Selena Gomez Shows Justin Bieber and Adriana Lima Bikini Disdain (PHOTOS)

Selena Gomez Shows Justin Bieber and Adriana Lima Bikini Disdain (PHOTOS)

How is it that Justin Bieber keeps landing pretend-dates with all these insanely attractive models? Last year, it was the whole Miranda Kerr situation, and many, many legitimate sources claimed that they at least flirted, if not hooked up. And now, Justin is spending time with yet another supermodel, Adriana Lima, who also happens to be recently divorced.

According to the Instagram picture that Justin took of himself and Adriana, he wants you to think that he and Adriana spent the night together at some nightclub in France. Whether that’s the truth or not, that’s what he wants everyone to believe, and by everyone, I mean Selena Gomez.

It’s been a few weeks since Selena broke up with Justin and ditched him on social media, probably because she caught him flirting with Kylie Jenner. However, sources close to Selena explain that she’s still pining away for Justin, and that she’s not able to get over him completely. Does this couple thrive on drama, or what?

Anyway, Justin knows all this, and as the immature little prick that he is, he’s trying his best to make Selena jealous by posing with supermodels on his Instagram. He knows Selena probably periodically stalks his IG despite unfollowing him on it, and when she does, she’ll see a picture that makes it look like Justin and Adriana are bosom buddies. Granted, the truth is probably very, very different – i.e. Justin probably met Adriana at some party, and she probably acquiesced to his request to take a photo together. See, this is why you should never pose with Justin at parties – the press will immediately link you together, and then just assume the worst.

Either way, Justin’s attempts to make Selena jealous seem to be working, but how do you think Selena will retaliate? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Selena Gomez Shows Justin Bieber and Adriana Lima Bikini Disdain (PHOTOS)

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  • ashley m

    all much of lies

  • nana

    Hes not a teenager hes 20yearolds

  • brij

    K. Ooooh k. Its ovy that Sel won’t try to be lesbian. Umm… yeah….. just obviously!!! I know that Sel is so smart and unless she went insane (an’ she won’t) then maaaayyyybeee she could become lesbian.

  • brij

    Sel deserves purfectness. Everyone does who is real and true and willing.

  • Tiffani Elise Edwards

    Get your facts straight. Adriana & Justin know each other from the 2012 Victoria Secret Fashion show that he performed at. Which, apparently, Selena Gomez got angry with him for, because he went to see a Broadway show the following day with one of the models. So him being seen with another model, is clearly him throwing salt in old wounds as far as Selena goes.

    And regarding your Ariana Grande assumptions, Scooter Braun, Justin’s manager, also manages Ariana Grande, and they are rumored to be working on a duet together (source: Bieber’s instagram post featuring the two of them in a recording studio together, posted just a few weeks ago) So yes, the two are friends, and Ariana even opened for Justin on a few of his Believe Tour dates.

    Is it that hard to do legitimate research, or are you just ignorantly bashing the kid to appear relevant?

  • Nesssa

    I totally agree with seriously he’s just a teen let him live his damn life alrdy I’m nt a fan bt Daym u ppl are just haters

  • Jeanne-Marie

    Justin must just leave Selena and go get a life

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  • MaryDtn9

    Media Lies * Hater BS * MONEY * SEX * Hater BS * Media Lies
    What a bunch of BS! Who gets married today at 20 or 21 years of age!
    A young man bedding a stable of beauties! What is he thinking! PRICELESS!
    TS is what, 23 going on 40! A bitter old woman! SG needs to lose this wacko!
    SG’do your self a favour, lose the dark side such as Family, TS and Religion.
    SG needs to wake up and smell the roses, get off the sidelines, live a little.
    To those who think otherwise, you head will always be up your religion! LOL

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  • Dee dee

    Read it?! Nobody has to read it.. It’s plastered everywhere

  • Tiffani Elise Edwards

    Yet you are on a site devoted to celebrities lives lol that makes sense..smh

  • Tiffani Elise Edwards

    Someone who uses the word ‘retard’. That says a lot about their character..