Ryan Reynolds Fears Blake Lively’s Cheating With “Age of Adaline” Co-Star Michiel Huisman?

Ryan Reynolds Fears Blake Lively's Cheating With "Age of Adaline" Co-Star Michiel Huisman?

You know, you have to wonder what went wrong with Ryan Reynolds‘ marriage to Scarlett Johansson. Scarlett’s been dropping plenty of hints the last few months, while promoting Captain America: The Winter Soldier. From the bits and pieces she’s said about her marriage to Ryan, it seems like the problems in their marriage may have been based on jealousy and immaturity. But it wasn’t even two years after his divorce to Scarlett, and Ryan’s married again – and this time, to his much younger paramour, Blake Lively. Could the same issues that plagued his marriage in the past repeat again?

According to a recent report, Ryan is acting very ‘possessive‘ of Blake, following her wherever she goes, including the Vancouver set of Age of Adaline. A source explains to OK! Magazine, “She’s been doing night shoots and Ryan keeps showing up, which infuriates her. He appears to be worried about Blake’s relationship with her hunky co-star Michiel Huisman.”

This is Blake’s first film in ages, so it could just be that the couple just wants to spend time together. However, Ryan’s jealousy issues might be rearing their ugly head again, if that’s what broke up his marriage to Scarjo. You’d think he would have learned from his past mistakes, but if this report is true, then maybe not.

Then again, Ryan is an actor who’s had plenty of romantic scenes with actresses before, so he probably does understand the nature of the job. Sure, Michiel Huisman is one good looking dude, but how insecure is he if he thinks that Blake is going to cheat on him with every co-star? If he really feels like that, he should probably pack his bags and sign the divorce papers right now. Blake might not be the best actress, but she’s attractive enough and has enough connections that she’ll be acting for a long time – and probably in roles that require her to romance some male co-stars.

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2 responses to “Ryan Reynolds Fears Blake Lively’s Cheating With “Age of Adaline” Co-Star Michiel Huisman?”

  1. Ang Michelle says:

    Jealousy and cheating will find no home in a good marriage. It isn’t something that needs a whole lot of energy or thought – you either love each other or you don’t (and YES, i do speak from experience)!
    Everyone gets their heart broken & it’s painful and humiliating …. BUT it’s a learning experience & you WILL get thru it!!

  2. pickaboo says:

    He maybe so possessive, but he never know that he cant separate working with the real life even he is an actor.