Reign RECAP 3/20/14: Season 1 Episode 15 “The Darkness”

Reign RECAP 3/20/14: Season 1 Episode 15 "The Darkness"

REIGN on the CW seemed to start off a bit slow but as its’ first season progresses the buzz is getting really good and fans seem to be sucked in. In tonight’s new episode a matchmaking event is held for the women in the castle, but Lola doesn’t want to take part in it. Meanwhile, Kenna grows frightened when Henry flies into another rage, so she turns to Catherine; and Bash learns firsthand about the horrors of the woods.   Meanwhile, Sebastian wants to unearth the truth about the Darkness. He sees something horrifying in the Dark Forest.  This episode is written by Charlie Craig and is directed by Steve DiMarco.

On the last episode Mary (Adelaide Kane) returned from her honeymoon and, suspicious of Lola’s (Anna Popplewell) strange behavior, uncovered a deception that changed everything. Bash (Torrance Coombs) encountered a confused and terrified Olivia (guest star Yael Grobglas), an escaped victim of the terrors of the woods, which caused him to enlist Nostradamus (Rossif Sutherland) for help.

Meanwhile, when King Henry’s (Alan Van Sprang) odd behavior caused misfortune, he was forced to ask for Queen Catherine’s (Megan Follows) aid. Toby Regbo, Celina Sinden and Caitlin Stasey also star. The episode was directed by Norma Bailey with the teleplay by Edgar Lyall and story by Drew Lindo.  Did you watch the last episode? If not we have a full recap for you right over here.

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Kenna knocks on the door of Henry’s chambers and is admitted. He asks why she didn’t come last night and she tells him he hurt her last time. He apologizes for leaving her tied up too long. She makes an excuse for tonight and he reminds her of their deal and tells her he’s working on her husband project. He brings a paid girl out and introduces her – Anna – and kisses her in front of Kenna. He tells her he sees lust in her eyes and that Kenna will help relieve it. Kenna doesn’t like it but he promises to make it worth her while. Kenna accepts the cup Anna offers and drinks deep. Anne slips Kenna’s dress off as Henry watches. Anna kisses her. Anna lays her down on a fainting couch and kisses her. Henry is entranced.

Lola tells Mary she can’t go to the First Light feast because she’s queasy. She says she knows she needs to find a husband soon and Mary tells her a quick marriage is the best thing for her. She tells her that she has a suitor for Lola – Philip. She tells her that it may take some time for her feelings for the man to grow.

Greer’s kitchen boy kisses her and tells her Lord Peppercorn is back to see Greer. She tells her BF that she’s not interested in him and he reminds her she’s not letting anyone else courts her. She tells him it hurts that they can’t be together and he kisses her and she asks when he’ll tire of kisses that can’t go anywhere. He gives her a letter that came for her from her parents in Scotland. He leaves and she reads her missive. She sighs.

Nostradamus asks Olivia if she can tell him what happened to her. She tells him she hid in the tunnels when the castle was attacked and then she saw the ghost with something covering her face. She says she ran and ended up lost in the woods and was found by hunters who held her captive in the woods while a woman spoke of the darkness – a being, a creature of some sort.

She says she fell asleep and was chained when she awoke and the creature fed on her night after night. She says she doesn’t know how long it was and he tells her she was gone for months. She says she barely ate and drank a bitter liquid that knocked her out. She says one day her bonds were looser and she was able to make it out even though she was weak.

Bash goes to leave his peasant girl and she reveals she knows exactly who he is. She tells him he’s better off away from court and asks if he loved Mary that much. He kisses her and says he’s leaving France as fast as his legs can take him but they see blood on her door. He asks if it’s the blood cult and she tells him they’ve been marked and one of them will be sacrificed to the darkness. He pledges to stay and help her fight it and says his departure can wait.

Kenna wakes groggy and sees Anna dead beside her and cries out in horror. She unties herself from the dead girl and escapes. At the First Light feast, Kenna rushes in and asks to speak with the Queen. She tells him Henry has done something to a girl and says his sexual appetites appear to be growing. She brings Catherine to the bedchamber and she closes the girl’s eyes. Catherine asks why she thinks it was Henry and she tells him Henry has developed a taste for choking. The Queen instructs her to say that she saw Anna alive and well and leaving. Kenna asks if she’s not going to tell anyone else and Catherine tells her the king already knows so there is no one else to tell.

