Harry Connick Jr.’s Crush On Sandra Bullock – Are They Cheating?

Harry Connick Jr.'s Crush On Sandra Bullock - Are They Cheating?

Harry Connick Jr. and Sandra Bullock acted together in Hope Floats way back in 1998, but Harry’s apparently been harboring a bit of a crush on Sandra since then, despite being married to another woman.

Right now, Harry’s working on American Idol, and he’s married to model Jill Goodacre. However, Jill’s reportedly ‘terrified’ that Harry will be tempted to cheat on her with Sandra, especially now that Sandra’s moved back to Los Angeles and they’re all in the same city again.

According to the National Enquirer’s source, “Jill feels threat­ened by Harry’s years-long attraction to Sandy. After what Sandy went through with her ex-husband cheating on her, she’d never dream of having an affair with a married man. She adores Harry, but as far as Sandy is concerned, they’re friends, nothing more. Still, that’s little consolation for Jill, who has been stewing ever since Harry called Sandy and suggested they reconnect while he’s in L.A.”

You know, I agree that there’s absolutely no way Sandra would ever put another woman through what she went through, but I can see why Jill would feel ‘threatened’, for a lack of a better word. Harry’s praise towards Sandra is always gushing, sometimes even bordering on effusive and overenthusiastic. He previously stated that, “Let’s put it this way, if she was my wife, I would be on my knees thanking God that I had a woman like that.” 

Then again, the source does add that Jill is not at all worried about Sandra, but she is worried that she can’t necessarily trust her husband. And you know what I have to say to that? If you can’t even trust that your husband won’t cheat on you with a woman who you actually trust, then you’re probably not in a very stable marriage to begin with.

I do have to say though, the goodwill generated by Sandra Bullock is astonishing [and well-earned]. I mean, even the tabloids don’t want to write anything mean about her, and they make up crap about practically everyone.

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