Sons of Anarchy Recap – “What a Piece of Work Is Man” – Bobby’s Fate Revealed: Season 7 Episode 9

Sons of Anarchy Recap - “What a Piece of Work Is Man” - Bobby's Fate Revealed: Season 7 Episode 9

Tonight on FX Kurt Sutter‘s Sons Of Anarchy starring Charlie Hunnam continues with an all new Tuesday November 4, season 7 episode 9 called, “What a Piece of Work Is Man.” On tonight’s episode the club deals with internal conflict.

On last week’s episode with the search for Bobby a standstill, focus shifts to flushing out an internal rat. Meanwhile, at home, Jax that violence is getting too close to his sons when there is a stuffed animal with a knife in it on one of the walls and writing that says “No son is safe.” Bobby remains tough while being held captive, Moses hacks of his fingers this time and delivers them to Jax. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode the club deals with heartache internally and conflict with the organization at large. Written by Mike Daniels & Roberto Patino & Kurt Sutter; directed by Peter Weller.

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of FX’s Sons Of Anarchy season 7 episode 9 at 10 PM EST!

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Jax sleeps with Abel when Thomas wakes Wendy. She comes in to get the baby and he tells her he didn’t sleep much. He hugs Abel and holds him close. Gemma sits smoking when Nero wakes. He asks if she slept at all and she says she did a little. Nero asks if she wants him to get rid of the bird cage but she says it’s where it belongs. A prisoner transfer van rolls down the road with Juice in it.

Bobby lies in his cell with a bandaged, bloody hand. Gemma serves coffee to their house guests as Abel tells his dad he’s not hungry. Abel sasses his grandma a little and Wendy and Jax share a look. Jax tells Wendy to take the boys to the cabin instead of going to school. Wendy is worried that Abel is falling behind in school but he says he wants his son with him today and she backs down.

Chibs tells him Tyler will meet him at the cabin. Gemma asks for an update on Bobby but he says nothing new. He leaves Rat with Gemma, Wendy and the kids, kisses Abel and goes. Wendy tells him they’re not going to school today and he asks if someone else died. Gemma says no, his dad just misses him. He leaves the table in a huff and Wendy says she hates this.

Gemma reminds her that she signed up to help so has to do it Jax’s way. Jax asks Grant for the phone from the pimp. Grant says the photos will destroy the congregation but Jax says he just has to show up him the videos so he’ll know they have leverage. He asks what’s happened and Jax admits that August grabbed one of the MC. He says it’s just a setback and he needs to trust him. Grant says bad things just keep happening.

Tyler shows up and Jax says there is no plan b and he has to hand over the phone. He says it’s in the SUV and goes to get it but Jax sends Montez out with him just in case. Tyler tells them they’ve gone full redneck up here and he asks if they got the package from August. Jax says to get them a meet with August or Moses and they are going to hand over the pastor’s body and a video of the pastor diddling boys.

Montez comes in wounded – Grant whacked him with a tire iron and took off. They hop on their bikes to run him down. They speed up and Jax tells him to pull over. He runs one of them off the road and then bumps Jax when he gets in front of him. Tig shoots out the window and tells him the next one is in his head and he finally pulls over. They snatch him out of the car and Chibs slams him into the SUV.

Grant says he was going to go offer himself to August and Jax says he would break him, get his mother and kill her too. Grant says he has to end this and Jax says that’s what they’re doing. He tells him that if he goes cowboy, it will get them all killed. Chibs tells him that includes his mother and Happy punches him and threatens to shoot him.

Jax tells them to lock Grant down at the cabin and tells Chibs to find the phone. He searches the SUV and finds it quickly. Unser comes in and sees that Gemma and the kids are leaving and he asks to talk to her for a moment in private about Juice. He tells her that Juice gave up Chris Dun’s name as one who killed Tara. He says he’s trying to get protection and tells her Jax put him there to take Henry Lin.

Unser tells her Althea will want her to ID Dun’s mug shot and she says she looked through the books and saw no one. He tells her he doesn’t like Juice doing the MC’s dirty work and is there to give her a heads up. He tells her the DA is going to press her to cooperate. Gemma asks Rat if he heard all that and he says he did. She calls him sneaky. She asks if he has something to say.

Rat sits down and says Jax needs her to ID Dun and she asks about Jax setting Juice up to kill Lin. Brooke comes out and Rat sends her back to the kids’ room and hurts her feelings. He tells her that all she has to do is ID the Chinese guy from the party and she agrees. She tells Rat not to buy into the myth and says just because you wear the patch, doesn’t mean you have to treat women like shit.

