Sons of Anarchy “Smoke ‘Em If You Got ‘Em” Detailed Recap: Season 7 Episode 6

Sons of Anarchy “Smoke ‘Em If You Got ‘Em” Detailed Recap: Season 7 Episode 6

Tonight on FX Kurt Sutter‘s Sons Of Anarchy starring Charlie Hunnam continues with an all new Tuesday October 14, season 7 episode 6 called, “Smoke ‘Em If You Got ‘Em.” On tonight’s episode Jax settles a score by taking advantage of shifting alliances.

On last week’s episode looking for the source of a betrayal lead to violence at the Stockton Ports. Lin told Nero to deliver Jax to him or he’ll die. He also told him that security was not tight at the cripple home and showed him a photo. Nero lunged at him but Tom held him at gunpoint. Lin told him to save his anger for Jax and said this was all his fault. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode alliances haven’t been look stable and Jax takes advantage of the situation in order to settle his score.

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of FX’s Sons Of Anarchy season 7 episode 6 at 10 PM EST!

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Gemma walks by the side of the road. No, Juice didn’t kill her (even though he should have). She sees a gas station in the distance and says – they better have cigarettes. Jax and the others come into the brothel which is still a mess, but at least the bodies are gone. Tig pulls out glasses and tequila and calls them all over. They raise a glass and Jax says – I’m sorry ladies, we made it right. They drink and slam their shot glasses down.

Bobby comes out with a coffee mug looking tired and finds Wendy there. He asks to bum a smoke and she hands one over. She asks where the others are and he says they’re at the TM cause Jax doesn’t want business around the kids. He says it should be wrapped by the end of the day then asks how she is. He says it should feel good for her to be with Abel and she says it does. She asks what will happen with all this and he says he’s not sure.

She asks if Jax knows and he says he doesn’t matter – they’re with him. Wendy says she can tell he loves Jax and he says they all do. He says he knows how rough it’s been between the two of them and all the shit that’s gone down. He says Jax doesn’t has an outer crust like most people and just lets it all eat him up and boil in his gut. He says he’s been like that since he was a kid. Wendy says she never knew what he was feeling until he blew up in her face.

Bobby says his heart drives him and he wants the best for both his families. He asks Wendy if she still loves him and she says she does. He tells her that Jax sees it and says it’s not lost. He kisses her on the head and comforts her. They are looking through the records and Tig asks if he knows that Kiki offered mint flavored blow jobs. He tells him to focus on outstanding invoices. Chibs tells Jax he’s meeting Leland and the AB at noon near his favorite farm.

Jax tells him to check in with Jarry and see what’s going on. Chibs asks if he knows why he wants TO there and Jax says it’s a black thing. He says Tyler needs to connect with them and the bastards. Nero comes in with questions. Jax answers then Nero asks what they’re going to do there. Jax says they’ll clean it up and hire new girls and Nero says people won’t want to come there. Tig says people want pussy and would come even with dead bodies on the floor.

Jax tells Nero to stay in Stockton and run Colette’s end. Nero says he’s going to bring some girls over to pick up what’s not damaged. Chibs says Bobby ordered carpet and they are going to have the hang arounds paint. Nero and Jax go in the back and says Lin is done and the Triads aren’t likely to retaliate. Jax asks about Alvarez and Nero says he thinks he’ll be in touch. Jax tells Nero he shouldn’t be riding alone. He asks to put Quinn with him and Nero says he’s too old for a baby sitter.

Jax tells Nero he’s sorry and knows how much has landed on him and how hard it’s been. He tells Nero they’ve got his back, for real. Jax says he may be calling him step-daddy soon and Nero says they know how well that worked out in the past. Jax says they’re a fun family. He claps Nero on the shoulder and goes. Nero is visibly shaken by the whole dead hooker thing.

