Resurrection RECAP 3/30/14: Season 1 Episode 4 “Us Against The World”

Resurrection RECAP 3/30/14: Season 1 Episode 4 “Us Against The World”

Tonight on ABC the brand new show Resurrection returns for a second episode called, “Us Against The World.” On the episode Bellamy and Sheriff Fred form an uneasy alliance to solve Dale’s murder, and to track down a suspicious Caleb after he goes on the run; when Jacob suffers a seizure, Maggie takes him to the clinic for a checkup and is shocked by her findings; Pastor Tom struggles to adjust to having his old love Rachael back in Arcadia.

On last episode exhuming Jacob’s grave only deepened the mystery of his return. Henry struggled to accept that Jacob was really the son he lost 30 years ago. Bellamy and Maggie searched for a connection between Jacob and Caleb’s deaths and wondered if the local river might hold a clue. Their digging also unearthed Caleb’s criminal past – he robbed the bank his daughter Elaine worked at just days before his death. Pastor Tom’s life was changed forever by a shocking turn of events.  Did you watch last week’s episode?  We did and we recapped it right here for your convenience.

On tonight’s episode Bellamy and Sheriff Fred form an uneasy partnership to find Caleb, who has gone on the run after Dale’s murder. After Jacob suffers a seizure, Maggie gives him a checkup at the clinic and is shocked by what she finds. Pastor Tom adjusts to the unexpected presence of his old love Rachael (guest star Kathleen Munroe) in Arcadia.

Guest starring are Veronica Cartwright as Helen Edgerton, Kathleen Munroe as Rachael Braidwood, Lori Beth Sikes as Janine Hale, Ned Bellamy as Samuel Catlin, Travis Young as Ray Richards, Jason Saucier as Dale Getheard, and Kevin Sizemore as Gary Humphrey.

Tonight’s Resurrection Season 1 episode 4 is going to be exciting, and you won’t want to miss it. So be sure to tune in for our coverage of the new episode of Resurrection — tonight at 9 PM EST! While you wait for our recap, hit the comments and let us know how know how excited your are about the season première. Check out a sneak peek of  Resurrection “Us Against The World” below! Don’t forget to come back at 9 PM.

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Caleb works on the porch and Elaine asks why he’s still up. She tells him it’s not too bad. He offers her a sip of his beer and she takes it. He apologizes about the noise and says he’ll be done by tomorrow. She tells him she doesn’t mind the hammering because it reminds her he’s there. They listen to the storm and he tells her she’s the most important thing in the world to him. He reminds her how she would say she couldn’t sleep to come sit outside with him at night. She says they used to say it’s us against the world and he hugs her and says it still is.

Maggie tells Fred that the dead guy looks like a victim of blunt force trauma. Marty reminds them about the armored car robbery and he says he thinks Caleb robbed the truck, buried the money and died of a heart attack. Fred says they never solved the robbery and Marty says that’s because he died. He tells Fred was up at the hunting shack digging holes two days ago. He says there was a mask in one of the holes – likely from the robbery.

Marty thinks this guy was Caleb’s co-robber and he killed him because he took the money. Marty says he thinks he knows what the murder weapon is and tells Fred he saw Caleb washing a hammer. He asks him how often you ever wash a hammer and Fred agrees they can go talk to Caleb. Maggie says she doesn’t think Elaine’s dad is capable of murder and Marty says he may not have come back the same man he was before.

At the church, Tom bandages Rachael’s hand she cut breaking into the church. She apologizes and he tells her it was just a window. She tells him that’s not what she’s sorry for and he asks how it is that she’s there. She says she woke up in a cornfield three days ago and has no idea how she got there. She says she met a family that told her she was in New York and she knows that 12 years have passed.

Tom tells her she can stay in the basement for the night and that he’ll bring her someone that may be able to help. She asks how someone can help and he tells her that there are others but he doesn’t want to talk anymore. She asks him not to tell anyone she’s there and he says he’s going to tell his wife but no one else. She cries upon hearing he found someone. She asks if the others also killed themselves and he says “just you”. He leaves her in the church basement and goes.