She tells him you don’t get what you want, you get what you are and tells him not to be a dick. Nero comes in and she says she needs a ride into town to talk to the Scot-sucking sheriff. Juice gets searched at the new jail and a guard hands him something from Tully to use “on the chink” and says they’ll let him know when. It’s some sort of cylinder and the guard tells him to hide it.

Juice spits on it and hides it in the back door with a little grunt. Gemma goes to see Althea and looks through mug shot books. She says she already saw these and didn’t see anyone she knows. Gemma says she runs a garage and doesn’t know about Asian thugs. Althea shows her a photo of Dun and she says she saw him leaving Jax and Tara’s house that night.

She asks if she ever told Juice about it and Gemma says no then asks why. Althea says he seems to know a lot about Tara’s and Roosevelt’s murders. Gemma tells her to ask Juice. Althea reminds her this is the murder of her grandchildren’s mother she’s trying to solve. Gemma tells her she’s on the take and Chib’s dick and Althea slaps her and then they get into a shoving thing and Gemma knocks her down.

Nero sees this and panics and Althea’s mean come in. Althea tells her she’s not playing on the MC’s side and says she’s operating within the corrupt system that is Charming. Gemma says she’ll pretend she’s a model citizen and Althea can pretend her badge isn’t tarnished. Althea says if she ever touches her again, she’ll throw her white trash ass in jail and Gemma says she won’t get the chance because if she slaps her again, she’ll shoot her in the throat.

Nero tells Gemma it looks like it went well. She says she’s a helper. Jax and Chibs wait by an oil rig when August pulls up. August says they all had everything to gain and tells Jax he broke the first rule of business by getting personal. Jax says that’s what happens when your wife is brutally murdered in your own home. He tells him he had no choice but to go after Lin directly.

Jax says he’s sorry he feels betrayed but says it had to happen. August says Lin is still alive and the bodies are piling up and Jax says he’s not done. August says he’s trying to frame him for a murder he didn’t commit and then asks Jax if he killed the pastor. Jax says they found him in the ghetto but didn’t take him out. August asks about the promised leverage and he shows him the video.

Jax says he can have the video and the pastor’s body. He says Grant is MIA and Loutreesha is in detox in a private facility. August says he has to deliver Grant with the body and says he won’t kill him but just wants to make sure he understands how important silence is. August says to bring them there at 4 pm. Jax described the pastor’s body as being cut up and they agree they need to cut him.

Happy says he’ll saw off the arms and legs as they dig up the dead pastor. Tig says he likes working with him because it makes him feel like the normal one. Chibs is grossed out and says this triggers his Catholic superstitions. Jax calls heads and Chibs laughs as Jax takes the hacksaw to the pastor.

They reassemble the pastor and sew him back up and Chibs is grossed out. Tig says it will take another half hour – they have one more arm to attach. Quinn tells Jax that Indian Hills is there. He goes out to see. Chibs says he didn’t know they were coming and they step into the chapel. Mickey and Gaines tell him they should have been expecting them.

Gaines says they don’t think Jury was a rat. Jax tells them about Jury’s kid Gibby who was killed by the Chinese. He says he blamed them. Gaines didn’t know about the kid and Chibs tells him to go find Gibby’s mom. Chibs tells Mickey he was the only one outside the charter that knew they had the Chinese guns and Jax says he pulled on him and admitted it.

Gaines says he saw Jury pull in self defense and Jax shoot him down. Gaines says they need a forum and Packer is going to lead it. He says this is bigger than Redwood and Indian Hills. They tell him they’ll let him know what comes out of the meeting and what has to be done. They leave. Chibs tells Jax he had no idea this was coming down and Jax says this is the last thing we need.

Chibs says they need to prove Jury told Lin and Jax says Juice is the only one that can confirm. Chibs says they can get Tully to record him admitting to it as proof. Tig tells them the preacher is ready. The phone is ready and the boys are still on it, but not the preacher. They also have Grant and the body ready to go. Moses comes to tell Bobby that the crew made a deal for him.

Bobby says whatever they gave up for him, it’s going to lead back to one of them slitting his throat. Moses is not impressed. They toss Bobby his vest and then break his jaw as well. Bobby calls Moses a pussy for not throwing his own punches and Moses tells him he’s a good, loyal soldier. He says it’s a rare quality then cold cocks Bobby breaking his face.

Gemma and Nero head back to the garage and Unser sees them. Nero says he needs to go to Stockton to see his lawyer about selling his piece of Diosa. He says he tried to tell Jax but he can’t find the time. Gemma says he has to tell him and asks if he’s really doing this and Nero says it’s real and asks if she’s thought about coming with him. She says he’s the only solid thing in her life.

