Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Episode 22 Review: Spoilers Episode 23 “Unbridled”

Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Episode 22 Review: Spoilers Episode 23 “Unbridled”

Last night’s episode 22, “Cover For Me” was another great episode of PRETTY LITTLE LIARS and we have our weekly review for you.

Spencer is in her room unpacking and folding some sweaters. Her mom walks in and ask her if she has anything for dry cleaning, Spencer tells her she packed way to many sweaters for a three day rehab stay. Wow just three days it’s amazing what money can buy. Her mom thought she might get cold, Spencer confirms she did but she also got the sweats, withdrawal and all. Her mom tells her they told her that the medical detox would help with her detox, Spencer rather sassily tells her mom it helped she was so comfortable while kicking her drug habit, Spencer realizes her error and apologizes and tells her mom they told her she might be irritable the next few days. Yeah right this is classic mouthy Spencer just trying not to push any buttons. Her mom tells her she can handle it. Spencer starts having somewhat of a flashback while her mom is talking and she completely blanks her. When she finally comes back around her mom tells her she looks tired and she needs to sleep they have some things to discuss in the morning.

Meanwhile Aria is at a college party getting drunk and making out with some guy. I guess any hangover is better than a EzrA hangover at this point.

Spencer comes running down the stairs asking her mom for her car keys so she can get to school early and get any assignments she might have missed. When she looks up she sees the guy sitting at the kitchen counter talking to her mom. Spencer apologizes for interrupting, her mom introduces him as Dean and tells Spencer he is staying with them for awhile, her mom tells that she took Spencer’s keys and she will need her cellphone and laptop as well, she isn’t going back to school just yet but she will be sure to get all of Spencer’s school work. Spencer ask if they will be turned in by carrier pigeon. Her mom tells her she will earn her privileges back over time as she follows a Dean program. Spencer is not having nay of this nonsense and tells Dean to excuse them she needs to talk to her mother. Dean tells her he can’t, he is a drug and alcohol abuse counselor and her parents brought him there to help her, he is going to be camped out in the barn on call 24/7. Spencer calls him a babysitter then demands to know if that’s how little her parents trust her, her mother tells her as a matter of fact yes. Dean interrupts to which Spencer cuts him off, her mother apologies for Spencer’s rudeness, Spencer tells her as long as she is handing out apologies she would like ken as well. Dean tells her that if she cooperates her mom might listen to her, so hand over the electronics already. Spencer rather surprisingly shuts up and does it, she ask to make a call to Toby, her mom tells her she already took care of that. Spencer ask where they start, Dean hands her a cup to piss in. Spencer tells him she will go upstairs and fill the cup with her dignity.

Aria is on the phone with Emily and tells her she is at Syracuse. Emily ask if her dad knows what happened, Aria tells,her no that he thinks she is there for prospective student week it’s four days of campus stuff and father/daughter bonding time. Emily ask her how she is, Aria tells her she is trying not to think about it. Aria spots the hottie she was kissing on the night before crossing the street to her, Emily tells her they can come up there to be with her. Aria tells her it’s ok she isn’t alone what with her dad and everything she tells Emily the tour is about to start and then hangs up. Aria tells him good morning sunshine, he tells her she world than he does, Aria tells him she doesn’t. He suggest that they skip the tour and go get pancakes but only if Aria wants, she wants and off they go.

Emily and Hannah are at school. Emily tells Hannah that Aria finally called her. Hannah ask if Aria is still mad at her. Emily tells her Aria isn’t mad she is just hurting, and that she sounded ok but distant, she ask if they are still going to Spencer’s after school. Hannah tells her she called and Spencer’s mom answered and told her there were no visitors and that Spencer wasn’t going to be in school for awhile. Emily tells Hannah she saw EzrA’s car in the teacher’s parking lot. Hannah can’t believe he went to New York to cash a big fat check and then came back there just to gloat. Before Emily can say anything they see Mike and Mona arguing over some tickets that he bought. Mona tells him he is sorry and doesn’t know what to say. Mike tells her to figure it out and text him when she does. Mona sees Emily and Hannah and EzrA, Emily and Hannah turn and see him as well, Mona walks away and EzrA goes in his class room. Emily thinks he is still pulling Mona’s strings. Hannah points out that Mike and Mina never really made much sense. Emily realizes that Mona was just with Mike to watch Aria for EzrA, Emily tells Hannah she is mad and that they should say something. Hannah says she can’t she doesn’t want to be in the same room with him. Emily says she understands. Hannah tells her she is going to ditch last period and ask her if she will be ok. Emily tells her she is fine.

