Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Episode 20 Review: Spoilers Episode 21 “She’s Come Undone”

Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Episode 20 Review: Spoilers Episode 21 “She's Come Undone”

Last night’s episode 20, “Free Fall” was another great episode of PRETTY LITTLE LIARS and we have our weekly review for you.  If you thought Spencer went over the deep end last week that’s only because you didn’t know this week she was going to wake up on top of EzrA’s desk, confused with proof she was hunting around in his drawers right there for everyone including EzrA to see. Speak of the A, in walks EzrA right on cue. Spencer can’t move fast enough…literally she can’t move fast enough. EzrA ask her how long she has been there and if she slept there, she has no idea. EzrA tells her they both know what the problem is here and that the path she is going down is very dangerous, if I thought he was talking about her perk me ups I would agree. Before he can go all A cryptic she is saved by the bell. Spencer takes off out of the room in her bathrobe and quite possibly her slippers. EzrA watches her with that creepy look on his face we all have gotten to know so well as of late.

Spencer is in the bathroom putting on a sweatshirt over her shirt and shorts and what look like spa slippers on her feet. Emily and Hannah come in. Hannah wonders what in the f she is wearing, this right her should be where Hannah picks up that Spencer needs a intervention and I don’t mean of the wardrobe kind. Hannah of course doesn’t and assumes Spencer had a accident , Spencer tells her she didn’t, Hannah assumes she is going to and wants to know what is up with her shower shoes. Emily is just standing there is awe. Spencer tells them to stop worrying about her lack of fashion and focus up on the fact that they have a emergency. Emily ask her if that’s why she called her at four in the morning. Hannah looking slightly jealous reminds her the plan was to go home and catch some zzzz’s after catching Aria kissing the devil not call each other in the middle of the night. Spencer makes up some nonsense about she must accidentally dialed Emily up in her sleep. Spencer wants to tell Aria about EzrA before the end of the day, like now. Emily tells her that’s not a good idea, Spencer tells her it’s getting more dangerous, Hannah tells her dropping that bomb on her before she walks into the class of Fitz would be just as dangerous. Emily informs her that can’t do that to her, Spencer tells her protect her you mean, she tells them how she saw him ummmmm earlier and could barely keep eye contact with him, meanwhile Aria could be hooking up with him in the janitors closet, she wants to know how that doesn’t make their skin crawl. Emily tells her it does, but this isn’t going to be a picnic because Aria loves EzrA and also girl has given up a lot to be with the newest member of the lying liars who lie club. Emily thinks Aria will have a problem with the whole sinking in of the EzrA is A. Before they can talk much more another bell rings, which means Spencer has been walking around in her bathrobe and slippers for a couple of periods, hopefully it’s a casual Friday and no one will have noticed.

EzrA catches Aria on the way down the stairs to her history class to pretend to care about Spencer by outing the fact she has been doing drugs. Aria says yeah right if she is on drugs you are A, kidding she didn’t, but wouldn’t they have been awesome? Aria has a hard time believing it so EzrA produces Spencer’s stolen school file and shows it to Aria. All of a sudden she is a believer.

Toby is outside of the school waiting for Spencer who thankfully is wearing some of Hannah’s clothes. He ask if she wants to go for a ride. Spencer tells him she would love to but can’t she has a quiz on the French succession of Pope’s and all she knows is that they wore pointy hats. Toby thinks she is still mad that he took the money instead of going after Radley. Spencer tells him she isn’t mad but she was a little disappointed. Toby tells her he thinks his mom would approve of his choice and would want him to be able to be happy and spend time with the people he loves. Toby wants to know if she wants to share a sandwich, Spencer says yes because honestly what girl in her right mind turns down a lunch request after that from the heart speech. They hug.

Speaking of lunch, Emily is attempting to eat but Hannah keeps bugging her for her cheese stick. Emily finally gives in and Hannah is full of thanks she also explains that she gets extra hungry when she is nervous, Emily tells her she thought that was when she was sad, Hannah to her credit explains I get sad when I’m nervous. They are talking about Aria when wouldn’t you know it she pops out of nowhere and ask if there is a cellular dead zone in the school that she didn’t get a memo on. Before they can act surprised or come up with good lies Aria jumps into the Spencer thing, no not the EzrA is A thing, the she is a drug addict thing, and to prove it she whips out the school file that EzrA gave her earlier, it’s amazing to me how they are just whipping that out left and right when EzrA went to such great lengths to steal it undetected. Whatever moves this story along I suppose. I’m also guessing the BIG secret that Spencer was supposed to be keeping from them is what the school file contains.

