Royal Pains Recap 7/8/13: Season 6 Episode 5 “Goodwill Stunting”

Royal Pains Recap 7/8/13: Season 6 Episode 5 “Goodwill Stunting”

Tonight on USA Network ROYAL PAINS continues with another episode in its sixth season called, “Goodwill Stunting.” On tonight’s show Evan reaches out to a woman with a strange illness; Hank wins back a former patient.

On the last episode Hank traveled to Monte Carlo and found himself in the middle of a plot to rid Boris’ bank of a shadowy depositor. Back in the Hamptons, Divya and Jeremiah treated a group of firemen who had fallen mysteriously ill. Paige and Evan found themselves in need of a new place to live, and the most convenient solution may have brought its own set of challenges. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed last week’s episode we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s show Evan reaches out to a woman with a mysterious illness hoping that Hank can offer a diagnosis. Elsewhere, Paige and Russell wonder if a new client is a goldmine or liability, Emma helps Hank regain a patient while Evan and Jeremiah realize they have to go to battle with Symphony.

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of USA Network’s “Royal Pains” at 9:00 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know what you think about the sixth season of Royal Pains so far.

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Emma makes breakfast for Hank and he digs in despite being headed to a workout. She says she learned to cook at the restaurant where she worked. She says they were her surrogate family. Hank says that he was the fill in for Eddie and his mom and that’s why Evan became such a good cook. Emma says working at the diner was better than being alone. He says when Eddie left, he felt alone even though he had Evan.

Emma says Eddie was a con-man who ran out and her mom was a con-woman who stuck around but both left them feeling alone. She says she wanted to be a paramedic when she was little so she could have a siren and run red lights. He says he feels bad they weren’t all in her life but is happy they’re in her life now. He asks if she wants to go for a run with him and she’s not sure but gives it a try. She’s not loving it as much as he is once they go out.

Hank sees a surfer and runs up and calls out to Ricky. He’s worried but Ricky promises he’s taking his blood thinners. He tells her that he medaled in Sochi. He asks if he wants to schedule his annual physical but Ricky says he’s signed with Symphony and said they made him an offer he can’t refuse. Ricky invites them to a barbecue and Hank says he’s busy but Emma agrees to go and he gives her the address. Hank isn’t thrilled.

Paige looks at a property and the client, Ray, says he wants some pieces – he says he needs the works and wants the best. He says he wants it to feel genuinely Hamptons. He’s itching and Paige says she knows a new doctor. Hank and Divya meet with Hank and they tell him Symphony has gone after a bunch of their patients. They say they can talk to Gladys, their head.

Emma gets ready to leave and she goes and Evan and Hank argue over why the other didn’t find out what friends she’s going to see then argue over who’s the more fun brother. Evan admits he paid Emma and said he did it and then she saw dad. Hank asks if she agreed to stay because of the money. Evan says it’s a win and Hank says this is an issue because she doesn’t really know them. Divya calls them back to the meeting.

We see a video of Nancy Conrad – a dance instructor who has fallen sick. Evan shows them her blog and says she lives upstate and has a mystery disease that’s paralyzing her. Every other doctor has given up on her. Hank says it sounds like a PR stunt and Evan says it is. He’s also posting updates to the Facebook pages where the people are helping pay her medical costs.

Divya says she’s going to see a new patient – Ray – that Paige recommended. Evan tells her the guy is dangerous, but she goes anyway. Jeremiah comes to see Gladys but she’s not there. Bill Cartwright introduces himself and says Gladys has been transferred. He says he’s glad Jeremiah is there and says it will save him a trip. He takes the coffee he brought for Gladys and he hands him a new pricing schedule that’s four times as much as they’ve been paying.

Bill says HankMed is their competitor and has to pay accordingly. They are effectively cutting them off at the knees since they’re no longer part of Symphony. Evan brings in Nancy who is in a wheelchair. He  tells her that he’s happy to meet her and she says Evan has given her new hope. Hank asks to hear her story and Evan starts filming. He checks her legs and she says it started three years ago before a kids class.

She says she got a pain in her lower back that was localized. He asks if anything unusual happened. She says she had a car accident about a year prior and was hospitalized. She says her legs felt heavier then started to tingle then her left leg stopped working at all. Hank checks her out while she talks. Evan says Hank can help if anyone can. He wants to start with another MRI.

Ray tells Divya he’s itching like crazy. She asks about his gold necklace and wants to know if it’s 18 carat. She does a scraping and says she thinks it’s eczema but also needs to rule out scabies. She says they’re small mites. She checks his skin under her microscope and says she sees nothing. She gives him a shot and writes a prescription for anti-itch cream and says to call if it’s not better. She gives the shot and he screams in pain.

Paige is working when Russell shows up with a bottle of wine. She says she landed a gigantic client and says Ray loves what he did and hopes they can do something similar. He sits and says he was fired and that she’s been fired too. Nancy gets her MRI while Hank watches and Evan films. Hank says her MRI is clean and Evan asks what’s next. Hank says more tests and Evan says they’re her last chance.

Paige says it makes no sense and says Russell practically built their Hamptons’ office. She says they’re jealous because he went off with Boris and she says he has to fight it and he says he knows things about the Chesterfields. He tells her to go over and say that she did the work and he took the credit and she might get her job back but she refuses. She says she took the job to work with and learn from him.

Hank meets Ray who tells him it’s worse – he’s tired, achy, has chills and a pain in his stomach. Hank checks him out. Divya asks if he’s ever had liver problems. Hank says they need to do an ultrasound to check for gallstones. Ray says he needs a rush and he’s miserable. He says he can eat free at his new restaurant for life if he just stops the itching. Hank says they’ll rush it.

