Queen Elizabeth Bans Prince Harry’s Alleged Biological Father James Hewitt From Upcoming Wedding With Cressida Bonas (PHOTOS)

Queen Elizabeth Bans Prince Harry's Alleged Biological Father James Hewitt From Upcoming Wedding With Cressida Bonas (PHOTOS)

There have been whispers for a while now about Prince Harry proposing to Cressida Bonas. Very soon. All of the signs really do seem to be there and he seems to be taking the standard steps that are customary before announcing an engagement. Cressida is even invited to spend time at Balmoral this summer where she will be formally introduced to Queen Elizabeth. After that an engagement announcement is expected and according to sources close to the royals there is a very good chance that Harry and Cressida will marry next spring.

According to the March 31st print edition of National Enquirer the family is going to great lengths to ensure that no extra drama or possible scandal disrupts Harry’s plan. Princess Diana admitted to having a 5 year affair with James Hewitt back in the 80’s and the time line seems to indicate that he could actually be Harry’s biological father.

Queen Elizabeth Bans Prince Harry's Alleged Biological Father James Hewitt From Upcoming Wedding With Cressida Bonas (PHOTOS)

Then there is the uncanny resemblance. James has come out of the woodwork on a few occasions to give up a bit more info on his dalliance with Di and the family fears that he might use this time to garner a bit of attention- and cash in. Not to mention that Queen Elizabeth was so outraged after Harry’s Las Vegas debacle that Her Highness demanded he take a DNA test – she feared he couldn’t be off Prince Charles’ blood!

Prince Harry upon Queen Elizabeth’s urging has already taken it upon himself to warn James to back off and steer clear of his wedding plans. Harry knows that he has brought enough scandal to the family by some of his wild antics and so he wants his nuptials to be a respectful occasion. Do you think that James will stay quiet or is he going to provide yet another interesting soundbite for royal watchers? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

Queen Elizabeth Bans Prince Harry's Alleged Biological Father James Hewitt From Upcoming Wedding With Cressida Bonas (PHOTOS)

24 responses to “Queen Elizabeth Bans Prince Harry’s Alleged Biological Father James Hewitt From Upcoming Wedding With Cressida Bonas (PHOTOS)”

  1. Victoria McGuire says:

    he has never looked anything like Charles, nor does William. They both take after Diana’s family

  2. Fed Up says:

    From what I’ve read James Hewitt has been warned by Prince Phillip to remain silent or else. No wonder why he had been living in Spain for years. Now he’s back and they’re keeping close eyes and ears on him. He is beyond the shadow of a doubt Harry’s biological father.

    • drdebo cherry says:

      at least there is one person with a brain on this planet

    • royalwatcher says:

      Baloney. This is just idle gossip. No way would Charles have kept Harry in line of succession if he were someone else’s child. Charles unceremoniously dumped Diana for Camilla what makes people think the guy is nice to keep an illegitimate child in line of succession. Utter nonsense to try to make Diana look like a lying tramp

  3. drdebo cherry says:

    Charles deserves everything he got…..

  4. Dan the Man says:

    Sure doesn’t look like Charles.

  5. Sarah Highcove says:

    Uhhhh I like a good baby daddy mystery as much as anybody but I don’t believe this at all. Harry looks more and more like Charles as he gets older…I see a lot more similarities than with this other gentleman. Bring on the DNA test lol….Charles is def the real Dad.

  6. Denese says:

    There are pics of James as a small boy and he looks identical to Harry at that same age.

    • royalwatcher says:

      Bunk. I found a photo of Harry when he was 3 and he looked more like Charles did at that age than Will did. Hewitt is a weasel who lived off women.

      • docola says:

        That is exactly what I believe. Why do people have to talk trash. What proof is there that Harry thinks the other dude is his father. That is just dumb. He has the soft features of him mom, but eyes like his dad Charles. Hewitt is thinking easy money. I hate when people talk like that and upset families.

  7. Cpt_Justice says:

    The only thing worse than the non-existent “ban” is the stupid lie that anyone but Charles is Harry’s father. He has always looked like his *grandparents*. The jerk who found a profile of James Hewitt will not dare to put up a profile of the Queen, because THAT’s whose nasal profile he has – & his front face is almost completely Prince Philip’s. How pathetic of people to slander a dead woman in the even more ridiculous pretense of somehow scoring off her ex-husband…

  8. royalwatcher says:

    Harry is Charles and Diana’s son. He looks nothing like rat faced Hewitt. He has Philip;s and Charles eyes. He also looked more like Charles as a toddler than william did.

  9. royalwatcher says:

    Charles always put Mistress Camilla first. He left Harry to his own devices (and the liquor cabinet at Highgrove) when Harry was 13.

  10. royalwatcher says:

    Idle gossip. No way would Charles allow someone else’s kid to be his “spare.” Charles knows darn well Harry is his biological son.

  11. Guest says:

    Were do you come up with this stuiped shit.Do you sit on your asses all day to think up this crap.You have no clue what’s going on in the Royal family.And if your going to use US trash mags for information you really are stupid.Get a life damn from the US

  12. Trucy says:

    Harry looks most like Prince Charles, the only thing in common with Hewitt is the hair colour. Where in the royal family is the red hair from? Harry definitely has Prince Charles’s nose, eyes, eye colour, mouth, ears, hairline, in some ways he looks more like Prince Charles than Prince William does. Diana and H. would have made a completely different looking child, more like Prince William really.

  13. Arlene B. Heed says:

    I think Prince Harry does look like James Hewitt’s son.

  14. Arlene B. Heed says:

    Prince Harry looks like James Hewitt’s son.

  15. John Howitis says:


  16. Kimmie says:

    Ppl are tripping. Harry looks just like the dude Di had an affair with; he looks absolutely NOTHING like Charles…

  17. ElJig says:

    I know nothing about all of this stuff. I am watching the F1 abu dabi race and Harry is on and all I thought was how much he looks like that guy Diana knew. The simularity is Bonkers

  18. KariAnaS says:

    Those who think Harry looks like James Hewitt look closer. The complextion and hair color is different. Red yes, but not the same red. In fact, look at a photo of Charles Spencer Diana’s Brother. The idea that Harry belongs to anyone but Charles doesn’t know how The Firm works. The Firm being The Royal Household of The sovereign of the British Isles

  19. Misty K. says:

    I think Harry resembles Queen Elizabeth, especially when she was younger. He looks nothing like that James guy, except for red hair and fair skin!