Toby and Spencer are sitting outside eating, well Toby is anyway, Spencer is looking at her salad like it might make a really nice pillow. Toby wants her to come over later and eat some lasagna and watch a movie, she can’t, Toby tells her tomorrow night then. Toby gives her a hug and a kiss, Spencer heads back into school. Toby looks after her worried.

That night at Spencer’s the other girls are giving her the look, Spencer assumes it’s because Emily and Hannah beat her to the breaking of Aria’s heart with the EzrA is freaking A speech, but really it’s those three against her which becomes evident when Hannah calls her a speed freak and then ask her if she has been taking pills to stay awake, because some how her pill popping precedes the fact that they now know who has been pulling their little marionette strings. Spencer is shocked because they know her dirty little secret and confused because hello they know who freaking A is. Hannah tells Spencer they know it’s been a problem for her before, and Aria whips out her school file. Spencer ask her where she got her file from, Aria doesn’t even hesitate, she got it from EzrA because he is “worried” about her. Spencer gives Aria the you have got to be kidding me line and then ask Emily and Hannah why they didn’t tell her. Spencer comes out with it EzrA is A (true), he is board shorts (also true), he tried to kill Alison (still iffy on that one), and he has been torturing them ever since (I think he joined the A team after MonA was in Radley). The other three are just looking at her sadly, Aria brings up the whole bathrobe incident from earlier and then ask if it’s true. Spencer comes unglued at this point, she admits what EzrA said earlier was true but that he is only dong it to get the focus off himself. Spencer says much to my pleasure “He is freaking A.” Spencer accuses Aria of having “deer in the headlights behavior” which I’m totally stealing for future use. Spencer’s confused, their confused, they aren’t buying it, Spencer picks up her purse to leave, everything comes pouring out including one of those nifty doctor prescription pads of Wren’s from a few episodes back. Hannah much to her discredit accuses him of being Spencer’s hook up. No way I’m going to believe that these girls would be dumb enough to fall for that. Wren is a continent away shacked up with Spencer’s sister who not even Spencer herself completely trust.

MonA and Mike are on a date at the Apple Rose Grille talking about MonA’s corrective lenses she wore while teething when EzrA walks in, MonA is not pleased. MonA makes a excuse to Mike about needing to get a reading assignment form him. MonA strides right on over in her heels and ask him what he is doing there, EzrA tells her he is getting something to eat. MonA tells him she can’t help him anymore, EzrA looking slightly upset ask why is that. MonA tells him it’s gotten to complicated which is MonA talk for I really like Mike. EzrA straight up tells her it’s always been complicated and it’s to late to back out, when he needs her help. Someone brings him his to go order he tells her to have a nice dinner and leaves.

Emily and Hannah have pizza, they are discussing how Spencer and Aria both have a addiction. Emily ask Hannah if she still thinks EzrA is A, Hannah tells her well yeah there is a lot of evidence that suggest that. Emily thinks the real A is setting Fitz up because that’s what A does, which again only makes EzrA look guilty, because as A wouldn’t he know what to do to throw suspicion off of himself? There’s a knock at Hannah’s unlocked door and Spencer walks in, she hands them all the pills she has left and tells them she knows they don’t believe her but to give her a chance to prove what she says is true. Spencer pulls out the journal and they decide they should set a trap for A using a place out of one of the stories they pick the Ambrose Pavilion. They decide to have a conversation that EzrA will accidentally hear and if he shows that confirms he is A.

Veronica is actually at home for a change and ask Spencer is she would like to join her for dinner. Spencer tells her she can’t she promised Toby. Veronica leaves and no sooner is she out the door then Spencer is calling Toby and telling him she is going to dinner with her mother.

