Resurrection RECAP 4/13/14: Season 1 Episode 6 “Home”

Resurrection RECAP 4/13/14: Season 1 Episode 6 “Home”

Tonight on ABC the brand new show Resurrection returns for a sixth episode called, “Home.”  On the episode Bellamy disapproves when Maggie turns to an old friend, a doctor who now works for the National Institute of Health, for help solving Arcadia’s growing mystery. At the same time, Rachael’s secret falls into the wrong hands; and Pastor Tom has trouble convincing the town’s residents that the returned mean them no harm.

On last week’s episode Bellamy struggled to keep Jacob safe from outside forces. But a tragic incident from his past as a cop continued to haunt him. Elaine was pressured to find out where dad Caleb hid the stolen bank money before the FBI came to town and learned the truth about Arcadia. Maggie delivered shocking news to Rachael, and Caleb gave Bellamy a chilling warning.  Did you watch last week’s episode?  We did and we recapped it right here for you.

On tonight’s episode Maggie turns to a man from her past, Dr. Eric Ward (guest star James Tupper), now working for the NIH, for answers to Arcadia’s mystery. She insists Ward is there as a friend, but Bellamy is suspicious of any outsiders. Rachael’s (guest star Kathleen Munroe) secret falls into the wrong hands.  In the wake of recent events, Pastor Tom and Bellamy try to reassure Arcadians they have nothing to fear from the returned, but some residents have other ideas.

Guest starring are James Tupper as Dr. Eric Ward, Veronica Cartwright as Helen Edgerton, Kathleen Munroe as Rachael Braidwood, Tamlyn Tomita as Dr. Toni Willis, Lori Beth Sikes as Janine Hale, Gary Weeks as Det. Andrew Chartman, Travis Young as Ray Richards, Kevin Sizemore as Gary Humphrey, Michael Harding as Paul Thorton, Christopher Berry as Dept. Carl Enders and Matthew Cornwell as Stanley.

Tonight’s Resurrection Season 1 episode 6 is going to be exciting, and you won’t want to miss it. So be sure to tune in for our coverage of the new episode of Resurrection — tonight at 9 PM EST! While you wait for our recap, hit the comments and let us know how know how excited your are about the season première. Check out a sneak peek of  Resurrection “Home” below! Don’t forget to come back at 9 PM.

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Fred watches the security footage of when Caleb disappeared. He sees Marty comes to the bars and Caleb is gone. There is a flicker on the video right before he disappears. Fred runs it back again and again. He looks around the cell. He can’t figure it out. Henry rants at Marty about Caleb’s disappearance. He’s freaked that Jacob will disappear too. Jacob comes down to say he’s ready for bed and Lucille says she’s going to stay in his room tonight. She follows her son up.

Henry tells Marty after they first lost Jacob, Lucille would spend hours sitting in his room, touching his things, humming his favorite songs. He says he thought he had lost her for good too. He sits down in anguish.

Fred searches the cell and deputy Carl tells him there is nothing there. Fred says a good cop knows there’s something there. He asks Fred to come to the card game and Fred declines. He lies down on Caleb’s bunk and sends Carl on his way. He looks around at the bars and the ceiling. He goes to see Elaine to tell her that her Dad disappeared. She asks if he escaped and he says he was there and then he wasn’t. Elaine says it’s no stranger than anything else that’s going on. Fred tells her that he thinks of her as a daughter and didn’t want any of this to hurt her. He tells her she got a raw deal and she says it’s for the best. Fred goes.

Elaine looks at the urn on the mantel as Ray comes in. He also looks at the urn and tells her – that man wasn’t Dad and she says she knows.

Marty asks Rachael what she felt the moment she woke up and she says she just wanted to come home which was strange because she and Tom always wanted to leave Arcadia. She says that’s all she can tell him and he leaves his card with her. She thanks him for coming to talk to her. Maggie leaves with Marty. He tells her he’s out of ideas and she tells him she called an old professor friend at the NIH. Marty doesn’t like the NIH and she says maybe the government isn’t the enemy and he tells her she’s wrong. He asks to talk to her friend.

Fred comes into the diner and asks for a coffee. Gary is drunk and sasses him and Fred tells him he knows he’s grieving but he needs to go home. Gary says the ones that came back aren’t even human and yells at him for not searching for Caleb and sitting and drinking coffee. He tells Fred if he won’t do his job, others will do it for him.