Emily goes in the classroom and stands in the back. he tells her class doesn’t start for another three minutes. EzrA is writing something, Emily just stands there completely silent and looks at him. EzrA correctly assumes that Emily knows everything considering how close she is to Aria. Emily is still quietly staring. EzrA tells her he really wants to talk to her about it, but he would prefer outside the classroom. Emily tells him hat isn’t going to happen, she’s already done that, let him help her with her college essays, he tutored her, helped her when she lost her girlfriend, she wants to know why he did all that, and what he got out of it, she as at his desk. EzrA is completely quiet now. Emily tells him there is a assignment due today, she takes it out and lays it on his desk, Emily tells him that she won’t be staying for the class, she would like for him to make sure a real teacher gets her work. Emily walks out. EzrA just sits there.

Hannah is getting coffee and turns around to see Holbrook at the table behind her. Hannah walks over and he goes to stand up, she tells him not to that she doesn’t want to accidentally run into his mouth again. Holbrook ask if that what that was with a sly smile. Hannah apologizes for kissing him and tells him it wasn’t supposed to happen and that it won’t again. Yeah right. Holbrook tells her he is sure Travis will be glad to hear that Hannah looks away and cracks a tiny smile. Holbrook ask if she has a minute to sit. Hannah tells him she just wanted to apologize because she didn’t want it to be all weird if she saw him later. Holbrook ask her if she wanted to talk about anything else. Hannah tells him no she is good. Holbrook tells her he has a couple of things to ask her and to have a seat. Hannah sits. Holbrook takes out the envelope that Paige put in his cop car last week and ask Hannah if she has ever seen it before. Hannah tells him no. Holbrook tells her to open it, she does and she reads it. Holbrook ask Hannah if she recognizes the handwriting. Hannah tells him she didn’t write if that’s what he is asking, she then ask him if he is going to start looking for Alison. Holbrook tells her no that they get notes like that all the time. Hannah tells him she has to go that she is having dinner with her mom. Holbrook comments that it’s early. Hannah tells him she is the one cooking, she gets up and leaves. Holbrook watches her with a thoughtful look.

Aria wakes up in her bras and panties on a hotel bed to the sound of her hottie playing his guitar. Aria tells him it is good and to keep playing. He tells he no and that she slept good. Aria tells him she feels better. He knows she doesn’t drink normally. Aria tells him this week is anything but normal. He ask her how. Aria dodges the question. He tells her he thought she was staying with her dad. Aria tells him she is he is right across the hall. Aria gets out of bed with the sheet wrapped around her looking for something to cure her hangover, she notices all the empty bottles and ask him how much he thinks it cost. He tells her probably a couple of hundred. Aria wonders what she is going to tell her dad. He tells her to tell him she got a case of the drunkies and invited a guy over. They start kissing and fall back on the bed.

Spencer is drying her hair with a towel and heading over to her bed. She gets on the bed and gets under the covers and feel something at her feet. Spencer sits up and pulls the covers back. There is a pile of dirt and the foot of her bed and a note inside of it. Spencer pulls it out, it reads ” I Know you dug her grave. Now I’m digging yours. Kisses, -A.” Spencer looks up, she is breathing hard.

Next day at school Hannah is telling Emily that someone knows Alison is alive and they told the cops. Now is when Emily she be getting all kinds of Nancy Drew but she doesn’t and instead ask if the cops know who, if it was a guy or a girl. Hannah tells her it was anonymous. Hannah spots Travis and tells Emily she will be back. Emily leans up against the post and tries to watch then nonchalantly. Travis ask her what she wanted that her text said he should come and find her. Hannah tells him her mother is inviting him and his family over for dinner to say thank you. Travis tells her that’s really nice of her but that she doesn’t have to. Hannah tells him he doesn’t want to miss out that her mom doesn’t cook often but when she does it’s amazing. Travis was thinking he and Hannah could do a meal sometime, Hannah correctly assumes it’s a date and then tells him yeah. Travis makes it for the next night. Hannah walks back over to Emily who immediately pounces her and ask if he asked her in a date. Hannah tells her yes and she knows the timing isn’t perfect. Emily ask her if she is ready for that. Hannah tells her yes and she hopes nothing else crazy happens between now and then. Hannah honey you know crazy is a daily thing for you, but I give you points for being optimistic.

