Rookie Blue RECAP 6/19/14: Season 5 Premiere “Blink; All By Her Selfie”

Rookie Blue RECAP 6/19/14: Season 5 Premiere “Blink; All By Her Selfie”

Tonight on ABC ROOKIE BLUE continues with its fifth season premiere, it’ll be a two hour special called, “Blink; All By Her Selfie.” On tonight’s show Andy and Dov get caught in a holdup in the Season 5 premiere. Later, Oliver gets a promotion; and Andy responds to a homicide at a pawnshop with a rookie officer.

On the last season’s finale in the wake of violent targeted attacks on 15 Division, Andy, Swarek and their fellow officers began to piece together a past crime in order to find out what had happened to Oliver Shaw. While the squad was desperately trying to find Oliver, Dov and Wes faced off about what’s best for Chloe. And as the shooter’s plan was finally revealed it was too late for some of the officers of 15. Did you watch the last season’s finale? If you missed it, we recapped it all right here for you.

On tonight’s show in the aftermath of the night’s traumatic events, Andy McNally and Dov Epstein try to pull themselves together at an all-night diner. But soon they are caught off-duty and off-guard in a volatile diner hold-up. Meanwhile, the weary officers at 15 Division struggle to contain the evening’s collateral damage under the watchful eye of a tough new Inspector, John Jarvis. Ignoring the fact that he’s needed back at the station, Nick goes rogue to track down Sam Swarek’s next of kin. And in the end, Andy must face both the men she cares about and share her heart-wrenching decision. Andy will learn that sometimes even making the right choice can have serious consequences.

Tonight’s season premiere is going to be an exciting one that you won’t want to miss, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of ABC’s Rookie Blue tonight at 10 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the new season of Rookie Blue! In the meantime, check out a sneak peek video of tonight’s episode below.


In the aftermath of the numerous shootings, everyone feels like they’re on some type of shaky ground. Be it personally or relationship wise. And no knows what to with themselves next.

Andy doesn’t know where she is with Sam or Nick. In the ambulance ride with Sam, she told him she loved him and she doesn’t know if that was a gut reaction to make him feel better or if she’s honestly still in love with him. And Dov is no help. He’s got his own romantic entanglements to work through and, just like Andy, he hasn’t slept or been far from the hospital. So their captain kindly suggested they both go outside and grab something to eat.

And when they came close to refusing him that suggestion turned into a direct order. Which is how they ended up being at the wrong place during the worst possible time. The two of them were feeling hungry and the dinner they chose was the same dinner two obvious druggies decided to rob. Neither officer had their gun so they forced to comply with every order. They gave up cells, watches, and watches all the while hoping no one would look in the wallets until after the robbery was over.

Andy and Dov didn’t want the couple seeing their badges!

But the thieving duo weren’t done quite yet. Zach and Courtney also wanted the money in the diner’s safe. Too bad for them the safe is on a timer meaning it only opens at certain times of the day. In order to access it they have to wait at the dinner another full hour.

As for everyone else who should be safe, Gail went berserk after the night she’s had and she cut all of her hair. Her girlfriend managed to arrange it into a feasible pixie cut but our favorite crank was more than upset at herself for losing control like that.

Then there’s Nick who’s been missing in action since his hospital visit to Sam’s bedside. And because events from the shooting still need to be officially recorded – his disappearance is beginning to look suspicious. Traci did try to get in contact with him and he ignored her call.

The shooting on top of several missing officers and now Traci’s personal life interfering with the job makes the entire squad look unprofessional. Traci’s son had to come and stay in her office because the baby-sitter refused to watch the kid for any extended other than what was originally agreed to. Although Leo didn’t care for the idea of sleeping on his mom’s couch so he called his dad to come get him. And so Traci’s ex arrived in a temper, especially once he saw the squad room being an active crime scene, and it made him threaten Traci. He told her he going for full custody.

And this all happened right in front of Inspector John Jarvis. The inspector has come in practically acting like Franks’s boss (whether is or not is still kind of up there) and all he’s seen so far are flaws. Even the fact that Traci’s ex could so easily walk into this department after what happened less than 24 hours ago is seen as affront!

Though, generally, the squad is much better than this. The reason why everything has been looking unstable is because everyone is dealing in their own way. Nick didn’t just flee like the inspector believes. The truth is he went in search of Sam’s sister after the doctors were unable to reach the next of kin on their own. And Andy couldn’t make it back to give her statement while she was also someone else’s hostage

The gun trotting couple was getting desperate and violent towards their hostages and things were only getting worse when Zach noticed Andy’s badge.