Juice pulls up at A&S Liquors and heads inside. He takes some blow-pops to the counter and says that’s it. He then punches the guy in the head and cleans out the register. Shoppers duck out of sight. He takes off with his loot. Tyler says August talked to all of the black gangs and tells Jax he’s planning on killing all the white boys. Jax says that’s not his plan. Tyler says he’s planning on taking out the Bastards using East Dub. He says he thinks he’s saving the Niners to take on the Sons.

Tyler says DuLain is running the Bastards and Tyler says it’s not his haunt. Jax says they’re ready to jump fast and forward. He says he has guns and manpower. Tyler agrees to track down DuLain but says they have to take it from there. Jax says they will and that adjourns the meeting. He calls back T and tells him they’ll handle East Dub. TO says that’s his whole table and says if he loses any more men, they’ll be just a few black guys on bikes. Jax asks who in his crew could cut it in OMC.

TO says they’re the wrong shade of white for the Sons and he says Menace or Boiler. He asks if he’s serious and Jax says – one miracle at a time. He says first is shutting down August. Unser shows up and Jax asks why he isn’t with his mom. He says he was but she wouldn’t let him follow her past halfway and said she’d call the Rogues if there was trouble. He says Gemma’s SUV broke down and he’s going to get her now.

Unser says Gemma wants Wendy too and Jax asks why. Unser says feminine products and that’s enough to shut Jax up. He says as long as Brooke is at Red Woody to watch the boys, it’s cool if Wendy goes. Jax tells Bobby to call Chibs and tell him to get over there. Chibs is meeting with Althea in a parking dock and says he’s not allowed to ride alone. He asks about Stockton and she says the arresting officers said they cooperated but were not part of the take down.

He says word can’t get out that they’re cooperating with the DA. She says they should feel lucky they’re not in jail. He asks who tipped her off and she asks whose payroll the cops are on and asks if it’s Barosky. She says if he’ll share, she’ll share. He asks about Eglee and she says she’s waking up. She asks if that’s a worry for him and he says everything is a worry for him. Quinn calls out to him they have to get back to TM. Chibs tells her duty calls then starts to walk away.

He tells her thanks for yesterday. She asks if that’s for the sex or the heads up and he says she should be thanking him for the sex. She says there’s a rumor the DA is trying to get Lin to flip. He asks if it’s about the Triad and she says no, she thinks it’s local and wonders if it’s about the MC. He says he has to go and he and Quinn drive away.

Gemma smokes and talks to invisible Tara. The waitresses stare at the crazy lady talking to herself in the booth. Gertie comes over and tells her she can’t smoke in her (it’s guest star Lea Michele!). She asks Gemma if she needs her to calls someone and Gemma says the person who will pour her coffee but then apologizes to Gertie and says she’s had a long night. Gertie offers her a blueberry danish and Gemma says yes then asks her name. She tells her and Gemma thanks her.

Juice drives Gemma’s SUV and looks at Alvarez’s liquor store. Chibs reports the Lin DA thing and they wonder if Lin would turn on them and if Marks is involved in this. Sticky asks how they stop that shit from happening. Jax says they have to show the suits that Marks is just a greedy jerk in pope’s clothing. They tell them they have to go to a Nazi powwow and invite TO and Sticky along but tell them they may have to hide in the back of the bus. TO says they’ll just keep their white hoods on. He tells them come on and they all go.

Nero and the others are cleaning up the brothel when Oso and Alvarez show up and says he heard he’s looking for a few Mexicans to help clean up. He sits at the bar. Oso tells him to ask the ladies to step out and he asks them to wait in the kitchen but tells them it’s okay. Nero tells Alvarez he’s just working and he says he is too. Nero says he was looking for him to tell him what went down with Lin. Oso says Barosky’s cops set Lin up. Nero says the Chinese killed Tara.

