Rush Recap 8/7/14: Season 1 Episode 4 “We Are Family”

Rush Recap 8/7/14: Season 1 Episode 4 “We Are Family”

Tonight on the USA Network Rush returns with another episode of its first season called, “We Are Family.” On tonight’s show Rush decides to spend some time with a family member.

For those of you not familiar with the show, RUSH examines the world of renegade physician Dr. William Rush (Tom Ellis, “Miranda”), a “medical fixer” who privately caters to LA’s elite and whose service comes with a hefty price tag. Though the hard-partying doctor claims that he doesn’t make judgments about his less-than-squeaky-clean clients, he’s not immune to the ugliness that he encounters.

On the last episode Rush treated an emergency at a social club; Rush tried to help Alex get his job back.

On tonight’s episode Rush goes to lunch with his stepmother; Rush is putting a strain on Alex’s marriage.

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of USA Network’s “Rush” at 10:00 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are for this episode of Rush tonight. In the meantime, check out the sneak peek below of tonight’s episode.

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Rush was called out to work on a very special case on tonight’s episode. Apparently, the rich and famous have no problems with having basically a zoo in the middle of their house. So when Rushed arrived on the scene – he happened to notice several distinctive and slightly indentured animals his clients chose to keep around as pets, but one of these not so lovable creatures bit one of its owners. And so that where his focus was.

The couple (his clients) had different versions of what happened and yet it all boiled down one thing for Rush and that was money. He treated his client’s wound and just when he was about to pack up he was then offered an extra fifteen grand on the side to kill said biting animal (behind the client’s husband’s back).

And of course he took the offer. Although he didn’t end up actually killing the animal. It seems all he did was sedate it and then he told the arguing couple to take the next few hours as chance to talk through their crap. Like who’s more important in their relationship – the spouse or the “pet”?

But the weirdness didn’t end with there. Later on Rush received a call from his stepmother, Corrinne. The two aren’t really known to each other and his stepmother wanted to change that by inviting Rush to what was supposed to be a nice lunch. However it soon became apparent during that lunch that they weren’t going to suddenly become best friends. Mainly because Rush is tad resentful at his father so hearing how much his dear old dad has willing changed into a better man for his half-sister – wasn’t going to be that bond builder Corrinne was hoping for.

All things she said simply made him wonder why his father wasn’t capable of changing for him!

And while it was Rush’s own bitterness that made him walk away from a chance to grow closer with his father’s second family – it’s his past mistakes that’s risking the little family he has now. Alex’s wife Laurel wants her husband to choose between his family and his friendship with Rush. She thinks the other man is toxic and after their run in last week – she doesn’t want Rush sticking around and ruining her husband chances of being more than just Rush’s temporary side-kick. And why should she? Even a blind man could see how much of a bad influence Rush is!

Sure, he has some redeeming qualities but that doesn’t make up for all the things he gets himself involved in. Like it’s one thing that he set up Eve on a date he knew she was going to enjoy (even if she had doubts) and its quite another to put himself at danger by taking everyone who’s ever called him as a client. He took a random phone call and the case itself made him uneasy. A man claiming to be a bounty hunter told him that the injured party was the man he wanted to bring in. And though he didn’t like it – Rush fixed up the fugitive for a slightly increased fee.

Then he told the bounty hunter to lose his number which he didn’t seeing as Rush was called back by the same number but when he returned to the motel room he found out that bounty hunter and the fugitive had switch places. So this time he couldn’t charge a fee seeing as he was technical someone’s hostage.

Rush couldn’t patch up the bounty hunter on his own so he convinced the fugitive to let him call someone to help. And so he dragged Harold into the mess. Harold had to stick to the lie Rush came up with and drop off the bounty hunter.

Rush was left having to take the fugitive home to his parents (as if he was a car service). Though, oddly enough, making that trip managed to help Rush come to terms with his own daddy issues after he witnessed another unhealthy father/son relationship. If a man wanted by the cops could make peace with his father then why couldn’t he?

So Rush blew off Alex, who had bravely defied his wife, and went to visit his father. But his father wasn’t home – his drunken stepmother on the other hand was. Her husband found out about her prescription habit and had told her she was horrible mother. And that’s why she began drinking and it also explains why she didn’t stop at Rush’s arrival.

Corrine admitted that it wasn’t Rush’s father that came to his aid – she confessed it was her. Warren was being stubborn about helping and she didn’t think it was right. So then they were both angry at him.

Rush was high and Corrine was drunk and somehow that led to them sleeping together. Though they sobered pretty quickly afterwards and both looked like they regretted having sex. They didn’t even exchange cordial goodbyes when he left her. He simply got dressed and left to go finally Alex for drinks!