Ezra is drying a plate while Aria tells him the saga of a Spencer, and how she flew off the handle. Aria almost tells him that Spencer accused him of being A but stops herself and instead just tells him that Spencer is out of control. EzrA wants Aria to tell Spencer’s parents, Aria is not on board with that. Ezra makes a big deal out of it saying how if a teacher gets involved its uber serious, which I believe because he is totally going to have to explain the whole I stole a file and then gave it to the teenage girl I’m not supposed to be dating but really am situation. EzrA brings up Radley, Aria remembers how Spencer thought she found Toby dead in the woods, EzrA brings up the helmet and tattoo, at first Aria doesn’t catch it but then by some miracle she does and questions him about knowing the helmet and tattoo part of the story considering you know she never mentioned that. EzrA claims that Aria must have told him, she goes to say she didn’t but then just goes a long with it all the while thinking about the whole EzrA is freaking A bomb. See what I did there?

Next day Emily, Hannah, and Spencer put their plan in motion and convince EzrA that they are going to the Ambrose Pavilion. Ezra buys it, he even takes the time to write it down. With his special pen might I add.

Spencer is at home, she stands up and gets dizzy, withdrawal can be hell. Spencer calls her doctors office pretending to be her mother and says that she needs a prescription filled for Spencer and that she will call back later to see about it. No sooner does she hang up then Andrew calls.

Aria meanwhile has take a late afternoon drive up to the cabin in the woods. She pauses but only for a second or two, she goes up to the security key pad and tries to guess the code, it’s B26 for those of you playing PLL bingo at home.

Spencer’s doctors office calls her mom and Veronica instantly knows what going on.

Emily and Hannah are at the zoo and they find the Ambrose Pavilion in mere milliseconds, Emily is all about going in, Hannah on the other hand is apparently terrified of reptiles. Emily grabs her by the arm and reminds her they are behind glass and then drags Hannah in there.

Aria walks into the cabin and lays her keys down by the door,because that smarter than putting them in her purse. Aria starts looking around and notices the door that leads to A’s lair, strike that what used to be A’s lair now it’s just a empty basement.

Emily and Hannah are walking around the Pavilion with a bag of coffee looking at all the reptiles, Hannah votes they just throw the bag down and make a run for it. Emily tells her they have to wait for Spencer. Hannah almost has a accident of her own when a snake behind some glass scares her.

Aria comes out of the empty basement and decides to look around some more. She starts feeling around on the couch when she sees a book called ” Carnivores Delight”, which is obviously out of place because vegetarian and all that. Aria opens it and finds it’s actually a hiding space for a book EzrA was writing, did I mention it was about Alison? Aria can’t believe what she is reading.

Spencer finally shows up right before the Pavilion closes, she comes in wearing a blonde wig so she will look like Alison. Emily puts the bag down by a tree.

Aria is sitting down on the couch reading the pages of EzrA’s story looking sadder by the minute when she hears a car outside. She lays the papers down and looks out the window,it’s EzrA. EzrA’s phone beeps to let him know that access was granted to the cabin at 6:15. Aria moves from the window, grabs the papers, stuffs them in her purse and takes off. EzrA comes in and looks around and probably would have been none the wiser of Aria had remembered to pick up the keys that should have been in her purse all along. EzrA sees that she snuck out the window and he looks pissed.

Aria runs to her car and when she starts looking for her keys that’s when she realizes where she left them, worst Nancy Drew ever. Aria takes off running in the woods, she sees a sign for a lodge and heads that direction. EzrA is in the woods calling for her , she hides behind a tree and covers her own mouth, EzrA calls her phone and it rings, she grabs the phone out of her purse and puts it on silent. Ezra is within indies of her, telling for her to come out, Aria covers her mouth with both hands. Ezra takes off in another direction. Aria sees a sign for a ski lift that closes at eight, she checks her phone and sees that it says 7:55, ski lift it is.

Emily and Hannah are watching Spencer through some glass, where they can be seen in a light by you know everybody. Spencer comes in because she is late, so then that means the blonde they thought was Spencer is clearly MonA.

Aria is running for that ski lift like she was trying to get away from A. Aria jumps on the ski lift and fights to get the handle lock down. When she does get it down EzrA is sitting in it with her, when she have noticed that before she put the lock down? EzrA tells her he didn’t mean for it to end this way and the ski lift starts lifting them up up and away.

