Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Episode 15 Review: Spoilers Episode 16 “Close Encounters”

Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Episode 15 Review: Spoilers Episode 16 “Close Encounters”

Last night’s episode 15, “Love ShAck Baby” was another great episode of PRETTY LITTLE LIARS and we have our weekly review for you.

This episode starts off where the last one left off, our four musketeers are still in the mausoleum. Spencer is flipping the pages of Alison’s journal. Hannah explains in order to understand the stories that you have to be able to spot the fake stories from the real stories because Alison hid the truth in them. Emily thinks that is completely the Alison thing to do, Aria on the other hand takes this moment to bust Hannah’s chops for holding on to it this long. Hannah explains that the stories in the journal are not only personal but about everyone of them. Hannah is concerned about them learning each other’s secrets, the other girls are just pissed that she was reading it without them. Emily decides they should take turns and read the stories, figure Out which ones are about them and then find information if there is any in the rest of them. That’s actually a really good idea. Spencer ask who gets to go first. It’s obviously Emily I mean it was her idea, well that and she snatched it from Spencer.

Emily is knocked out in bed with the journal next to her. She wakes up and there is Alison watching her. Alison tells Emily she missed her, Emily still coming with the quips tells she has been there the whole time. Alison tells Emily not to be mad at her. To late for that. Emily is going on about how Alison chose them for herself and for each other. Alison gets that Emily is upset and hurt more than the rest of the girls, she wants to explain. Emily tells her she can’t though right? Alison sits down on Emily’s bed and tells her she can and that she has to because she owes it to her. Alison tells Emily she has no idea what she has been through. Emily giver the oh no you didn’t glare and tells her she has no idea what she has been through. Alston points out she has come out of hiding twice to save Emily’s life. Emily tells Alison she destroyed her and made her think she was dead. Alison points out she isn’t and ask Emily if she is glad she is alive. Emily stays quiet and looks away. Alison sees the journal and picks it up, the story is titled the crush. Alison tells Emily she remembers writing that story about them at the kissing rock. How she thought she was smart to lock it up but that they took everything. Emily wants to know who they are. Alison doesn’t know, she tells Emily she bet she is wondering which Alison is real the one in front of her or the one who wrote the story. She tells Emily she always saw the bear version of her. Emily tells her not anymore. Alison notices the bracelet on Emily’s arm. Her alarm rings and Emily wakes up. Her window is open, the journal is at the foot of the bed and the bracelet is gone. Emily gets up and picks up a jewelry box, opens it and the bracelet is laying inside.

Hannah is in her room primping in her mirror. Ashley comes in surprised to see Hannah up and ready for school. Hannah ask her mom if she is excited about her first day at work, more like relieved. Ashley ask Hannah about Caleb and then tries to make her feel better, Hannah cuts her off and Ashley leaves to make them breakfast. Hannah looks like she could cry.
Spencer is at Toby’s. She is wondering why he isn’t ready to meet her dad. Toby tells her he cancelled he is going to be in litigation all day. Spencer is glad her dad cancelled, she thinks her dad needs to stay out of it. She thinks her dad is up to something that has nothing to do with Toby. Toby doesn’t care as long as he can help him. Spencer drops it and they start kissing.

Over at the high school Ezra is walking somewhere. It is so strange how creepy he looks now, is it because we know he is A or did we just never notice the creep factor before? He watches Emily as she sits down with the journal from his lair. He walks in the school and stops at a window so he can continue to watch her. Emily is writing in it and Ezra wants it.

Aria sticks something I’m Ezra’s classroom desk drawer. Spencer is convinced Aria just likes Jake and loves Ezra. They head out to meet Emily, she has a whole system with colors for the stories I’m the journal. Hannah walks up and ask how far they have gotten. Emily wants a break, Hannah gives the book to Spencer saying she is better with the clues. That and I bet there is one hell of a story in there about Spencer that Hannah wants her to be the first well second to read. Ezra is still watching. Emily ask about Caleb. Hannah tells her he is fine. Hannah finally spits out that her and Caleb broke up. Emily wants to play 20 questions but Spencer gives her a look that suggest she shouldn’t. Hannah reads a poem about a bee that Aria recognizes as being about a Inn near a aquarium she used to go to. While the girls discuss Ezra finally decides to leave his stalker post. They all decide to go there later that day. Ezra is freaking me out.

Emily gets her paycheck and when she sticks it in her purse she finds a note in it that says “I want to come home, meet me at our spot.” Emily stuffs the note in her purse and leaves.

Aria is meeting with Ezra. Aria breaks there date upon which he ask a million questions. When she doesn’t give him the answers he drops it and plays the loving boyfriend. Aria leaves and he puts in some headphones and starts listening to conversations Alison had with someone about disappearing.

Emily is out in the woods. She goes to their spot and sits down on a rock and waits.

Spencer calls with a reminder for her dad to call Toby. She hears a voices and hangs up. It’s her dad and Alison’s mom. She walks in and her dad looks surprised, he shoos Alison’s mom out the door. Spencer wants to know what Jason doesn’t know. Alison’s mom claims it about her divorce, and that she wants to tell Jason herself and that Spencer’s dad was nice enough to give her some legal advice. Spencer’s dad walks Alison’s mom out. Spencer doesn’t look to be buying it, neither am I.

Hannah is in the coffee shop looking out some baked goods when Caleb’s replacement down the line assuming Ravenswood doesn’t get cancelled Travis walks in. He offers to buy her the baked good, she tells him no thanks. Travis then ask if she is ordering or just standing there. Hannah tells him she is looking for her friend but she must have already left. Indeed and she is sitting on a rock. Travis wants to know if she heard about CeCe being seen in Maryland. Hannah ask if he knows why she did it, apparently the cops think it was for money. Travis ask her how her mom is, Hannah says she is fine. He ask about Caleb, Hannah tells him he is fine to and that she needs to go tell her mom the latest but hey it was great seeing you.

