Selena Gomez, Orlando Bloom Dating? Reunite For WeDay Vancouver – Justin Bieber Jealous?

Selena Gomez, Orlando Bloom Dating? Reunite For WeDay Vancouver - Justin Bieber Jealous?

Wouldn’t it be great to Selena Gomez and Orlando Bloom engage in some revenge dating? Selena will be hosting WeDay in Vancouver on October 22nd and Orlando Bloom will be there, which just might make Justin Bieber jealous. Orlando Bloom was once rumored to have hooked up with Selena Gomez, and more importantly, had a major fistfight with Selena’s current/ex/god knows what boyfriend, Justin Bieber. But now that Selena and Justin are on their billionth breakup, it allows Selena the perfect opportunity to get revenge on her douchebag boyfriend. Not only that, but it allows Orlando to get revenge on the little twat that slept with his wife, Miranda Kerr, and humiliated him in front of the whole world. See, no matter how badly Justin Bieber treats Selena Gomez, he has the creepy possessiveness that all douchebags feel towards their girlfriends or ex-girlfriends, and he’s not going to be happy to hear about Selena hooking up with Orlando – again.

Right now, Selena and Justin are on the outs after Justin allegedly cheated on her with Kendall Jenner. For some reason, Selena always seems to break up with Justin over a Jenner sister, whether it’s Kylie Jenner or Kendall Jenner. Anyway, Justin went out on a [very public] date with Kendall Jenner last week, and Selena soon unfollowed Justin on Twitter. #highschooldrama.

After that, Justin’s been lying low, an uncharacteristic move from him. But I don’t expect him to stay quiet once WeDay comes around, and in fact, I wouldn’t put it past him to fly to Vancouver to keep Selena from hooking up with Orlando. And then, we might even see a repeat of Justin’s and Orlando’s fight, but with more craziness resulting from the pent-up aggression and jealousy.

Image credit to FameFlynet