Oso says it’s convenient his bitch is the only witness and Nero calls him a junkyard dog and threatens to cut him. They nearly comes to blows but Oso calms it and asks what he’s supposed to do now. Nero says it was his problem because Lin threatened to kill him and his son unless he delivered Jax. He says he believed Jax and made a choice but didn’t want to drag him into it. Alvarez says this reads as betrayal to his crew and steps over to talk to Oso who was taking a call. Oso says Nero has to come with them and says they’ll drive him. He tells Nero not to make it harder than it already is. Cornered, Nero walks out with them.

The Sons ride with their boys to the meet at the farm. Jax tells TO and Sticky to wait there at a turn and ride on without them. He says it shouldn’t be too long. They pull up and find Leland and his guys waiting. They ask about the police escorts and Jax says they didn’t bring the police but now that they gunned them down, it’s everyone’s problem. Chibs says the survivor is critical, not talking and may not live anyway. Leland asks about the heroin and Tig says the Chinese stole it back. Jax says they can make it right and offers guns.

Leland says they sell drugs not guns and says the blacks and yellows have a lock on that market and they want the H. Leland says he wants the two keys. He says Tully already made arrangements and used up a lot of favors. Scoot says Danny is on the way in and saw a pack of coons on Harleys on the way in. Jax says they’re with them and Leland asks if they’re planning an ambush.

Jax says he’s a white guy that’s not living in 1956 and says he’ll talk to Tully. Chibs says he hates these Nazi pigs. Scott comes after Chibs and they brawl. Leland pulls a gun, the Sons pull theirs and Jax says it’s just a friendly little fight then asks Leland if he’s afraid to put down the gun and calls him bitch. He tosses it aside and both groups start for real brawling.

Gemma sleeps at the table when Gertie brings her more coffee. She asks what time it is and she says noon. She says she’s taking a smoke break and asks Gemma if she wants to join her. Gemma apologizes for hogging her table and Gertie says her station is half empty anyway. She asks if Gertie is married and she says five years ago when she was pregnant. She says she named him John after her dad.

She asks Gemma who she was talking to. She says just herself – says it’s exhaustion. She says she heard her talking about being in love and says it sounded sweet. Gemma says her son lost his wife recently and says they were close. Gertie tells her she’s sorry. She asks how she died and Gemma says it was her fault. Gertie says she didn’t mean to pry but Gemma says it’s done now and she can’t stop it.

Gertie asks stop what and Gemma says it’s just life. They sit and smoke and then Gertie says that’s her Honda and tells Gemma her keys are on the tire if she wants to lie down in the backseat and rest. Gemma says she appreciates it but says her ride will be there soon. She tells her she’s a good girl and says she saw it right away. She says her kid is lucky. Gertie walks back into the diner.

Alvarez and Oso bring Nero back to the warehouse and Alvarez puts him in a locked room and says he’s going to stay there until he sorts this out with the Sons. The guys meet back up with the brothers and ask Jax what happened. He says they were just shorting shit out with Hitler youth. Juice is there, approaches Alvarez and says he wants safe passage to Mexico and a full ID. He says the Sons want him dead. Alvarez asks why he’d help and says there’s an APB out on him.

Juice says he has two grand and a new SUV. That’s not enough for them, so he offers any intel they want on SAMCRO. The Sons roll up to meet Oso and tells him his guy wouldn’t let them wait inside. He says Alvarez wants to talk and tells them to follow them. Chibs says no and then Oso says they have Juice. He asks what he wants with him. Oso says he came to them and tells Jax he’ll leave one guy there as a good faith gesture.

Unser and Wendy show up to get Gemma who says she told her to come alone. He asks what happened. She lies (as usual) and says Juice pulled a gun on her, made her drive East then kicked her out. Gertie comes up and Unser orders coffee and Wendy leaves for the bathroom. Unser asks what really happened. He says Juice was unraveled but she was his only lifeline. He asks again what happened then asks if she killed him. She says he thought he was going to kill her. He says that makes no sense.