Jeremiah shows Evan the new cost schedules and he says they can’t pay the rates. Jeremiah says he misses Gladys and he says if Hank was still medical director, it wouldn’t have happened. Evan says it’s business and that’s his territory. Nancy is getting a spinal tap next as Evan films. Then a contrast x-ray is next. Hank says he thinks it’s idiopathic transverse myelitis – inflammation of the spinal cord. He says it’s a fancy term to mean we don’t know why it’s happening.

Hank says he’s going to get her on steroids and pain medication that may reduce the inflammation. Hank says it may get better or could get worse. Nancy says that it’s an answer but not the news she was hoping for. She thanks Evan as well.

Hank and Evan come home and they talk about how bad they feel for Nancy. They wonder why she doesn’t feel worse about her condition. Hank reminds him that when he had the flu, he begged him to kill him. Evan asks how he doesn’t get crushed when one of his patients has a setback but Hank says he does. He says the hardest thing he had to do was watch their mom suffer and not be able to help.

Hank says he hurts when his patients hurt. Evan says he couldn’t do that and would be a basketcase. Evan says he wants to donate to her medical fund and Hank says he’s proud of it. Hank says that Emma is going to Ricky’s party and Evan freaks out. He says they promised their dad to watch out for her and she’s still a kid. Evan reminds him of all the trouble he got into at 17 and now hank is freaking too.

Hank heads over to Ricky’s to check on his little sister. He peeks through the fence and looks for her. He sees her with a red Solo cu in hand flirting with a guy who touches her hip. She snaps a picture of Ricky and says she was putting it on Instagram. The guy says there’s a Hamptons’ site that pays well for photos of celebrities doing naughty things. Hank heads inside because he saw Ricky twist his ankle.

He tells Ricky he’s serious and he sits down. He looks at the leg and it’s all red and icky and he admits the pain is pretty bad. He says he thinks he tore his calf muscle and he’s bleeding internally and could develop compartment syndrome and lose his leg. Emma shows up and Hank tells her to help. He puts a needle into his leg and she pulls out stuff to help. He draws a bunch of blood and the pain is relieved and he says they need to get to the hospital but then he says he saw his grab is leg and Emma busts him on not being there for the reason he claimed.

Hank greets a hung-over Paige nearly passed out at the breakfast bar. He tells her to have a banana and aspirin. Emma says Hank knows it all and saved her from a super-dangerous barbecue. She says she doesn’t need them to check on her. She tells them they should be worried about Nancy because she’s a liar. Hank admits she could be faking it.

Emma explains to them she’s demonstrating all the classic tells of lying. Hank says there is a test that would prove it one way or the other. They bring Nancy over and she says the steroids seem expensive. Hank says he has one last test he’d like to try. He takes her blanket and then has her lift her right leg. She plays like she can’t. Hank says her left leg is obviously not paralyzed.

Nancy says he’s like the other doctors that is blaming her because they can’t figure it out. Emma dumps ice water down her back and she jumps up out of her wheelchair. Hank asks why she’s been faking. Nancy says she didn’t start out to do it, but it just happened. She says she was in a car accident and then got an outpouring of affection from people online. She says she wanted more of it.

Hank says he wants her to see a psychologist to get the kind of help she needs and she tearfully agrees. Another great diagnosis on #RoyalPains. Divya and Hank shows up to Roy’s but he doesn’t answer the door. He heads around back and sees Hank lying on the floor having a seizure. He busts in and sets off the security alarm. He asks where the blood came from and he says he threw it up. Security comes in gun drawn and says to get away from his uncle.

Hank says he knows who he is and calls Marco by name but Ray’s nephew won’t lower the gun. Hank says to call 911 and turn off the alarm and let him save his uncle’s life. Hank goes to work and the first thing doesn’t work so he tries something different. He has him swallow a glove with a tube in it then blows up the glove once it’s down. He has him swallow the second glove and blows it up as well and he stabilizes.

Jeremiah comes in and finds Evan and asks if he got his email but he says he hasn’t been online. He’s upset about the whole Nancy thing and says it won’t be the game changer for HankMed that he thought it would be. Jeremiah says he may have a solution for their price increase problem and found a nearby lab that could work. Evan says that works for labs but not MRIs. Evan says their business model won’t work with these price increases and this could be their last summer.

Hank talks to Ray and says he has liver issues but it’s fixable. Ray says it sounds like he’ll be a long term customer and has Marco hand  him a thick envelope of cash. He asks if he takes cash and Hank says he does. Emma looks at the SnarkHampton site and a pic of Ricky at the party. Hank asks how they got it and she says someone must have sold it to them. He says people should respect privacy and she agrees.

Hank apologizes for following her and says he was proud of how she helped him out without getting squirelly at the sight of blood. Evan asks Hank if he’s talked to her and then Hank says he can talk to her now. Evan says he may have given her the wrong impression when he gave her money. She’s surprised and says she didn’t stay for the money but to get to know Eddie. She says she really likes it here and they agree they’re glad they cleared the air. She goes and Hank tells Evan he’s not sure she meant it.

Paige and Russell come to see Ray who says that Hank and Divya saved his life. They tell him that they’re not with Sutton and Chesterfield and Ray says he doesn’t care about them. He says he’ll take care of the contract and they will be his private consultants. He says they are now directly employed by him and they all shake on it.

Jeremiah introduces Bill to Evan and he congratulates them on getting Ricky back on board. Jeremiah says there are always alternatives and Bill asks if they’re going to start their own hospital then walks off. Jeremiah says he wishes they could and Evan suddenly looks inspired.