Lola tries to keep her nausea under control and Mary points out Philip and Lola heads over. The serving girl tells her that the tarts are good for fertility but Francis chases the girl off. He tells Mary that there are two nations excited for them to have a baby. Francis notes that Philip looks interested in Lola and Mary says she brought him there for that purpose but he says that’s not the man he would have picked for her. Mary looks down her nose at him.

Philip walks with Lola and they make some pretty serious small talk. He tells her he likes her and she says he’s direct. He says he has little time to waste because he needs a wife and heir as soon as possible. She tells him that’s not so romantic and he tells her that his Father has threatened his inheritance if he doesn’t matter within the year. She smiles prettily and he tells her she’s beautiful. He tells her that Mary was right and hands her a candle. She tells him to look at her window to see if the flame of love buns and he says he’d be happy with like.

Lord Peppercorn wants a private dinner with Greer and she goes but her BF is the waiter. Awkward. He asks if she sees something different and she says she sees he’s clean shaven. He tells her the big change is no pepper at the table and no more mention of it. He truly wants to court her. He orders her BF to pour more wine but he blocks the guy’s romantic chat with his arm. He tells her to call him Aloysius and she tells him he’s on fire. He thinks she’s flirting but she tells him he’s really on fire. He panics and her BF rushes to put it out. She asks if he’s burned and he insists he’s okay.

Henry studies a map of Europe when Catherine comes to tell him Kenna told her about the dead girl in his room. He says Kenna’s mouth is better suited to other activities. Then he starts ranting about when is the bitch going to die and he asks if she means Mary Tudor. She tries to get him to focus on the dead girl and he asks what that has to do with him.

She reminds him of the other recent death of a woman he was sexing. She asks if he murdered them both and he says these are housekeeping matters she should take care of as his wife because he’s determined with the fate of nations. She tells him the servants tell her he’s not sleeping and his pee is black. She asks him to see Nostradamus and he refuses. He tells her kings can’t get sick because they have to lead. He tells her to keep news of his headache and issues secret. She leaves him.

Nostradamus works as Olivia watches him. He asks if she’s hungry and she tells him his medicinal skills look like magic and he says it’s science. She tells him she likes watching him putter and he brings her food. She looks at some clothes and tells him she can’t go back up and pretend life is normal. He says she can’t hide there and she tells him he doesn’t know what’s inside her. She says she abandoned the people in the castle and was ready for the darkness when it came to her. She says it knew she was dirty already and filled her with evil. She says it’s in her blood and she will never be the same.

Francis comes to see Lola and questions her choice in Philip as a suitor. He says he wants her to be married and tells her that words at First Light shouldn’t be taken seriously. She tells him he has to be married to keep his inheritance and he doesn’t think that’s good enough for her. Lola asks why he doesn’t like the guy and asks if there is something she should know. He says no and she tells him it’s better for them both if she’s settled soon. He asks her to promise it isn’t because of them sleeping together and she promises.

Bash nails the windows shut and says they will seal up all the entrances except one so he can kill whoever comes in. The family insists it can’t stop the darkness. His new bedmate tells Bash that they can’t let another person be taken when they have been chosen. Bash is not buying the pagan nonsense and calls them inside. He explains his plan of attack but they tell him things out there aren’t like in the castle. They explain they fight hunger, cold and things like the darkness. The family drugs him so that he can’t make trouble and that the darkness can take the sacrifice and move on. He slips to the ground after drinking the drugged wine.

Leith comes to see Greer and tells him that Aloysius has offered him an apprenticeship in one of his spice houses. She’s happy for him and tells him he has to take it because it will allow him to rise up in the world. He says it’s in Spain and he wouldn’t see her again. She reminds him she has to marry someone with a title and that she would rather see him off to a better life. She tells him to say yes to the job and he tells her he loves her.

Francis tells Mary they need to help Lola. He tells her he doesn’t like Philip for her and then explains to her that he’s gay. She asks how he knows and he tells her people notice things. She pauses and says that wouldn’t help anything. He mentions he spoke to Lola and she snaps and asks if he’s confiding her. He admits to her that he slept with Lola in Paris one night and he tells her that Lola was wracked with guilt and says he’s thrilled to be married to her and is so sorry. She tells him she understands it was under different circumstances. He tells her she doesn’t seem surprised and asks if Lola told her and she tells him she noticed that they came in together. He tells her there is absolutely nothing between he and Lola now.

