Revenge Season 3B Winter Premiere Episode 11 Sneak Peek And Spoilers (VIDEO)

Revenge Season 3B Winter Premiere Episode 11 Sneak Peek And Spoilers (VIDEO)

Revenge is coming back better than ever! Where we last left them – the biggest spoiler of the night was after our nearly perfect Emily finally let some of the mask ( the one she managed carefully to craft by the way) slip away then she was reveled to be the biggest backstabber of them  all. And you really shouldn’t let your new husband see you without your face on. That kind of thing can ruin a marriage but how much is going to hurt for Emily. Moments after learning he had been used, Daniel shot her and then he cleaned up the scene. As it urns out Daniel is purely a Grayson despite his literally one second of guilt. He probably was already thinking of returning to Sarah. The woman he now can’t live without after he maimed her and never called.

Thankfully Emily didn’t die that night although she might wish she did. The truth is out and Daniel will never allow her o testify against him. Either Emily understands this or she actually is suffering from dum dum dum…amnesia. The sneak peek of the January 5th return shows  us Emily being lost and confused in her hospital bed. She claimed she doesn’t know who she is and looks helplessly towards her husband to help fill in the gaps.

I was hoping she was being smart and playing the game. As for the many that hoped the same then I might have to offer my condolences. With more photos coming out every day it’s starting to look like Emily really is amnesiac. Why else would she shrink away from Aiden when he most likely snuck in without anyone seeing him. In those circumstances there was no reason for her to continue to play a part.  If Emily can’t remember who to trust then she’s essentially screwed. She back-stabbed way too many to have forgotten their names or their faces. When these people learn she’s vulnerable then they’ll strike.

Paging Nolan, Jack, and Aiden please!

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