Raising Asia “What Would Beyonce Do?” Recap and Review: Season 1 Episode 6

Raising Asia “What Would Beyonce Do?” Recap and Review: Season 1 Episode 6

Tonight on Lifetime, RAISING ASIA airs it’s an all new sixth episode in it’s first season. On tonight’s show, called “What Would Beyonce Do?” Billy lands Asia a gig opening for a singer that no one knows and the situation quickly turns ugly when it’s discovered that the venue is a 21-and-over nightclub. To make matters worse, Asia is forced to prepare in a tent pitched in a parking lot.

On the last episode it was Bella’s birthday and Kristie was determined to focus on her, while Asia struggled with the sacrifices she was forced to make for her career. Shawn removed Kristie from Asia’s rehearsal with Anthony. Later, Kristie stunned everyone by announcing she and Asia would be leaving Bella’s birthday party for a photo shoot, but did Shawn let her walk out on Bella? Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode Billy lands Asia a gig opening for a pop star that no one has heard of and things quickly go south once they arrive at venue, only to discover it is a 21 and over nightclub. While Asia is forced to prepare in a tent in the middle of a parking lot, Anthony capitalizes on Billy’s absence by blaming him for all of the issues which then causes a major rift between Shawn and Kristie.

Tonight’s sixth episode is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of Lifetime’s Raising Asia tonight at 10PM EST! In the meantime, sound out in the comments below and tell us what you think about this new show.

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Tonight’s episode of Raising Asia begins with Asia’s parents fixing Asia and her sister Bella breakfast. Kristie and Asia’s Dad begin arguing over whether Asia’s breakfast is healthy enough. Shawn doesn’t see what is wrong with giving Asia a slice of toast for breakfast, he encourages his kids to eat healthy and he is feeding them the same thing he ate when he was a kid. Shawn thinks that Kristie is just being “controlling,” and doesn’t want Shawn to get involved in her career.

Kristie takes Asia to the studio, and her choreographer Dario is late. They have 24 hours before Asia has to perform at Dario’s album release party. Kristie decides that since Anthony is late, she will run through the routine with Asia. Anthony finally shows up, and Asia is thankful that she doesn’t have to listen to her mom yell at her anymore.

Billy set up the gig, and Anthony is annoyed because he is sick and didn’t even tell Kristie or Anthony where the venue is. Anthony is stressed because he has no idea where Asia is even supposed to be performing.

Kristie and Shawn head out on a date, to spend some alone time without the kids. Shawn tells Kristie that her sister Gina and her mom are right, and they are having some serious problems with their marriage. He wants them to start spending more one on one time together. Kristie is annoyed and she thinks that Shawn needs to stop talking to her sister and her mom about their problems in their marriage.

It’s time for Asia to perform for Dario’s release party. Shawn, Kristie, and Asia arrive at the show and are disgusted when they realize it is in a dirty bar, and there is gum on the stage. It’s time for Asia to get her hair and make-up done. Shawn interrupts and tries to give Asia a pep-talk. Kristie gives him one minute and then kicks him out of the hotel room. They arrive at the show, and the red carpet is pitiful, there is hardly anyone there. Asia has to get ready in a tent in the parking lot because she is under 21 and isn’t allowed to get ready in the bar.

Anthony shows up, and is shocked that Kristie is going through with this performance. Billy set them up at a dump, and Kristie doesn’t care. Anthony knows that if he tried to get Asia to do something like this, Kristie would flip out on him.

Anthony gives Asia a pep talk and then she head out on stage to perform while Kristie and Shawn cheer her on from the audience. Shawn is impressed with Asia’s progress and thinks she looks like a “seasoned dancer.” Afterwards Anthony mentions to Kristie and Shawn that Asia is way too good to be performing at dive bars. Shawn agrees with Anthony, and thinks that Kristie is being too loyal to Billy. Kristie caves and tells Shawn to talk to Billy and what ever decision they come up with, she will be good with. Shawn says he will give Billy one more chance and if it doesn’t pan out, he will stop writing the checks.