Gemma says it doesn’t matter why and says he couldn’t pull the trigger. He also tells her Lin got arrested and that now is the time to tie him to Tara’s murder. He tells her she has to tell the Sheriff what she saw the night Tara died. Unser tells her to tell Jarry or he will. He says either way, she’ll get the statement. Gemma asks what he’s doing and he says the right thing for a change. Gemma says let’s go and tells Gertie to give the old guy the bill.

Juice waits nervously and asks when Oso will be back. He says he had to take it to his table and says he remembers how that works. Juice says he does. The door opens and the Sons are there. Juice asks what the hell this is and Alvarez says they’re just old friends. Jax asks how he got there and Alvarez says he showed up offering secrets in exchange for a one way ticket to Puerta Vallarta. Chibs puts his hand around Juice’s neck and shoves him back into a chair.

Alvarez says Lin getting picked up has him rethinking alliances. He says they knew no thing about Lin going after his old lady. Alvarez says he wants the gun business and Jax says it’s Irish. Alvarez says they can offer everything black does. Jax lights a smoke and says if he was to do that, he’d more than just Juice. He says he needs to give the AB part of the prison trade.

He says he can let Tully distribute in Stockton. He says the Niners are breaking away and Tyler will take out Marks. He says Alvarez can have a share of Lin’s territory. Jax says they’ll take out Marks together then he’ll do the dance with the Irish. Alvarez agrees and tells him to talk to Tully and take it to his table. They agree they have a deal and a truce and Alvarez says – and you get your traitor back.

The Sons stand to leave and Jax tells Alvarez to take the cut off him. Alvarez gives the order and is guys beat up on Juice a little, pull off his club jacket then shove him in the locked room with Nero. Juice sees who they put him in with and says – ah shit.

Nero sits and tells Juice he better start the conversation. Juice says he already knows it. He says the shit he told him about Darvany betrayed his club. Nero asks why he’s in a Mayan closet and Juice says he tried to buy a ride to the border. Nero says it didn’t go as planned and Juice agrees then asked why Nero is there. He says he was playing in the wrong backyard and helped Jax bring down Lin for killing Tara.

Juice asks if Gemma knows about this and Nero asks what she has to do with it but Juice says it doesn’t matter. He tells Nero he’s sorry about Darvany. Nero says he needs to tell her son that that’s still alvie but Juice says he’s on death row and won’t be telling anyone anything. Juice says it has to happen and says he deserves it. Nero asks why he’s running then. Juice says he’s a coward.

At the prison, Jax meets with Tully and asks if he owns the room. Tully says it’s cool. Jax asks if he talked to Leland and says he used the two bricks to flush out Lin. Tully says he made a lot of promises on that delivery. Jax tells him about the deal with Alvarez but Tully says he doesn’t like to mix race with business. Tully says it’s his job to maintain the brand.

He tells Jax to bring a sample of the Mayan H to Leland and if it’s cool, he’ll make it work. Jax says he needs access to Lin – he says he’s not asking him to take him out, just to facilitate. Tully says they can burn that cross when they get to it. Tully tells Jax that Leland has an issue with his love of all things dark and isn’t sure he can trust him. Jax asks what to do about it but Tully says he’s a bright white boy and to figure it out.

Alvarez tells Oso to cut Nero loose and to call some guys for backup. They call Nero out of the room and leave Juice locked up. Alvarez says he’s sorry it had to go down like that and Nero asks if they’re good and he says no bad blood. He sees the SUV and asks if it’s Gemma’s. Alvarez says Juice showed up in it and Nero asks what will happen to Juice but they tell him it’s Jax’s call. They toss Nero keys to the lowrider and he takes off.

Unser and the ladies show up and Gemma greets TO and asks where Jax and Nero are. He says they’re both out. She says she’s going back to Red Woody to wait for Jax. Unser asks her about the other thing but she says – after I talk to my son. Jax asks Gemma how Unser found out about the Chinese. She says it must be out on the streets. He groans and says Jarry has been pressing them. She says Unser wants her to tell Jarry and he says she has to do it.