Back over at Spencer’s she is making jokes about the glass of salad Dean wants her to drink. Dean tells Spencer her body needs the nutrition and then ticks off the reasons why that is. Dude still hasn’t learned how to impress Spencer. Dean tells her he heard her doing laundry at two in the morning. Stalker much. Spencer tells him her sheets were dirty. By dirty she means full of dirt. He brings up symptoms of withdrawal., he ask her if she has any flu like symptoms, or nightmares. Spencer ask if hallucinations are one of those. He tells her maybe but it is probably just her mind and body getting reacquainted, if you take away the drugs things come up. Spencer ask what kinds of things. Dean tells her things she has forgotten or suppressed, things she needs to deal with. Spencer did not want to hear that. Dean tells her that a healthy diet and exercise really helped him. Spencer notices the phi he laying on the counter. Spencer tells him she doesn’t excel at athletics unless she has someone to beat. He wants to avoid competition, he thinks that’s what triggered her abuse in the first place. If outsmarting A is considered competition than this Dean fellow is right on the money. Spencer tells him kicking his ass at tennis might be very therapeutic. Dean tells her he has the feeling she would just like to kick his ass. Truer words. Dean tells her he is in the barn until the doctors and her parents day otherwise so get motivated, they have a lot to cover. Dean grabs his blender to leave, Spencer grabs the phone and tells him she is going to take a shower first. Spencer goes upstairs closes her door and ends up having to leave a message for Toby, before she hangs up Dean opens her door and tells her he doesn’t hear any water. What the F she could have been standing there in her bra and panties. What the hell happened to waiting for at least a minute after knocking before opening doors?

Hannah is walking down the sidewalk when Tanner calls her name, Holbrook is with her. Tanner tells her she knows what she did and she isn’t amused. Hannah ask her when getting a skinny latte was a crime. Tanner tells her she isn’t there to joke around. Hannah ask Holbrook what Tanner is talking about. Tanner tells Hannah it won’t be hard to match her handwriting to the note and when she does she will have to bring her in for questioning. Holbrook tells Hannah if she has anything else to say about the note now is the time. Hannah tells Holbrook tanner isn’t going to find anything, Hannah swears she didn’t write it. Hannah leaves. Tanner tells Holbrook she was sure bad cop, good cop would work, but that Hannah is one tough cookie and that she kind of likes her. Holbrook smiles and laughs. Tanner tells him they arrested her mother and were wrong and they put her family through hell, she also thinks Hannah is giving them the run around. Holbrook tells tanner he knows Hannah and that something doesn’t jive he thinks the nite is legit. Tanner tells him he is on his own with that theory but to keep a eye on Hannah and see if she takes this to one of her friends, maybe they are all in on it.

Aria sits down next to her new guy on the pier and they start talking about her phone call with her dad and how he wants to have dinner with her that night. When he correctly guesses the name of the restaurant and Aria ask him how he knows he explains his whole family went to Syracuse but that he would rather go to Berkley where he was accepted, but that his parents don’t feel that is the right school for him. Talk moves to why Aria is really there and she tells him that some jerk just broke her heart into thirty thousand million pieces, and that’s why she is there because he is back home and she needed to disappear for a little while. He tells her that doesn’t seem right that the guy she be the one that had to disappear, not that he is complaining. Aria tells him he better not be and she lays her head on his shoulder.
Spencer is helping her mom with the dishes. Her mom tells her that she can finish that and that Spencer can go ahead and take her laundry upstairs. Spencer heads that direction when there is a knock at the door, she answers it, it’s Alison’s mom. She ask Spencer’s mom if she got the flier she left in her mailbox about the bridal show fundraiser. Spencer’s mom tells her she did. Alison’s mom tells,her she didn’t get her R.S.V.P.. Spencer’s mom tells her she will have to check her calendar. While she is gone Alison’s mom talks to Spencer about how she was told she had a reaction to a OTC that she bought. Spencer goes along with the story and apologizes if she hurt her that night when she wen to her house. Alison’s mom tells her she knows Spencer’s mom is writing her a check, and that she wouldn’t expect her to attend. She starts talking about how the fundraiser is to feed starving children and how a mom should never have to watch her own child die. Spencer gets uncomfortable and uses her laundry as a out. Alison’s mom then makes what can only be called a very suspicious and telling remark, she tells Spencer “Nothing beats a good nights sleep on a set of fresh clean sheets.” Could she have just seen what happened to Spencer through the bedroom window of her house? Absolutely. Did she just earn a spot on my A list? Hell yeah she did. If seasons past have taught me anything it’s that the last few episodes is what give it away and that was definitely a give away to something. Spencer’s mom comes to the rescue holding the check that Alison’s mom so called and tells her they have a elsewhere to be that night. She thanks Spencer’s mom and tells Spencer goodbye.