Maggie and Marty comes into her office and her friend is there. They hug and Erik introduces himself to Marty. Erik says Maggie told him about Marty. They go to talk in private. They debate about whether these people could be clones but that doesn’t explain their memories. They discuss their symptoms and Marty isn’t happy to hear that Maggie sent him the case files. Erik says he’s there as a friend not as someone from the NIH. He says he saw a pattern. He says like a virus – they all died in Arcadia and where they reappeared seems random but it’s not. He sketches out where they died and how long it was since they died. He isolated a mathematical factor. You crunch the numbers where they were found and when they died and you get the same factor. Marty figures out they can predict where the previously dead will turn up. Erik wants to meet Jacob.

Tom comes to see Rachael and tells her that Caleb escaped. She’s shaking and he asks if she has the chills. She tells him that when she drove off the bridge she had no idea. She tells him she’s pregnant. Later, he tells Janine about it and he asks how far along and he says early but they don’t know exactly. Janine asks if she’s keeping it and he ask show she can suggest anything else. He shuts down that conversation.

He tells her she has to know he didn’t want this and she says he did want a baby. Janine says they both did and he says not like this. She tells him they’ve been trying to have a baby for three years and then God gives life to someone who threw hers away. Tom gets on his knees and tells her that he told Rachael that he’s committed to his wife but will do right by the child. She says he makes their marriage sound like an obligation and walks away.

At the Langstons, the family talks to Marty, Erik and Maggie. They share some memories with Erik who is impressed with Jacob’s memory. He looks at the scar from some stitches he got and Erik thanks him for talking to him. Jacob heads into the kitchen. Erik tells the Langstons he’s impressed with how they are handling this. He says he wants them all to come to Bethesda with him to the NIH facility. She asks what they would do at the facility and Marty says he wants to make him a lab rat but Erik says he wants to secure his health and well-being and prevent what happened to Caleb from happening to Jacob. Henry asks if he can stop him from disappearing and Erik says if any lab can, his can.

Elaine is drinking at the bar and Andrew, a cop, talks to her and apologizes for having to search her house. He tells her that Caleb couldn’t have been all bad if he raised her. Elaine smiles a little at that then sees a sign in the bar looking for waitresses.

Janine paints trim at the church when Helen approaches her. She says she knows things have been strained between her and Tom and Janine tells her he’s fine. Helen tells her that her father was a pastor and her mom often felt there was no one she could confide in. She asks Janine what’s troubling her.

Henry tells Jacob that the basketball team moved away and he’s disappointed. He tells Henry that he missed him and he says – I missed you too son. He kisses him goodnight and hugs him tight. He turns out the light. Back in their room, Henry sits troubled and he tells Lucille he can’t lose him again. She holds him and asks if they should go to Bethesda. He asks if she does and she just hugs him.

Fred comes into the card game and his buddies hassle him. They trash talk each other and he asks where Gary is. They say he wasn’t up for the game. The host – Paul – asks Fred to help him stock the fridge and they go into his storeroom. Paul tells them these are wild times and Fred says they’re doing their best to get to the bottom of it.

Paul unlocks a door into a gun room and tells him that his dad built the room. He says he collected most of the guns and asks Fred what he thinks. He asks if he’s starting a militia and he says he’s got him covered if it ever comes to it. He asks if he’ll handle it like he handled Caleb. Fred doesn’t back down and Paul says if he ever needs to step outside the law, they’ve got his back.

Rachael calls the hotel for help with the TV when there’s a knock at the door. It’s Helen and she tells her that she’s a friend of Tom’s. Rachael lets her in.

Jacob asks if he can bring some toys as Lucille gets them ready for church. Henry asks if that’s safe and she says it’s their church and Pastor Tom supports them. He tells her that he called Erik and agreed to go to Bethesda. They decide to tell him later. Jacob asks why his dad isn’t coming to church and he relents and says he’ll go.

Helen tells Janine that her husband went to school with Rachael’s father and she remembers when she killed herself. Helen says she’s there to help Tom and tells her she has to leave him alone and is destroying his marriage and his career at the church. Helen implies her baby is a monster of some sort and she asks where she heard it and she says from his wife. Helen tells her she’s the snake in the garden and needs to go back to where she came from. Helen tells her that she’s responsible for what happens and tells her she’s going to tell the church about Tom. Rachael is distraught and calls Tom. He doesn’t take the call because he’s headed to the pulpit for his sermon.