Back over at Spencer’s she is letting her dad have it for telling her to stay away from Alison’s mom while meanwhile he has her in the house and while her mom is out of town at that. Spencer thinks her dad was playing footsie with her. Her dad says he wasn’t. Spencer wants to know why he never called Toby. Her dad tells her it’s because he found out that his mothers death was a accident. There was another patient up there and her foot slipped and she fell. Spencer is shocked. I wonder who the other patient is and if it’s anyone we know?

Emily is still sitting on the stupid rock…..waiting. She takes off the bracelet gets up and takes one more look around and leaves.

Spencer goes into the coffee shop and sees Alison’s mom. Spencer tells her she just better stay away from her dad. Alison’s mom tells her she thinks her has the wrong impression. To hell with that Spencer will not be silenced she tells her there are plenty of lawyers and to find one she hasn’t slept with and to keep her family out of it. Alison’s mom walks away in shock. Spencer watches her go.

They all hop in a car at Spencer’s and head to the Busy Bee Inn. They talk about CeCe and if she is in the book. Spencer gets the book from Hannah and starts taking pictures of it.

Ezra shows up at Hannah’s to bs about her grade when it is really just about him snooping around her house. My how the love of Aria’s life has fallen.

Spencer is car sick and Aria makes it clear she is not to throw up on her. Hannah turns on the radio. Spencer and Aria are reading the book in the back. Hannah turns then radio up, this is the story she doesn’t want them to hear.

Ezra is going the through Hannah’s room. Ashley goes to check on him but doesn’t quite make it. Ezra opens her laptop and starts looking at it.

Spencer is looking in the journal and notices a page missing. Emily’s car isn’t working they get out to check it, and a storm is coming. Hannah gets a text from Travis saying he can be there in two hours. Aria decides to take them to Ezra’s cabin but claims it is her uncles.

Ashley gets off the phone and comes around the corner and wouldn’t you know it Ezra is exactly where he needs to be.

The girls are walking to the cabin and the storm is getting closer. Spencer ask Hannah about the missing page. Hannah tells her she doesn’t know where it is. Spencer thinks she does.

Ezra is driving his car in all his A glory.

The girls go in the cabin. Aria is jumpy. Spencer thinks Hannah is hiding something. Emily is in Hannah’s side. Spencer thinks Emily is hiding something to.

Ezra is at the cabin…..I think?

Hannah comes back and admits to the girls the story is about her and wait for it……….Aria’s brother Mike. We see through a flashback that Alison caught her making out with Mike. Hannah makes excuses for doing it. Alison mean girls her per the usual. Hannah begs her not to tell. Alison tells her she won’t.

Aria tells her she wouldn’t stop being her friend over that. Emily ask Hannah what happened with her and Caleb. Hannah tells them that he left her for somebody else. There stunned. Meanwhile Ezra is watching them through the window and sees the journal on the table.

Aria wants to know what Hannah means, what girl…when. Hannah doesn’t want to talk about it and goes outside to find a signal to find out about Travis. Emily goes after her and they hear a noise. Hannah decides Emily can stay. Spencer and Aria are looking around for blankets and hear the door shut, they are locked in. Emily and Hannah are still walking around in the woods. Aria looks through the keyhole and see EzrA. She gasp and moves Spencer looks and sees him to. Spencer says they have to get out of there, Aria wants to know how. Spencer sees a window and opens it, they start yelling for Hannah and Emily. Hannah and Emily start running back. Spencer and Aria grab some weapons. The door jiggles and Emily and Hannah are on the other side. Spencer and Aria ask if they saw A, they didn’t. Alison’s book is gone and Emily’s bracelet is laying in its place. There is a knock at the door. All four grab a weapon. They open a door to a very confused looking Travis who manages a Hey.

Hannah is with Travis in her kitchen he is washing his hands. He ask why they looked so freaked out at the cabin. Hannah tells him it was because of a raccoon. Hannah ask Travis what she owes him and he tells her nothing he is her friend. Hannah still gets money out of her purse. She tries to hand it to him but instead he puts his hands over hers and ask why he just can’t be a nice guy. She pulls her hand away walks onto her patio sits down and starts to cry. Travis walks over and sits down with her.

Spencer comes home to her dad talking to her mom on the phone. Spencer comes in and sits down. Her dad yells at her for talking to Alison’s mom. He tells her as long as she leaves under his roof she will stay way from her.

Aria is talking to EzrA. EzrA is still all A like and pretending to care about Aria.
Spencer shows up at Toby’s with a suitcase.

Emily tells Aria all about the note from Alison. They get a text “Looks like I’m winning. Thanks for the tip. Kisses- A . With it is a picture of the Busy Bee Inn. Emily realizes the tip came in the form of the journal eh maybe but I’m guessing Hannah’s laptop played a role as well. They take off out the door.

Meanwhile EzrA is doing A things and is removing road closures from the main system.


If you want a sneak peek video & synopsis of next week’s episode, “Close Encounters” check out the preview of episode 16 below!

“Aria, Emily, Hanna ,and Spencer will have to decide if new information about Ali is true. Press release number 2: Shana is going to return to Ravenswood to tell Emily that she has a message from Ali, but can Emily and the girls trust Shana with all that they know about her? And when Shana ups the stakes and says that Ali wants to meet Emily ,and only Emily, could it all be part of an “A” plan, or is Emily really Alison’s favorite? With Emily becoming more hopeful by the minute, Spencer will be determined to not let her friend get hurt. In the meantime, Aria and Hanna will deal with matters of the heart.”