Arias guy pal knocks at her room door. She opens it and ask him if he is ready for their last big day. He tells her he is leaving early. Aria guesses that he is going to talk to his parents about him going to Berkley. He tells her that’s the plan and that he just wanted to say that he thought it was going to be a unbearable week and it ended up being pretty great and he just wanted to thank her. Aria kisses him and tells him he should find her if he is ever in Rosewood. He tells her she can count on it and kisses her on the head then hands her a folded piece of paper. He closes the door and leaves.

Emily is at work and Mike comes flying in and ask if she has heard from Aria. Emily tells him not today. Mike tells her she won’t answer any of his calls or text and the next time Emily hears from Aria to tell her thanks. Emily tells him to hold on and steps away to talk to him, she ask him what is going on. Mike tells Emily Aria got what she wanted MonA dumped him, he got a text really early that said they were done. Emily tells him she is sorry but that she doesn’t think Aria had anything to do with it. Mike brings up the fact that nine of them can stand her. Emily says nothing. Mike can’t think of another reason why MonA would do that. Emily offers to talk to her and see if she can find out what’s going on. Mike tells Emily whatever and says to have Aria call him.

Aria opened the folded paper. It’s one free Beat Up A Jerk Card. It’s has a note attaches that says “But I have a feeling you can handle this one yourself-Riley.” Aria smiles. Then sobers up and grabs her suitcase to pack it to go home.

Spencer and Dean are running. Spencer thought it was supposed to be three but Dean tells her they are running a extra because of her little phone stunt the day before. Spencer ask him why he is so mean Dean. Dean replies with because you make me tense Spence, now how long are you going to keep this up. Spencer tells him she can rhyme all day. Dean stops running and tells Spencer that he can see she is a smart girl with a sharp tongue and that she loves to spar. Dean is finally learning how to win Spencer over. Dean tells her that get under her skin is the goal, and he would like to address what is really going on. Dean tells her one more mile. They run passed a wheelbarrow with a shovel in it. While running Spencer has a flashback of her running after Alison with a shovel, Alison trips and Spencer brings it down and blood hits her in the face. Spencer reaches up and touches it. Spencer snaps back to reality and touches her face checking for blood. Dean not knowing exactly what’s going on tells Spencer to take a deep breath and then tells her to tell him what’s really going on. Spencer tells him she thinks she knows what she did. I’m not sure we do, Emily also at one time thought she was the one that hurt Alison because she was getting flashbacks of something that happened after she had been drugged and that turned out to be a false memory, same could be happening to Spencer, although Alison did say Spencer almost got her killed once. Hmmmmm……maybe Spencer just saw what happened to Alison, and Alison saw her.

Dean brings Spencer a cup of tea. Spencer ask him if he ever thinks that other people see him more clearly than he sees himself. Dean isn’t sure he knows what she means. Spencer tries again this time she uses the dumb downed approach by which I mean the way she usually explains things to Hannah haha. Spencer tells them there are things that happened that she doesn’t remember. Dean catches on and tells her she using other peoples memories to fill in the blanks. Spencer ask him what else she can do. Dean tells her that maybe recalling what happened is a bit much for her right now. Spencer tells him she should have know she was capable of this she has done bad things before. Dean tells her to look at what happened today as a positive. He tells her it sounds like she is ready to take responsibility for her actions. Spencer ask how she is supposed to take responsibility for it, if she really odd it. Dean ask her what she did. Spencer shuts down and tells him she is all talked out. Dean tells her they have covered enough, he gives her a letter from Toby that was sent from London.

