Satisfaction Recap 7/24/14: Season 1 episode 2 “Satisfaction…Through Admission”

Satisfaction Recap 7/24/14: Season 1 episode 2 “Satisfaction…Through Admission”

Satisfaction returns tonight on the USA network with an all new episode called, “Satisfaction…Through Admission.” On this evening’s episode, Adriana encourages Neil to continue his secret life.

On the last episode Neil Truman Neil Truman was happy with his life and marriage. He however hated his job so on the day he freaked out on a plane, he tried to quit. While ideal on the surface, both Neil and his wife Grace felt there is something missing from their relationship, though neither can quite identify the problem. He went to find his wife Grace at her open house and instead found her having sex with Simon. He later learned that she paid him for sex since she was under appreciated. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode Adriana tries to encourage Neil for him to continue living this secret life he has, meanwhile Grace is busy trying to re-establish her career.

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of USA Network’s “Satisfaction” at 9:00 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are for this new show. In the meantime, enjoy a sneak peek of tonight’s episode below.

Tonight’s episode begins now – Refresh Page for Updates

Tonight’s episode of Satisfaction begins with Neil at the monastery venting to his Buddhist mentor about the past few days events and how he wants to fall back in love with his wife Grace. The priest tells him to close his eyes and meditate, while Neil’s eyes are closed the priest takes his cell phone out of his jacket and texts Grace that he wants to meet up with her ASAP. Neil opens his eyes and the priest tells him his problems are solved. The only problem is, the priest texted Neil from Simon’s phone.

Meanwhile the real Simon is with another client, while he is in bed with her, his car is repossessed. He runs out and tries to stop the driver, but he tells him he has to take it up with the bank. Simon is floored and says he just made a payment, they drive away with his car.

Grace is meeting with a work client, and he wants her to put together a design presentation. She says she will have it done in a week. After the client leaves she checks her phone and sees the message from Simon, she texts him back and Neil gets the message. Two seconds later she calls Neil on his phone to tell him that she got the design job, she’s eager to tell him the good news. He tells her he has a really important meeting and rushes off the phone. He says he’ll be home for dinner.

Neil heads to work, his first day as a new partner. Charles Lipton wants to talk about his portfolio, but Neil is busy having flashbacks of his wife having sex with Simon. He learns that Charles called his wife after the party, but he didn’t speak to his wife, he spoke to Adriana (the woman he was working for that night).

Neil leaves work and heads to Adrianna’s house, when he rings the door bell, Adrianna surprises him by calling him by his real name and not Simon. Adrianna laughs that after she learned his real name she watched the video of him online freaking out on the airplane. Simon wants to forget everything that has happened and let it go. Adrianna agrees as soon as he offers her an explanation, she wants to know his story. She wants to set him up on more dates, he argues that he isn’t an escort, he was just acting crazy for a few days.

Neil finally returns home, Grace wants him to look at the design she is working on, and Anika interrupts. She reads her latest revision of the apology letter to the dean. Grace says it’s not good enough, but Neil thinks they should be proud of her for exposing the truth about her teacher’s affair. Neil and Grace wind up discussing whether they would hide the truth from each other if it meant sparing their feelings.

Anika heads to her school and demands they give her her school records, she plans to take the GED test so she can quit school. The secretary informs her that her parents have to come in and sign for her records because she is only 16. The secretary leaves to get the dead and Anika goes out in to the hallway, all of the students began gathering around her and taking her picture like she is a celebrity.

Neil leaves work and heads to the parking ramp, but his car is gone. He receives a phone call from Simon, who stole his car. Apparently Neil turned him in to the IRS and that was why his car was repossessed. He tells Neil that if he calls the cops he will tell his boss that he was working as a prostitute. Simon says that once Neil gets him his car back, he will give Neil his car back. While he is driving Neil’s car he finds his own cell phone in the cup holder and texts Neil’s wife Grace and says they need to talk.

Meanwhile Grace has taken up smoking pot because she thinks it will help her focus on her interior design presentation. Anika comes home from school and catches her mom smoking pot. Anika laughs that her mom is stoned and then finds all of her mom’s interior design sketches on the table, she is amazed at how good they are. Ainka rewrote her apology letter and shows it to her mom, she wants to go back to school now because her song made her popular.

Neil heads to the lot and buys back Simon’s car, and then he drives it to Charles Lipton’s house. He barges in to Charles’ house and finds Adrianna there. She is still pretending to be his wife, Neil comes clean with Charles and tells him that Adrianna is not his wife. He shows Charles his financial records and says that his old firm was stealing a million dollars a month from him.

Grace shows up at Simon’s house and pays him the money he owes her. She says she doesn’t want to see him anymore. Simone argues that it isn’t about the money and he actually cares about her. He starts kissing her in the hallway and she runs off.

Neil surprises Adrianna at her house after he signs Charles Lipton on as a client. He asks Adrianna if he can keep his car (Simon’s car) in her garage, she agrees. He walks back to the monastery. His Zen mentor begins teaching him how to meditate again.

Neil heads home and finds Grace sitting at the kitchen table watching a sex tape they made years ago on their camcorder. He sits down and watches with her. Anika interrupts and asks to borrow the car. After she leaves, Grace shows Neil her finishes presentation.

Meanwhile at the mall Anika sees Simon driving her Dad’s car. She takes a picture of him and sends it to Neil and asks him who Simon is.


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