Pretty Little Liars Fans Not Happy With Episode 4.20 “Free Fall” Reveal – Ezra Twist Was A Cop Out

Pretty Little Liars Fans Not Happy With Episode 4.20 “Free Fall” Reveal – Ezra Twist Was A Cop Out

Last night on Pretty Little Liars Episode 4.20 “Free Fall” Aria Montgomery finally learned her boyfriend Ezra’s secret, but it wasn’t the secret PLL fans hoped to hear. It looks like the PLL writers have thrown in another red herring, and duped viewers again.

The Pretty Little Liars writers have hinted since Season 4 began that Ezra Fitz was the “Head A” that has tormented and stalked the liars for years. Last night millions of viewers tuned in to watch Aria finally learn the truth about Ezra’s “Head A” activities. The moment of truth finally came, and it wasn’t the truth that everyone expected. It turns out that Ezra is not “Head A,” he is just another one of Alison’s victims that decided to write a true crime novel about her disappearance and fake death.

So here we are back to square one, Ezra can be added to the laundering list of people that Alison wronged that had a motive to want her dead. And, the liars are nowhere near uncovering the identity of “Head A.” It really shouldn’t come as a shock that Ezra wasn’t “Head A,” Pretty Little Liars was already renewed for a 5th season, so the writers obviously need to drag the storyline out for another twenty episodes. But, it did come as a disappointment. If Ezra really was “Head A” like the liars implied for the last season, it would have been the ultimate betrayal and twist. It almost feels like déjà vu. In Season 3 the writers convinced fans that Toby Cavanaugh was “A,” and then at the last moment revealed he was just pretending to be on the “A Team” to help the liars.

Were you as disappointed in the Pretty Little Liars “Free Fall” reveal as we were? Do you feel like the writers played PLL fans again? Share your thoughts on the “Ezra Fake Out” in the comment section below.

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