Rob Kardashian Despises Mother Kris Jenner, Blames Her For Not Cherishing Him More!


It’s really no secret that Rob Kardashian is having major issues now and that he has been a mess for a long while. While the media screamed that a fight with his sister, Kim Kardashian, was what sent Rob running back to L.A. before his sister could even traipse down the aisle with Kanye West . . . that was actually not the case. According to the June 16th print edition of Star Magazine, Rob actually had been clashing with momager Kris Jenner in the days leading up to the wedding.

We already know that Kris is hardly mother of the year and her treatment of Rob seems to have killed any chance of her ever grabbing that title. Kris worries about appearances more than people and she considers Rob to be obese with a failed sock line.

She had been on him for months to lose weight and once he arrived in Paris Kris found several very direct ways to tell him that he was singlehandedly going to ruin the wedding photos. After days of verbal abuse, Rob left and returned to the states with an attitude that is making us all think that he might be ready to give up some of the family secrets.

Apparently, Rob blames Kris for a lot of his problems. Rather than supporting him, she rips him apart — and that only causes him to turn to food, booze, and pot to deal with his issues. It’s that viscous cycle that got him here in the first place. Do you think Kris will realize that she’s making things worse?

Image credit to FameFlynet