Kris Jenner Orders Rob Kardashian To Lose 70 Pounds Before Kim and Kanye West’s Wedding

Kris Jenner Orders Rob Kardashian To Lose 70 Pounds Before Kim and Kanye West's Wedding

It has been kind of nice not having Kris Jenner shoved down our throats, hasn’t it? Ever since Bruce Jenner started taking drastic measures to morph into a woman Kris has been hiding out but every once in awhile she pops up to spew some garbage. This time around she has taken aim at her son, Rob Kardashian. He has packed on the pounds since splitting with Rita Ora back in 2012 and seems to have enjoyed wallowing in his misery rather than hitting the gym to pull himself back together.

Kris might be missing from the public eye but she is insisting that Rob do something drastic to be in shape for Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s wedding this summer. He, like all other Kardashian’s is now looking for a quick fix and is contemplating having his stomach stapled because it’s the only way that he can lose the 70 pounds that is being demanded of him. Obviously this family is famous for their fast surgery fixes rather than having to work on themselves over time.

I can totally see this demand being put on Rob, can’t you? Plus we’re talking about Kim and Kanye here. Image is absolutely everything to them so I wouldn’t be surprised if everyone on the guest list has been advised to diet! Do you think that Rob will at least try to cave to his family’s demands and lose major weight quickly? Should he resort to surgery to get the demanded results? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

Kris Jenner Orders Rob Kardashian To Lose 70 Pounds Before Kim and Kanye West's Wedding

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  • Raechick7

    Honestly, he’s gained so so so much weight that getting his stomach stapled isn’t just about a “quick fix” but I think it is what is needed at this point. He doesn’t look like Robert anymore. He does need to do something but not just because of image, family demands, social events (upcoming wedding) … but ultimately he needs to do this for himself. This isn’t him and honestly gaining that much weight so fast isn’t healthy. When he goes back to his normal weight — he looks more like his father. He’s a great image of his father — right down to the dashing good looks. He CAN do it! And of course he can accept help and support from his family! But ultimately he has to do it for himself. He knows it’s the right choice for himself and I truly hope he sees that.

    Go Robert Kardashian!! You can do it!!

  • Victoria McGuire

    Please do it for yourself, Robert, not because your control freak mother and sister demand it. Tell them to back off or “go f*** yourselves.