Henry wakes and goes downstairs and finds Lucille asleep on the couch. He takes off her glasses and puts away her book and turns off the lamp. He goes to the kitchen and surveys the fridge for a snack then stands at the counter eating. Jacob lies awake in his bed listening to the storm and staring at the stars on his ceiling. He sees a light and calls out for his mother. Henry sees the light outside and goes chasing away the kids that were peeking in the windows. Lucille calls for Henry. Jacob’s having a seizure and she tells him to get his medicine. She says it was just a small one and comforts the now still boy and tells him he’s safe.

Next day, Maggie checks Jacob out and then Lucille sends him downstairs. Maggie says he seems fine but if the seizures continue, they may need to explore more treatment options. She shows Maggie a stash of wrappers that he accumulated overnight. She tells Maggie he’s eating non-stop and isn’t sleeping. She says he’s different than before and doesn’t know what to do. Maggie tells her to bring him to the office so she can run some tests. She tells Maggie not to tell Henry about any of it and she agrees.

Janine tells Tom some church gossip and he tells her they need to talk. That scares her. He tells her before they met and before he was Pastor that he was in love with a woman that drove her car off a bridge. He says they thought it was an accident but the investigation showed she had done it on purpose. Janine tells him it’s horrible and asks why he wouldn’t tell her. He says it was painful and he wanted it all behind him. She asks why he’s telling her now and he tells her she’s back like Jacob and Caleb and showed up at the church the night before and he let her stay there. Janine asks if he never told her about Rachael because he loved her. Tom tells her he loves her and that Rachael was gone. Janine says she was dead but obviously not gone. He says he won’t let anything come between them and she tells him he knows what he has to do.

Fred and Marty come knocking on Elaine’s door and asks if she’s okay. She lets them in and they greet Ray. Fred tells Marty about what a mechanical genius that Ray is. Fred asks for Caleb and tells her that Dale is dead. They ask her if there are any weapons in the house and ask where her dad was two nights ago. Marty sees the tool box and asks to search it. He pulls out the hammer and Fred says they are going to keep the tool box. Ray comes back in and tells them the shotgun is gone.

Henry stirs his coffee as Jacob searches for his shoes. Lucille tells her hubby they’re headed to the doctor. Henry tells her that Fred is going to put the fear of God into the kids that pranked Jacob last night. He tells her that he was wrong for what he said to her about letting Jacob go. Lucille asks how long he’s been thinking she didn’t love her son because she grieved and let go. Henry says that she accepted the new Jacob from the beginning but asks her what if he’s not the same. Lucille looks pensive but then Jacob comes out and she takes him and goes.

Tom comes back to the church and then goes to the basement door but Helen is there and she asks what’s going on. She asks how he doesn’t know what’s going on in the church. She chews him out about the broken window and he tells her there is a broken window. She asks why he was going to the basement and insists on going down there. There’s nothing there and she glares at him and then stomps back upstairs.

Marty shows Fred the mask and he says it’s definitely the materials from the bank robbery. He says that it was the bank Elaine worked at – Fred doesn’t think Elaine was involved but that Caleb may have accessed her computer to see the armored car schedule. Fred shows him photos and tells him the armored car showed up at 135 pm and that one guard was standing guard and another went into the bank. Someone threw a Molotov cocktail under the bank manager’s car to distract the rear guard. He went to check it out and was knocked out and they grabbed the truck keys. They were able to get away with all the money.

There was a guy in the armored car, but the robber shot him dead and grabbed the money and rode away on a motorcycle. The other guard alerted the police and called the ambulance. Elaine comes out of the bank with the other workers horrified at the shooting. What we thought was a flashback to the original robbery turns out to be a whole new robbery because we see Marty and Fred get out at the crime scene!

Marty and Fred are in shock. Fred is pulled away and Marty gets a call from Maggie. He tells her that Caleb repeated the same robbery and that this time he shot a guard. She tells him she’s looking at Jacob’s test results and that his metabolism is through the roof and isn’t sleeping. She tells him Caleb has the same symptoms. Elaine tries to call her dad and is frantic. She gets a call from home – it’s Caleb. He tells her he’s going away for a while and says he’ll come back. He tells her he some business and tells her has to go and hangs up on her.

Marty approaches Elaine and asks who called her. She tells him he’s ridiculous and says her dad didn’t do it. He tells her the cops are going to come for her dad and he doesn’t want anyone else to get hurt.

