Revenge Recap Fall Finale – Major Character Dies: Season 4 Episode 10 “Atonement”

Revenge Recap Fall Finale - Major Character Dies: Season 4 Episode 10 "Atonement"

Tonight on ABC Revenge continues with an all new Sunday December 7, season 4 episode 10 called “Atonement,” and we have your weekly recap below. On this evening’s episode, Jack is conflicted between two women: Emily, and a new lady in his life. Meanwhile, Southern flair comes to East Hampton, courtesy of Nolan and Louise.

On last week’s episode, Emily and Victoria learned that information was the most dangerous weapon while Nolan offered up information of his own in order to salvage his reputation. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the ABC synopsis, “Jack is torn between Emily and the new woman in his life, while Nolan and Louise bring Southern charm to East Hampton.”

Tonight’s episode airs at 10 PM EST on ABC and is bound to be full of all the typical twists and turns that we have come to expect from REVENGE. We’ll be recapping it right here for you but in the meantime feel free to hit up the comments now and tell us your thoughts on season 4.

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Victoria tells David that their lives are in danger as long as Malcolm is alive. He says he’s handling it but she says to to go to the FBI. She reminds him he stole millions from Malcolm and says he won’t stop until reparations are made. David says he’ll die before he gives in to Malcolm. She tells him to go ask Emily for help but he says to trust him and promise she won’t interfere. She says she’ll do what’s best. He tells her he’ll be back tonight, kisses her and goes.

Margaux meets Daniel and she says it has to be quick. He tells her she needs to slow down and says he made some calls and got her in with the best OB-GYN in the city. He says no matter what she thinks about him, the baby needs a father. She says she can’t trust him and tells him she’s not angry, she’s realistic. She says when life gets hard, he runs away but he says he’s not running, she is. She walks out on him.

Nolan tells Emily he hacked all of Kate’s FBI files and says she was top of her class at Quantico and says she’s a top cop and her finances are clean. He thinks she’s clean but Emily doesn’t buy it. He says he feels bad enough for what he did to Louise and won’t do it to a good cop. Nolan tells Emily he can’t even get a pic of Malcolm Black and it’s hard to imagine Kate working for him.

The tracking bug ended up on the morgue so Kate is the only clue. Emily goes to Kate’s hotel room and scans her fingerprint. She does some dirty business in her hotel room and leaves. She bumps into Ben and she says she’s looking at the conference room. Ben is there to drop off a file and tells her thought she was checking up on Jack because he’s hooking up with her.

Jack and Kate are out for a jog and he asks why she quit being a profiler. She says field work is more satisfying. She says she has some vacation days banked and says she could stay a few. He asks her to come the re-opening of Nolan’s yacht club. She says he’s the rookie who knows everyone who’s anyone. She agrees. He walks off and she gets a scheming look on her face.

Nolan comes to see Louise on her yacht and she says yachts belong in the water then squirts him. He tells her he feels bad and tried to kill the story. She says he’s persistent with all the texting and voice mails. He asks her to let him help with the story and interview. He says they can give them something to talk about. He invites her to co-host with him tonight and says they could be the wonder twins of gossip. The bump fists and say – wonder twins activate.

Daniel goes to take out his frustration at a virtual driving range. He thinks about his dad driving golf balls on the beach. His dad is telling him he got him out of testifying at Gina’s assault trial. Conrad says the whole thing was a shake down. Daniel says his friend Andrew forced himself on her and Conrad says Andrew is his friend and is from a powerful family.

Conrad says if he could defend Gina without putting his own future at risk he would let him. Daniel doesn’t understand. Conrad says this world is gods and insects and says not to worry about ants. He says his life will be simpler and he can live with it. Daniel finishes his session and the concierge asks if he needs anything. Daniel says he has some things in storage and asks for them.

Emily chases down Jack and asks if he’s seeing Kate. She says she thinks she’s involved with the attacks on her father. He says Kate is headed back to DC but Emily says she’ll find a reason to stay. She says she’s dangerous and she had to warn him because she couldn’t live with herself if something happened to him.