Spencer, Hannah, and Emily try to catch the other girl but are to late she is long gone. The lights go out and then lights come on and the speakers come on talking about all the snakes. Emily goes to grab the bag, she gets it and then someone grabs her, it’s a caretaker. He tells them to leave, they are more than happy to.

Aria is up in the air screaming and EzrA tells,her to calm down, he wants to explain. The lift stops and Aria panics. Ezra tells her he knows what she saw back there, Aria tells him he knew Alison and he pretended no to. EzrA tells her he knows he lied he apologizes and tells her he wanted to tell her so many times but didn’t because he was afraid she wouldn’t forgive him. EzrA met Alison in college, she lied about her age and EzrA believed her. Aria doesn’t want to hear any of it, she just wants to get off the ski lift. EzrA ask her to listen, Aria informs him nothing he says will change anything. Aria tells him he is the one that killed Alison because he thought he got her pregnant. Ezra says he never hurt Alison, hat he was writing a book about her. A book really? Aria even looks at him like wth and says a book. Ezra says we he saw she went missing he got obsessed with it. Aria ask if he knew who she was when they met, EzrA tells her he knew who they all were that’s why he took the job at Rosewood. Ouch. Aria says that’s all she was to him was research, EzrA tells her when he saw her at the bar he took advantage of a opportunity. Double ouch. EzrA tells,her he didn’t know he was going to fall in love with her. Aria tells him don’t. EzrA tells her he never lied about how he felt about her, that when they got serious he quit writing the book, but she they broke up he started his research again and that’s how he knew Alison was still alive. Not buying it. Aria can’t get over the fact that she defended him to her family and friends and the whole time he was using her. EzrA tells her he is sorry and that he is a idiot, he then tells her he will burn the book, Aria snatches it and tells him she is going to read it from cover to cover , she wants to know what was worth destroying everything they had for. EzrA goes to grab it and Aria drops it trying to keep it away from him. The pages float down and land nice and tidy next to each other, so someone can come along and get them later no doubt.

MonA walks in to Aria’s house and Mike tells her she missed more than half the movie. MonA offers to watch the rest with him, he goes to get a drink. MonA sits down on the couch and sees Aria walk in. MonA ask Aria if she is ok, she isn’t. MonA looks sad and guilty as Aria walks away.

Spencer comes home to find Toby waiting for her. Toby tells her how her mom called and that’s why he is there, he wishes that Spencer had told him what was going on instead of him find in out that way. Veronica comes down the stairs calling for Spencer. Toby tells her he will leave so her and her mom can talk. Toby pulls a necklace box out of his jacket and tells Spencer that it’s for her, that there was a whole dinner that went with it but it doesn’t matter. Spencer tells Toby she wasn’t trying to ditch him. Veronica tells Toby he needs to leave and thanks him for coming over. Toby tells her good night and leaves. Veronica tells Spencer she promised she wouldn’t go back to this again. Veronica tells her the doctors office called and she knows. Spencer looks down and tells her mom she is sorry. Veronica tells her she can’t go through it with her again. Veronica tells her she is going to call her father. Spencer opens the box and there is a charm in it, it’s a scrabble piece, with the letter S, because that first night they spent together was in a hotel,on a stake out and they played Scrabble. Spencer starts to cry.

Aria is laying on her bed, she notices the book EzrA gave her lying by her nightstand. Aria picks it up and throws it.

Meanwhile A is picking up the pieces of EzrA’s book. Or is it A? Maybe it’s Alison, maybe it’s MonA…. At this point it’s anyone’s guess.


If you want a sneak peek video & synopsis of next week’s episode, “She’s Come Undone” check out the preview of episode 20 below!

“Emily, Hanna and Spencer are concerned for Aria as they watch their friend crumble after learning shocking news about Ezra. Not knowing what is true or what to trust, Aria goes looking for answers, not wanting to believe this revelation to be true. While concerned for Aria, Spencer is not doing so well herself. Trying to prove to her parents and Toby that she can kick the habit on her own, Spencer has to be careful because one misstep could send her to rehab. But can Spencer really rein it in, or will her constant curiosity and drive be her undoing? Meanwhile, Paige has had enough with Emily’s secrets and is determined to stop it.”