Gemma says they don’t talk to cops but Jax says it could help them. He says the DA is trying to flip Lin but with Tara’s murder on him they can’t give him a deal. She agrees but asks if Quinn can take her. He says he can’t be spared and tells her to take Unser. He tells her she looks like hell and asks if she’s okay. She says it’s where she’s living. She tells Unser they can go now and they head out.

Bobby tells Jax that Tyler found DuLain and asks if he’s sure he wants to do this now. He says yeah. At the cop shop, Gemma talks to Althea in private. She comes out and tells Unser to get his shit hole trailer off her lot. She says he can stay there with his friends and says she’s getting a cab. Althea comes out and says she knows who his source is and says this is a big win. He says it feels like it, but he’s being sarcastic.

Althea also tells him that Eglee is off the critical list and is asking to see him. He leaves. The Bastards roll up on a house and shoot it all up. Guys run out to their cars as the bikes speed away. They give chase and the Bastards lead them into an ambush. The Sons pulls up and surround them and they join the Bastards in drilling them.

DuLain calls for a halt and steps out. He holds up his gun and drops it. Jax approaches and asks if he’s DuLain. TO tells him it’s a nice Impala and puts one into the guy’s head and Jax asks if they’re good. TO says yeah. The other guys look around worried. Jax offers one guy a smoke but he’s too scared to take it. He walks by and gives a gesture and the Sons and Bastards shoot the rest of them up with automatic weapons.

Leland gets out of his truck as the Sons pull up with a van behind them. Jax says he talked to Tully and Leland says he did. Chibs offers him some H and Leland says he won’t touch anything from the hands of a n- lover. Jax takes him over to the can and says this is so they know they can be trusted. He has a van full of dead black guys and Chibs says they killed them all for him.

Tig offers the bodies to them for target practice. Leland asks who they are and Chibs says – does it matter? They’re black now they’re dead. Leland says they didn’t need to go all Newtown and then he samples the H, says it’s good and that he’ll let Tully know. The Nazis walk away and Chibs says he thinks they scared them. Jax calls it another victory for race relations. Tig says they’re running out of room at Chigger Woods but Jax says they’re not going to the woods. They close up the van and roll out.

Wendy comes into the office and tells Gemma she has to go back to Red Woody and put Abel to bed. She asks her to come along but she says there are too many people there and she can’t do it right now. Nero roars up and comes in. He says he was visiting friends when she asks where he’s been. He says he was bonding with Juice. She asks where and he says in a Mayan closet.

He says Alvarez had a problem with his loyalty to Jax but says SAMCRO and the Mayans worked it out. Nero says Juice was offering to sell club intel for a pass to Mexico using her SUV as a deposit. He asks if she was helping him hide out. Gemma asks where he is now and doesn’t answer his question. He says he’s with Jax now and says part of the truce was them handing Juice over to the MC. He says she was helping him.

She sits down shaken and says – I know. She starts to cry and says if he tells Jax what he knows. She cries then hugs him. She begins to sob. He holds her. Wendy sees this from the other room. Unser is at the hospital with Eglee. She says she needs help. He asks what’s going on and she says she has to tell him what happened. He asks if it’s about the shooting and she says she has to tell him who was there.

Jax and the Mayans share a beer and toast their renewed friendship. They leave the stack of bodies on one of Pope’s properties. Alvarez hands Jax Juice’s jacket and says he wants him to know he never would have made a deal with the rat. They hug. The Mayans brings Juice out. He walks over to Jax and Bobby and Chibs turns him around and they each take an arm and walk him out.

OMG! Huge cliffhanger. Aggh! How does Gemma keep on escaping justice? Is Juice going to buy it without telling Jax who really killed Tara? Is there no one that can stop that woman? Can’t wait for next week!