Rachael is in a panic. She calls Marty. She tells him about Helen and that she thinks the woman may do something terrible at the church. Marty takes off to help. At the church, people pour in and many stare openly at the Langstons. The church is packed to the rafters. Tom seems surprised by the size of the crowd. He comes to the podium and says it’s nice to see so many people there. He opens his Bible and then closes it.

He sets it aside and tells them he knows they know about the recent troubling events and may have questions. He steps down toward them and says he wants to talk about their concerns and their thoughts. One woman asks about Jacob and asks if it’s a miracle. He says when he first met Jacob he was afraid of what he didn’t understand. He says others may be afraid but must not succumb to fear. He says he knows in this heart it’s Jacob and it’s as simple as that.

Gary asks about Caleb and says if it’s a miracle from God, how come he was a killer. Others speak up and say the boy could be dangerous. Henry calls Fred to alert him. Marty comes in and Tom calls him up and asks what he’s found out in his investigations. He comes up and introduces himself. He says there are three that have come back. Gary asks why Caleb was let go and another woman says the demons have to be put away for good.

Gary complains and another parishioner says that his cousin Dale was a liar and a thief and not an innocent victim. Chaos breaks out and Tom calls them all back to order. Rachael comes in and stands at the back. He tells them this is no way to act and says they can’t be divided. He sees Rachael and then other heads turn. Janine sees that she’s there. Tom says we will survive by standing together as one.

The crowd applauds but then Helen stands up and says he’s not being honest. She demands that he tell everyone what he’s hiding. He says that he’s not hiding and would always accept anyone into the church. Helen calls out Rachael and asks Tom if it’s true that she’s pregnant with his child. The crowd breaks into whispers. Rachael is stunned that she made the announcement. Tom says that it’s true. Helen says he’s setting a poor example and is not her pastor and that many there would agree. There is applause and she marches out. Most of the congregation follows. Tom watches them go.

Fred comes into the church and marches up to Marty. He says the crowd got a little out of hand but it’s okay now. Fred and Henry share a look.

At Maggie’s office, they talk about his theory. He says he’s surprised she came back to Arcadia to practice and he says he hoped she would have been happier with him. He apologizes for bringing it up then asks her to come back to Bethesda with the Langstons and says she could be at the forefront of the biggest scientific discovery of the century. She says she is at the forefront and he says she doesn’t have the budget he does. She says she’s a clinician who helps people, not a researcher and will stay. He says he won’t give up trying to her to change her mind.

Tom calls the hotel and leaves another message. Janine sits on the sofa and he tells her there’s no word yet on where Rachael is. Janine tells him she’s not sorry for what happened. He asks how she could betray him like that to Helen of all people. She reminds him he lied about Rachael leaving town and says he’s still in love with her. Tom says nothing to this. Janine says she’s going to her sister’s for the night. He lets her go without a word.

Rachael comes back to the hotel and Carl the deputy is there and tells her that Fred wants to meet with her and make sure she’s safe. He asks her to come to the station and she agrees. She gets into the police car and then Gary gets into the backseat. She asks who he is and he says he’s Gary. Carl tells her they have one quick stop to make first.

Lucille and Jacob sit outside drawing with sidewalk chalk. Henry brings Marty a beer and says he was glad he was there at the church. He says he didn’t do much but Henry says he kept his family safe. Henry says they changed their minds and are not going to Bethesda. Marty says after today maybe leaving town is best but Henry says this is their home. Marty asks about what happened with Caleb and Henry says there are no guarantees in life and if he loses Jacob tomorrow at least he would have had these days with him. He smiles at his son.

Fred comes home and unloads his gun and sits on the bed. He looks in his bedside table and digs out a little white box. It has his wedding ring in it. He looks at it and holds it up to the light. He sighs. He empties his coin tray and lays the ring there.

Carl drives the cop car out into the woods near the river. Gary gets out and opens Rachael’s door. She asks why they are there and he tells her to get out. He drags her out of the car. They take her into a cabin. She looks around in a panic before she enters and they close the door.