Robert Pattinson Wants To Distance Himself From Kristen Stewart And Twilight

Robert Pattinson Wants To Distance Himself From Kristen Stewart And Twilight

According to a new report from Radar Online, Robert Pattinson doesn’t want to be famous anymore. Tell us something we don’t know. After what he’s gone through, can you blame the guy? Why would anyone want to be relentlessly stalked by the media and fans, unable to live a private life without everyone in the world wanting to butt in? Plus, there’s the whole thing about his girlfriend cheating on him and humiliating him in front of the whole world.

Radar’s source explains, “Rob really can’t stand being famous, even though he loves his job. I’m sure all the hell he went through with Kristen [Stewart] was the final straw for him as far as fame is concerned.”

The source also adds that Rob has already decided that he’s never going to act in another ‘blockbuster’ again, although he’s apparently looking at taking theater courses and continuing on his independent film route.

Alright, a couple of points of contention. If Rob were to be offered a blockbuster with someone like Steven Spielberg or James Cameron at the helm, you think he’ll say no? I’m sure he’s wary about signing on to franchise fare, especially after Twilight, but there’s no way he’ll turn down big ticket fare from auteur filmmakers.

However, while I doubt he’ll ever leave Hollywood completely, it makes sense that he’s shying away from anything that will bring him more fame. The whole affair with Kristen clearly damaged the guy’s goodwill when it comes to the whole fame thing. But he seems to have his affairs in order right now, what with his independent film streak plus the host of projects that he’s attached to. I wouldn’t worry about Rob in the long run – he may not want to be famous anymore, but there’s no way he’s quitting Hollywood. By his own admission, there’s nothing else he’d be able to do with any degree of success.

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  1. ap says:

    what rotten life style nothing is proven with all these nasty accusation/allegations against listen to your fellow Rob hater,mostly the krisbian they are an expert in trashing and bullying any women seen with Rob. or feed yourself with too much crapp from the tabloid trash.its called single life and its not destroying anybodys life or wrecking anybodys home.