Jacob plays while Maggie and Lucille talk. Maggie thinks his symptoms relate to his resurrection not his epilepsy since he’s always had that. Lucille tells her that she knows it’s truly Jacob but what if… Maggie tells her to leave Jacob with her for a while and says maybe he’ll open up to her.

Caleb calls out to Ray and says he’s leaving for a few days and already told Elaine. He says he’ll take good care of the bike. He calls out to Ray and asks where the toolbox is. He finds Ray in his room on the phone and then hears sirens. He asks what he’s done. Ray comes out and tells Marty and Fred he’s gone.

Fred arranges a road block and Marty wonders whether Caleb is hiding in town somewhere. He tells Fred he thinks Elaine talked to Caleb from the scene. Fred asks if he thinks she’s helping Caleb and Marty says she may be helping and not even realize it. Maggie finds Elaine outside her office and tells her she thought she quit smoking. Elaine says she did but then starts crying. Maggie comforts her and asks if she thinks her dad robbed the bank both times.

Elaine asks if she remembers the kids that picked on Ray in elementary school. She says she hit one of them with a rock and thought her dad would be mad, but he went over and told their parents to make the kids back off. Elaine says her dad always made her feel safe. Maggie asks what they told her about Dale’s murder and Elaine asks how she knows about it. Fred and Marty pull up and tell Elaine she has to come with them. She goes.

Tom wanders down the street looking for Rachael. He gets back into his car and recalls when they were young and in love. He remembers kissing her and proposing by the lake. He drives off.

Maggie and Jacob ride in her car and he asks if he’s going to be okay. She says he is and asks what kind of ice cream he wants. He tells her and she says he’s been through a lot and asks if he’s feeling okay. He tells her people look at him like he’s weird and she asks who. He tells her his dad, the teenagers at his window the night before.

She asks if he thinks he’s weird and tells him she had an imaginary friend. She tells him he can tell his mom anything and doesn’t need to hold it in. She tells him he can tell her things too. He tells her they just passed Caleb and he thinks he’s at the old factory. She asks how he knows that and Jacob says he can feel him. She gets pretty wide eyed about that.

Marty and Fred ask Elaine how Caleb would know the armored car schedule and they tell her they know she knows the schedule. Marty asks if her Dad was in her office the last few days and she says no (but she’s lying). Marty tells her that her father is using her and asked what her dad said to her. She says he told her he loved her. There’s a knock and Fred is told there is someone there to see him. It’s Gary asking if Dale is really dead. He pulls him aside and tells him to go home and let him look for the guy. Gary leaves. Elaine comes in and tells Fred that she knows where Caleb is and that Jacob told her.

Tom finds Rachael out by the lake where he proposed. He looks at the tree where their initials are carved. Tom tells her he wasn’t sure he should come out there because he didn’t know what he would find. She tells him she doesn’t want to die anymore but wishes he hadn’t moved on. She says it feels like she’s being punished and he tells her she was the one who hurt him and her family. Rachael says she didn’t plan to kill herself but was driving home over the bridge and just thought – it could all end tonight and she wouldn’t have to pretend to be happy and he could have someone who deserved his love.

He asks why she didn’t talk to him and she says she wanted to be the person he loved but she always fell short. Tom says they had their whole lives ahead of them to be together and she says they still can. Tom says he came to tell her that he’s married and she has to leave but when he found she was gone from the church it felt like he was losing her again and he couldn’t go through it again. He takes her hand and says he doesn’t want to go but he can’t stay.

Jacob lays down and his mom asks if she had fun with Maggie. He says he did and then tells her he tries to sleep but can’t. She asks if he wants her to lay with him and she agrees. He tells her Maggie doesn’t have a mom and she says it’s sad. She puts her arms around him and he closes his eyes.

Caleb sits by a small fire at the old factory. He hears sirens. He says us against the world Laney and pours the water on the fire dousing it. He’s obvi blaming his daughter for the cops finding him. They pull up and come out guns ready. Marty says he smells smoke and Fred calls out to Caleb to come out. He tells him to come out and that enough people have been hurt today already. He opens the doors and Fred yells to put his hands on his head. He does and Fred tells him to come forward slowly. Another cop comes over and cuffs him. Caleb glares at Marty. Fred says it’s over and Caleb says – no, it’s just beginning.