Hannah is on her date with Travis and she tells him she is a picker. Travis ask what that means. Hannah tells him it means no matter what she orders the other persons always looks better so to order a side of garlic bread. Travis smiles. Alison’s mom walks by and sees Hannah and tells her she looks lovely. She looks over at Travis with a very unfriendly look and ask Hannah if this is a date. Hannah tells,her yes and the tells her that her dates name is Travis. Travis gets up and says its nice to meet her. Alison’s mom calls him a gentleman smiles and tells them she won’t keep them and to enjoy themselves. She walks away and gets stopped by Tanner and Holbrook who want to talk to her. Hannah sends a text to Emily telling her that Alison’s mom is talking to the cops and she thinks it is about the letter. Which completely distracts her from Travis.

MonA is backing out of her yard when she looks at her mirror and sees Emily standing behind her car. She puts her foot on the brake. Emily walks over to the window and MonA rolls the window down. Emily tells her she needs to talk to her. MonA tells her she has somewhere to be. Emily ask of she is going to meet with EzrA Fitz. MonA tells her to get in.

EzrA is taping one of his posters back together when someone knocks on his door. It’s Aria and she ask to come in, EzrA shuts the door behind her.

Emily is sitting in MonA’s car with her and ask why she would help him. MonA tells,her she is surprised it took Emily that long to figure it out and that she thought it would be Aria, and that he should have told her about the book a long time ago. Emily ask when she found out. MonA tells her around the time she found Jenna’s car, but that she didn’t want to help him with his tattle tale she wanted to stop him, or at least stop,the parts that included her. MonA tells her that some of the stuff she did she could still go to jail for so they made a deal, she would answer questions about what she did and he would edit out anything that was less than legal. Emily wants to know if she read the book and what it says about Alison. MonA tells her that if Alison was alive she would love being the center of a scandalous page turner, but EzRA only showed her parts of chapters she was written into. She never saw the whole thing.

Aria tells EzrA she didn’t come there to hash things out. She destroyed his apartment so I’m guessing that pretty much says it all. Aria tells him that she came there to tell him he needs to leave. EzrA tells her he understands that she needs her space. Aria tells him she doesn’t thinks he does. He tells her he is taking a leave of absence. Aria tells him he needs to leave town for good. She has some balls. EzrA tells Aria they can work through this. Aria tells him she doesn’t want to work through it, she doesn’t want to see him at the grocery or every time she grabs coffee with her friends. She doesn’t want to see him, or hear from him, EVER. EzrA isn’t sure what to say.

Emily confronts MonA about dating Mike to get closer to Aria so she could spy on her. MonA tells Emily that Mike is a really sweet guy and that she fell for him, when they started to catch on she told Fitz she wanted out, he told her that wasn’t a option. MonA didn’t want to drag Mike into her mess so she let him go. Emily tells MonA she went through all that and got nothing. MonA tells her not nothing, it’s murky but it’s big. MonA ask her if she remembers after the lodge burned down that someone stole the game from her when she was in Radley. Emily tells her they all thought it was CeCe. MonA tells her she never found out, but whoever it is EzrA thinks he knows.

EzrA has a copy of his book and tells Aria he thinks she should read it, that he found out some stuff that he thinks could really help her. Which makes him either a liability or the newest pawn in A’s game. Aria thinks about it for a few seconds but in the end decides to take it. When she reaches for it he tells her that he went to New York to return the check advance. Aria tells him it’s to late. EzrA tells her he guesses that this is goodbye then. Aria looks at him for a few seconds and then leaves. I can’t believe he was that ok with leaving, he didn’t put up a fight or anything. Why?

Aria is writing in her journal but then picks up the book and starts reading.

Spencer is sitting on her couch reading the letter from Toby. I’m guessing it’s a we need a break letter that’s why I’m in London letter. Know who else is in London? Melissa and Wren….just saying. Spencer hears her phone go off in the desk drawer and breaks it open with a letter opener. The cellphone has a message from Aria that says S.O.S..

Hannah is still distracted by her phone. She has a message from Emily that says to meet at her house. Hannah tells Travis she has to go and then goes to pay for her half. Travis tells,her he doesn’t go dutch on a first date. Travis ask her if everything is ok. She tells him it’s just a friend. Travis tells her he knew something was up. She promises it won’t happen again. Hannah goes to leave but turns back around kisses him, tells him thank you and says even though it didn’t seem like it she had a really good time. Travis has a little smile on his face as she walks away.