David meets with a buddy – an old cell mate – and he has what David asked for. He hands it over but says it’s not David’s usual style. He hands over a packet of belladonna and says it will look like a stroke and be untraceable. Kate shows up to see Victoria but she says she’s late for an appointment. Kate shows her the photo of Emily that she had sent and asks for her thoughts on it.

Kate says she traced the photo back to her and Victoria says she didn’t send it. Kate tells her to cooperate and tell her how Emily Thorne is involved. She says she knows Emily was cell mates with Amanda Clarke. Victoria says Emily will do anything for David, even erase his debts. Kate reacts and Victoria says she’s sure that will mean something to her employer.

Kate says she works for the US government and Victoria says yes and she misses her dearly departed husband. She asks Kate if the FBI knows about her extracurricular activities. Kate asks what she wants. Victoria says she just wants to be left alone with David. Kate says she doesn’t know why Emily would want to help out to that extent. Victoria tells her she’s FBI and can figure it out.

Nolan is running Kate’s prints through a data mining program to see if she’s hiding something. He shows her some of the video feed and says she’s on a sat-com with a digital scrambler that’s against agency regulations. Emily asks if she gets Nolan the phone, can he trace it. He tells Emily not to turn his new club into a battle ground.

He says there’s always a Hampton’s party disaster when Emily is invited. Victoria meets with Margaux and she asks Victoria if Conrad was ever different. Victoria says he was never kind, but he wasn’t cruel. She asks what changed him and Victoria says growing up in the shadow of a powerful man is hard. Victoria says she can tell this is about Daniel.

Margaux says she’s pregnant. She tells her that her dad was never alone and she was always second to his work. She says Daniel has changed – he was once so full of hope. Victoria says she was once faced with raising a baby alone. She says she was 16 and her circumstances were dire. She says Margaux’s circumstances are different but says a child deserves a father.

Margaux asks even one like Conrad but Victoria says he’s not like his father. Margaux asks what if she doesn’t love Daniel anymore but Victoria tells her that’s clearly not true. Louise enjoys hosting with Nolan and he tells her LoLan is trending. They shoot a selfie and discuss what they should hashtag it – he tells her to be sure to tag him.

David lurks around a corner and speaks to Emily. He says he can’t have her involved in whatever’s next. He says when she hears trouble, don’t come running. She begs him to let her help but he’s already gone. Emily finds Nolan and asks if her dad said anything about going after Malcolm. She says she has to get to Malcolm first. Nolan says her best option just walked in – it’s Jack and Kate.

Jack introduces them and then Nolan slops his drink on her. Kate shakes his hand and he apologizes. He says drinks are on him the rest of the night and points her to the restroom. Jack says he wants to know if she’s corrupt and if she’s not, he wants an apology. Emily nods. Daniel read a letter he wrote to Conrad. He gets a text. It’s from his mom saying she wants to talk about Margaux.

Kate works on the stain when Emily brings her club soda. Emily tells her Jack has said some nice things about her. She thanks Emily for the assist. Emily manages to lift her phone. Nolan cuts in on a guy dancing with Louise. He asks if she’s really leaving tomorrow. He asks if it’s about her brother. She says her brother will do anything to keep the family secrets buried.

She says she has to get the hell away from him. Nolan says that’s not the answer and says there is another way out if she’s up for it. He pulls her in for a hug. She laughs and smiles. Daniel meets his mom at the bar and says he wouldn’t have come if it wasn’t for Margaux. She says Margaux told her about the baby and she’s thrilled. Daniel says she’s trying to control things.

Daniel says he can’t keep repeating the same mistakes and doesn’t want to fight with her. He says he thinks Margaux is right and that he has changed. She says Margaux is just afraid. Daniel says he shot his ex wife and Emily just forced them to face the truth. He says they have to stop lying to themselves and asks if David has any idea what she did to him.

He says she manipulates David and that’s surviving and hiding, not living. He says they are not special, we’re cowards. He says if he gets the chance, he’ll teach his child to be better than that. He tells her he’s done running and hopes she is too. He touches her on the shoulder and goes. Nolan checks on the phone and Jack asks what’s next. Emily says Jack needs to distract Kate so she can return the phone.