Zach and Courtney were getting riled up about the cops trying to get them and a gun was being waved around when the waitress suddenly took out the shotgun behind the cash register. She shot and killed Zach. And the officers were able to take charge as the effect of yet another shooting. They quickly freed the hostages and called for back-up.

But by time backup arrived, Dov couldn’t afford to stick around any longer. All this time Chloe was trying to reach him and it ends up being Oliver that contacts him. Chloe nearly died from cardiac arrest before Dov arrived. So it could have easily been too late.

It wasn’t though and Chloe got to wake up and see him by her bed. She liked it so much she told him it’s where he belonged. Him and not her ex-husband!

Overall the Inspector wondered told Frank they were two ways the squad was going to be looked at. They could be made to look like incompetent fools or they could play up the theatrics and look like heroes. As for Inspector personally believed – he kept that to himself.

Part II

Life is slowly returning back to normal. Two officers are still healing at the hospital, but Olivier was mercifully discharged. Not only is he back on duty, but he’s recently been appointed to temporary Staff Sergeant. And as part of his new job he had to assign the newest rookie to a training officer.

Andy, under the suggestion from Sam, volunteered to train the rookie. Olivier didn’t want to allow that to happen yet he didn’t know how to get out of it. Telling her she wasn’t up for the task would require an explanation. And because it wouldn’t look good for him seeing as he was her training officer can’t be said without looking egotistical – he allowed Andy to also take on a new job. His name is Duncan.

Sadly, for everyone, Duncan is a bit of a screw-up. He can’t fully grasp any of Andy’s suggestions and so he makes a mess wherever he goes. At their first scene together, they came upon a homicide. But then they both manage to make mistakes.

Andy accidently let go of the man first on the scene. Otherwise known as a possible suspect. He looked like a hobo so she set him loose despite even Duncan telling her that wasn’t good idea. It was only later they learned the homeless man lied about his name. And if he was willing to do that then what else was hiding.

Andy made a rookie mistake (and Traci took her to task for it) and Duncan’s actual rookie mistakes were still the worse by far. He got his hands all over the murder weapon. He just saw a golf club lying around and wanted to play with it. Completely forgetting the fact they were at a crime scene and that he wasn’t supposed to be touching any potential evidence. Which makes his fingerprints the only ones they’re able to identify.

Traci was disappointed by that. She wanted to settle this case fast enough to get home in time to be with her son and so far two officers are hampering her investigation. Although, unbeknownst to her, she might not have to fight for a chance to be with Leo so much. Her latest boyfriend, Steve, has been looking into her ex to see if he could get the other man to back off on calling Traci an unfit mother.

Anyways back to Duncan and his many mistakes no one can blame him for.

You see they have to blame Andy for what her rookie did. She’s the leading officer and in the little time she’s been with Duncan it seems like she can’t control him. When they went to notify the widow about her husband, he again made a fool of himself. He was choking and after the lady asked him what was wrong he said “this is my first death notice”. That’s not the way to break news to someone who just lost a spouse. It’s kind of cruel even if that was never the intention.

Another reason why Andy has to keep close watch is the fact her rookie has some powerful connections. His stepfather is the commissioner and so Duncan can’t be allowed to make a mockery of his uniform. And after hours of being cocky and so sure of himself, he did finally learn to listen to Andy.

They came upon a second suspect at the widow’s house and because of how he was reacting – the scene sunk into a screaming match. The suspect had a sword and Duncan had a gun. If Andy hadn’t come to his aid – Duncan would have shot that man. Why? Like Andy told him later, he was rushing to close the case. But holding a gun and trying to be heroic doesn’t always mix!

Andy saved Duncan from killing someone. Something he would have been once upon a time eager to do and yet unable to live with. And in return he’s said nothing other than kind words about her. No matter who was doing the asking.

After such a long day, Andy then gave a ride to Sam’s sister. Sam is doing better so she wanted to go back home. Before she left, she warned Andy about her brother. She told the other woman that Sam would inevitably break her heart.

Andy texted Sam that she needed to think. But is that only because of what his sister said or does she doubts her choice. In the first episode, she was pulling away from Nick. Which leaves us to wonder if that door is still open?

Dov and Chloe are trying to work through her husband reveal yet they’re relationship is just as transitory as Andy’s with Sam? Will a third-party cost them a good thing?