Queen Elizabeth Tells Camilla Parker-Bowles To Shut Up or Get Lost – No Money For Prince Charles Divorce

Prince Charles & Camilla Visit The BBC Studios

Camilla Parker Bowles has been trying to control the royal family for months now. It’s no secret that she has forced Prince Charles to fight for his birthright – his place on the throne – even though he would have been content letting Prince William rule instead. If he doesn’t at least go through the motions Camilla has threatened to expose Charles’ closet full of dirty secrets. In order to stay quiet she has asked for $350 million dollars. In her mind Camilla will either rule England as Queen or she will walk away filthy rich.

According to the March 10th print edition of GLOBE Magazine Queen Elizabeth not only has no intention of wasting that kind of money on Cami but she also doesn’t have it. She recently told her to either suck it up and stay married or to just go quietly. It was recently revealed that the royal family has been spending out of control while neglecting some of their palaces. Supposedly the roof at Buckingham Palace is so bad that when it rains the staff has to run to find buckets to catch all of the rain coming through the ceiling. The boilers in the royal residence haven’t been replaced in 60 years either and yet these things are on hold because Elizabeth feels that they aren’t in the current budget!

So it seems highly unlikely that Camilla is going to get a dime out of The Queen but that isn’t stopping her from bragging to her friends that a wind fall is around the corner. She gets sick at the idea of having to bow to Kate Middleton and she keeps telling her cronies that if that day comes it’s going to cost the family in a big way. Do you think that they will cave and pay off Camilla? If not will she air Charles’ dirty laundry in a tell-all as promised and get rich that way? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

Poor Charles can hardly bear being near Camilla at BBC Studios on February 11

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13 responses to “Queen Elizabeth Tells Camilla Parker-Bowles To Shut Up or Get Lost – No Money For Prince Charles Divorce”

  1. Carol says:

    Well what goes around comes around. The way they treated Princess Diana was terrible. Don’t know what he ever saw in that one when Diana was so lovely and what she had t endure with him cheating . Hope it is true that William and Kate will succeed the Queen.

    • guest says:

      A man will wants the woman who treats his good. Camilla treats Charles good, Diana did not.
      Charles is the next in line and will be on the throne. William have to wait in line, until Charles is deceased.

  2. DuchessDolittle says:

    It would be interesting to see Camilla’s world blow up. After what she and Charles did to Diana. I’d love to see them break up. Horribly, a big nasty blow up.

  3. guest says:

    CDL, you all need to stop being lazy and do your own research, and stop reporting these MADE UP STORIES, the tabloids dish out. This story is just another MADE UP propaganda piece.

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  5. Victoria McGuire says:

    Ship her out to India, set her up in a small house with a minimal allowance and signed to a confidentiality agreement never to be on any British owned countries or properties. Banished forever. Divorced once and for all from weakling Charles.

  6. SmotPoker says:

    She would have a tragic, fatal, “accident” before she would be able to do much harm. Tis the way of the world for these types…

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  8. renatae says:

    Why on earth would Charles not ascend to the throne? I think Camilla and Charles are a disgrace for what they did, but since the Royals apparently accepted this marriage, willingly or not, I don’t think they are facing a problem like what happened when the King abdicated in order to marry “The Woman I Love.” They seem to have already thrown out tradition.

  9. Mariette says:

    The bitch I know it in the beginning that she Camilla is just want the idol to be queen and nothing else, You go Queen through that shellfish bastard out of the palace with no dime and make her suffer like she suffered Princess Diana. She is an animal I wish she died in an car accident and not Diana. My question is now who did they believe when Diana told them all what that bitch is doing and planning! I think Diana laugh now at this sircus now.

  10. ashlena marie says:

    the queen isn’t going to give her a dime and they’ll shut her up real quick and cover it up like they did the princess Diana…. That’s what I think c(-:

  11. Colleen Mathews says:

    Tell the horse face Camila to hit the bricks, I am sure she knows where the gutter meets the sewer. The vermin are expecting her. Colleen Mathews, most of America agrees with me.

  12. Brend says:

    Funny who cares mAkes her. Look even. Worse then she been looking
    Air his. LUndery . Aires hee to.. no one like her anyway what she goi g to sY hum .. he cheT on di we All know that. Try. To say. His hands n di death. We. All hrard any thing she say no one. Vares to hear. Lirs she proof hum