Nolan is done hacking and says it’s ready. Kate finds Emily and says she thinks she has her phone and calls her Amanda. She asks if Kate really wants to do this here. Kate says she knows she’s the one who took down Conrad Grayson and says Malcolm Black has her mother and she needs her to bring him down. She says he’s forcing her to work for him.

They agree to slip away to talk about how to save their parents. Emily says to come to her house in 30 minutes. Victoria comes in and says she went to the city to see Daniel. She says he seems different. Daniel says he took care of what he needed to and says everything will be just fine. He pours them two glasses of wine and dumps some of the belladonna in one of the glasses.

Daniel is out on the beach near where his dad would chip golf ball into the ocean. He sits on a bench there and thinks about his dad making him choose himself over a young woman who had been victimized. He left a letter for his dad back then and went to court. Conrad says it’s his life and he can do what he wants.

Conrad tells him a parable and essentially says he’ll be banished from the halls of power if he sides with a townie girl against his peers. He says he needs to think about these people. Conrad asks Daniel if he thinks he can make it on his own with just his talent. Conrad says he couldn’t but says family legacy makes all the difference. Daniel takes back the letter. He has it with him now at the beach.

Back then, he got into the limo with his dad and drove away. Now, his phone rings. It’s Margaux. She says she’s at his hotel. He says he drove to his old house. She asks if he’s okay. He says he’s not and hasn’t been for a while. He says she was right about him but she says she wasn’t. She says she doesn’t want to be like her dad and he says he doesn’t want to be like his.

She asks him to come home and says she and the baby need him. David sits down two glasses of wine and tells Victoria he doesn’t want to keep secrets from her. He says he has hope and now knows he can finally be free. He offers her a glass of wine and toasts to their future. She begins to sip and then says she can’t keep doing this. She sets it down and says she can’t keep running from the truth.

She says she stole his computer 20 years ago and gave it to Conrad to frame him. Kate shows up to Emily’s house. She lets her in and Kate comments on the lack of staff. Emily slams her into a wall, pulls a gun out of her pants and says it’s not government and didn’t think they were doing this by the book. Kate says their best chance of saving their parents is to work together.

David asks why she’s telling him this and she says she loves him and always has. He says he ruined her life for money. She says she was frightened and he asks why she went with the man who frightened her but she says it was David that frightened her, not Conrad. She says they were going to take the kids and start a new life but then found out the secret about his wife.

He says she was sick, not dead and Amanda wouldn’t have understood. Victoria says she was an adult and would have. She says that made her doubt him when she could least afford to and she hated him for it. She says then Conrad told him about the bombing and she was terrified of losing her son. She says in her anger, she used him to get her out of it. She tells him she’s so sorry and cries.

She says she knows she doesn’t deserve his forgiveness, but is asking for it. Emily says she normally researches her targets but there is nothing on Malcolm. Kate says they can lure him out with the fortune David took from Malcolm. Kate says David funneled most of his money to charities. Kate says they can put money into an account for Malcolm then they can draw him out.

Emily says that’s a great idea then asks when Kate was planning on killing her. She pulls her gun and says – after I got your money. Emily says she never believed her. She just wanted to get her away from innocent people and in front of security cameras. She tells her that her cover is blown. Kate fires but Emily had snaked the magazine and there are no bullets.

They begin to brawl. Nolan says it’s a Hampton’s miracle that his place survived the party. He and Jack toast to that. Jack asks if they’re still looking at Kate’s background. Something pops up and Jack runs out and tells Nolan to call Emily and to not let Kate in the house. The two women are doing hand to hand when Emily kicks Kate through a glass door then punches her.

Daniel hears the scuffle and comes closer. Jack is flat out running to get there. Emily and Kate wrestle at the landing and they fall down onto the entry way. Kate staggers up and away as Emily tries to pop her shoulder back in. Kate goes for her gun then her magazine. Daniel sees Emily and runs for her. Emily tells him to run. Kate shoots him. Jack is there and tells her to drop it.

She turns to fire and he puts her down. Emily holds Daniel and asks why he didn’t run. He’s bleeding out while she holds him. Victoria and David hear the shots. Jack watches Emily and Daniel. She cries and tells him he’s going to be okay. He groans. Emily tells him it wasn’t all a lie with him. He says he knows. He fades and his head slumps to the side. Emily is anguished.