At Emily’s they are trying to figure out of MonA left the anonymous tip about Alison. Hannah thinks it’s a possibility until she sees the blue envelope hanging in Emily’s room. Hannah ask Emily how long it’s been there. Emily tells her it’s a note from Paige and then ask her why. Before Hannah can say anything Aria comes rushing in. She tells them that EzrA gave her a copy of his book. Spencer can’t believe she talked to him. Emily jumps in with monA broke up with your brother and thinks you caused it when it was really because of EzrA, she follows that outburst with sorry housekeeping. Aria tells her she will deal with that and focuses her attention back on Spencer. Aria ask Spencer if she is better. Spencer tells her yes but it’s her S.O.S so why doesn’t Aria to first. Aria tells them that EzrA thought they should know something. Spencer is still not grasping the whole Aria went to see EzrA thing. Aria explains that she just figured out what needs to be said and said it. Aria tells them they aren’t going to believe it but EzrA thinks that a is Alison’s mom. Does he now?

Emily is having trouble processing it. Hannah thinks she is to old to text. Spencer tells them A has been telling them to stop going after Alison probably because she wants to bring her home. At this point I have to admit the evidence is stacking up against her. Aria wants to know why Alison’s mom would think they were in the way. Spencer thinks it because Alison’s mom thinks she tried to kill her daughter. Aria wants know why she is just telling them this. Spencer tells them she found dirt in her bed and that Alison’s mom made some cryptic comments about it. Emily tells Spencer not to pin that on her, it sounds like a A move. Indeed. Spencer says that’s why I think she is A. Well played Spencer. Hannah says Alison’s mom being A makes about as much sense as Spencer whacking Alison over the head with a shovel. Spencer tells them she could have, at least that’s what CeCe told EzrA. They argue about the probability of that. Emily says the only person who knows is Alison. Spencer points out that she isn’t there to help them is she. Emily decides this is the perfect time for a snack and heads out. Hannah follows her. Hannah tells Emily she has to ask her something,that it’s important and she needs her to tell her the truth. Hannah ask her if she told Paige that Alison was alive.

Aria opens her front door and comes in. Mike is sitting on the couch watching TV and turns it off. Mike tells her that dad out some leftovers in the fridge for her but that he ate them. Aria laughs and tells him she grabbed something at Emily’s. She tells him she heard about MonA and that she is really sorry and that she knows how much it hurts. She tells him she hopes he knows, he cuts her off. Mike tells he knows she wouldn’t do that it was just easier to blame her than admit she was right. Aria tells him there are plenty of things she is wrong about.

Spencer tries unsuccessful to sneak back in her house. Her mom is upset and starts accusing her going to get drugs. Her mom tells her she is about to throw her hands up that Spencer flirts with disaster no matter how much they try to protect her. Spencer tells her that they should stop, she then ask what they covered up for her two summers ago, that she doesn’t remember. Her mother tells her that’s a blessing and that she is going to bed and that Spencer should do the same.

Up in he room Spencer checks the bottom of her bed, she notices the light on in Alison’s room and looks out her window, you see Alison’s mom come up behind her with a shovel, her mom calls her name and then walks in to see if she is ok Alison’s mom is nowhere to be seen. Her mom reaches out to touch her and before Spencer turns to her you see Alison’s mom walk out of the room. It’s a freaky little scene ya’ll.

A is doing some alterations on a wedding dress which they them zip up in a clothing bag. How much you want to bet it’s the dress Spencer will be wearing next week?


If you want a sneak peek video & synopsis of next week’s episode, “Unbridled” check out the preview of episode 23 below!

“With disturbing questions surrounding Mrs. DiLaurentis, the four girls will participate in a charity bridal fashion show to try and get answers.

It is a rough time for all of the Liars as Spencer is reeling about the memories from her Â’lost summer,Â’ Aria is still nursing a broken heart, Emily is reeling from PaigeÂ’s Betrayal and Hanna unsuccessfully attempts to wade back into the dating pool. But as each girl tries to deal with her individual issues, they must focus their attention on their suspicions surrounding Mrs. DiLaurentis. Assuming that Mrs. D knows more about Ali and the night she went missing, girls decide to help out at her charity bridal fashion show to gain access to the DiLaurentis house to search for answers.  Meanwhile, Ella and Jason return to Rosewood, each with something to hide.”

Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Episode 23 will air March 11th, 2014 at 8PM on the ABC Network.