up Before Baby Born?”

  1. prgs_ev says:

    ….special place in Hell for gossip mongers………….

  2. Lola Ray says:

    MEDIA please leave them alone. Let them figure it out.. you guys have caused a lot of divorces. Rumors are deadly. Speak to the person themselves….

  3. Kathy Lock says:

    While they can afford to hire help, I think that is missing the point. If she feels he’s not being sensitive to her needs at this time, payiing someone to do it for him, wouldn’t exactly make her feel better. Not sure if any of this is true, but I did watch an interview she did from her home with Oprah, and she said they don’t hire a housekeeper, they would rather do it themselves. Hopefully they’ll work it out.

    • sara says:

      let carrie get stressed out and mike continue to be lazy- otherwise we would have nothing to read about.

  4. Mary says:

    It’s no one’s business leave them alone

  5. Hawksfan says:

    Whoever wrote this is a moron – Fisher is out 4-6 months after blowing his Achilles tendon. He couldn’t help with that stuff around the house now even if he wanted to. Perhaps the author should have checked that out before writing a piece of garbage.

  6. valleym says:

    It was the same way with me when I was pregnant with my 3 pregnancies. I did all of the housework and with 2 of my pregnancies I had a full time job to go to. Anyway, I don’t believe a word of this article. Their source is Star magazine. All they print are lies. Carrie and Mike are very happy together, and excited about having their first child.

  7. Leia says:

    I think that hiring a helper of some sort is not a good idea for several reasons. Marriage is about teamwork and when it comes to the house hold choirs… It is only fare for him to step it up. This is an example of how 2 people should get together and compromise during adjustments and/or hardships. It’s kind of enabling him to get away with this and maybe other things that may come up in the future. They are both successful adults and should want do anything that makes the other happy… Esp helping around the house more while she’s preggers. Hiring someone is the easy way out. Marriage takes constant work, this may be the first of small bumps in the road:-)

  8. Karlee_B says:

    why dont they hire a maid? they are both very rich

  9. Ativa says:

    Maybe he should quit the NHL and become a full-time Mr. Mom.

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  11. queenv555 says:

    She actually did do those things. But, it seems like a good time to bring in some paid help to do the things like cleaning and laundry. They certainly can afford it.

  12. SadieGirl51 says:

    If they are actually headed for a divorce, it surely has to be about way more than household chores. However, today’s fathers are generally pretty helpful because they love and respect their wives and want to do their part. If resentment builds, trouble follows. I raised three sons, who all help with the cooking, cleaning and childcare. It takes two to build and care for a home and family and I started my boys young. Each of us had our own laundry day and my boys started at age 10. They are all wonderful men, husbands and fathers. My daughter-in-law’s have thanked me many times.

  13. Nick says:

    Oh sure she is a great woman I bet shes seen a real stove, laundry machine, and a mop for all these years after American Idol . If I were you i would shutup and stop putting laziness blame on Carrie when thats how lazy you are. She is a hard working woman!