Mary comes barging into Lola’s chambers and tells her she had to lie to Francis for her. He tells her that Francis confessed to sleeping with her and she says she had to fake shock. Mary tells her she needs to marry and move far away so they can forget each other. But that’s not what she wants. Mary asks Lola if they can just tell Francis the truth so she can stay there with them. Lola says she will carry the secret to her grave. Mary tells her to marry Philip because he has secrets too and she tells Lola that he’s gay.

Lola says that she won’t get her chance at happiness if she marries him. Mary tells her that’s tough noogies since she messed up her life by shagging Francis. She tells Lola if Philip proposes she will accept or Mary will tell Francis that she’s pregnant with his child.

Mary comes back to their chambers and finds Francis has lit a ton of candles. He says they will stand for First Light candles and she reminds him they’re married. She tells him she knows he regrets what happened with Lola and tells him Lola does to. He takes her in his arms. He kisses her and unlaces her gown but she tells him that his mother told him that it’s not a good day for baby making. He tells her doesn’t make love to her because he wants a baby. He says he wants a baby because he loves her.

Greer finds Aloysius and he tells her he was just thinking of her. She thanks him for giving Leith the job and reminds him not to tell the boy he’s doing it as a favor for her. He tells her he can see she has some feelings for Leith and he tells her there is nothing wrong with a harmless flirtation and that she’s kind to give the boy a leg up. He makes it clear that he wants her but she tells him she can’t accept anymore of his kindness. The poor man is besotted.

Bash wakes to the cries of a goat and sees that he’s trussed up. He hears a whistly sound and the family says “it’s coming.” They all huddle together as someone strides into the room. They grab up the goat and gut it with their claws. The creature walks around and then Carrick looks up at it and it chooses her to drag away. She screams as it drags her through the snowy woods.

Next morning, Nostradamus brings Olivia outside and baptizes her in the woods. He tells her she’s brand new and nothing of what she was remains. He tells her evil is a choice not a thing and she can be what she chooses. He asks her what she chooses and she nods. He tells her to hold onto that choice because it’s her salvation. She clings to him and tells him she’s new with him.

Bash and Carrick’s brother look for her and Bash blames himself for her being taken. Bash tells him that he was so sure it was a man and not a creature. The boy says he can’t fight it but Bash says he knows where he can get help and looks toward the castle.

Mary talks to Lola and tells her she was upset with her because she’s jealous. Mary tells her that she’s been with Francis for months and can’t get pregnant while Lola was with him one night and is pregnant. She asks Lola if it was just one night and her friend assures her it was. Mary worries that Francis will know that it’s his baby and it would draw them closer.

She reminds her how close Diane is with Henry and Lola reminds her that she doesn’t want Francis and isn’t Diane and Francis is definitely not his father. Lola tells her she is her friend and wants her to be happy with Francis with children of her own. Lola tells her she wants a love of her own. Mary says she wants to believe that and that she wants Lola to be happy and tells her not to marry Philip.

Lola tells her that waiting is a bad idea and Mary says she must be sure she’s marrying the right man. Greer is outside in the cold when Lola finds her. Greer tells her that her destiny is approaching soon and Lola tells her that hers is too. But Greer tells her that her parents wrote her that she made her a match and the man is in the carriage that’s pulling up. She asks Lola about her destiny and she tells her she hopes it’s coming soon.

Henry greets Kenna and she calls him by name and he corrects her to call him King or Your Majesty. He asks if she has breakfasted and she tells him yes and adds – your majesty. He tells her she’ll need her energy because he sees lust in her eyes that will not be easily extinguished. That’s what he said to Anna before he killed her. Catherine approaches and calls his name and tells Kenna to go. Kenna runs away fast.

Catherine tells her she has to keep an eye on him and asks how he’s feeling. He says he saw the doctor and got a tonic for his headache. He tells her he is king and can’t be subjected to lesser people and lied to by her, Diane, Kenna and Mary. He says he took a rest and woke to Christ hanging on the cross – the crucifix above his bed. He says he is chosen by God to rule and can bend anyone to his will – break them. He says it was a lesson each woman learned in their last moments – that he is king and they are not. He says he will teach others that lesson as well and touches Catherine’s cheek.