He tells her he’s not going anywhere and she says he’s going to Norco. A cruiser pulls up and Nero tells her no cop wrestling. Nero tells Chuck to keep her out of trouble and he says that’s a tall order. Nero leaves. Althea steps into Unser’s trailer and she says it’s cozy. He tells her it’s an outhouse with a bed. She sits and he says Eglee called and said she made her statement.

Althea says she told her it was five or six white guys maybe with neo-Nazi ink. Unser says Eglee has been through a lot and she shouldn’t press her. She also tells him that Gemma came in and made a statement. Althea shows him an arrest for drunk and disorderly in Vegas. They let him dry out and didn’t press charges so it’s not on his record but the arrest was on the night of the murder.

Althea asks what’s going on and why two people have ID’d a guy who was definitely in another state. Unser says she needs to call the DA and shut down Juice’s deal in case he’s after someone. He tells her Gemma will just says all Chinese look alike. He tells her not to let on they know and says to see where the lie leads them. She agrees and leaves.

The Sons show up to meet August. Jax asks for it to be just he and August and he agrees. He says to bring the things they’re going to trade and everyone else drives away. An SUV pulls up behind the van. Chibs tells Jax he doesn’t like this but he says to make sure he’s not packing and it will be okay. They pull out Grant and the other guys pull out Bobby who’s all bloody and looking bad.

Moses searches Jax and Chibs searches August for weapons. They both come clean and Chibs tells the Sons to roll out. August’s guys do the same. It’s just August, Bobby, Grant and Jax left there. Jax unzips the sleeping bag and shows August the pastor’s body. He also shows him a short piece of video with a boy on it and hands the phone over.

August looks at the pastor and says okay. He pulls Bobby up and walks him over to Jax. He had Bobby gagged so he couldn’t say anything and had a pistol tucked into the back of Bobby’s jeans. He tells Grant that it’s him or his mother and says this is what happens when you betray me. He puts a bullet in Bobby’s head and tells Jax it’s on him for his betrayal. He tells Jax to never lie to him again.

He makes a call and tells his boys to come get the preacher. Jax is all kinds of torn up over Bobby. He puts his face down on Bobby’s and whispers that he’s sorry. Happy bawls over Bobby’s dead body and Jax stands apart smoking. Chibs approaches him and looks down at the blood where Bobby died. He picks up the shell casing and Jax tells him to take Quinn and get Loutreesha’s statement and drop it off anonymously.

Chibs says maybe they should just give this one to Althea and give her a win to keep her close. Jax tells him not too close. Chibs is full on crying and agrees. He walks away sniffling. Wendy rolls up a joint laced with other dope and hands it to Loutreesha. She almost licks the coke off her finger but then Abel comes in and tells her there’s a problem with the TV. That stops her.

Rat comes in and finds Brooke making cookies. He asks if the boys need anything and she says they’re okay. He sits and says he knows she’s pissed. She says she’s crazy and asks if he knows that. She says she has mood issues and is bipolar and the medication helps. She says she can’t be with him if he’s different every time she sees him.

He says she’s the first one he’s been with since he had the patch and is trying to figure out how to be SAMCRO and in love with someone. He says he’s afraid he’s going to mess up both. She asks if he loves her and he says he’s not a dick. She says she knows and tells him she loves him too. They hug. Bobby lies in the back of the van and Jax sits back there with his body. Grant drives the van.

The book cart comes by and the inmate wheeling it hands Juice a magazine he says Tully wants him to read. He takes the magazine and unrolls it and finds electrical tape and the makings of a shank of some sort. He assembles it quickly. Jax shows up at the cabin and asks his guys to take the boys to their room. He tells Gemma, Wendy and Nero what happened to Bobby.

Gemma is floored. Wendy starts crying. He tells them it was August and that he did it for retaliation for them going after the Chinese. Gemma stands and walks out of the room. Nero follows. Wendy asks Jax if it ever ends and he says it already has. She walks away too. That leaves just Rat and Brooke and Brooke follows Wendy out.

Tig and Rat are still there and Jax tells Rat that he and Montez need to dig him a grave out back since he liked the place and Jax wants to keep him close. Gemma sits in the kitchen smoking. Jax goes to see the boys. Wendy is in there with them. He looks at them and then goes across the hall to see Loutreesha and Grant. He closes the door and sits. She tells Jax that Grant told her what happened and says she’s sorry.

Jax says it’s his fault for making mistakes. He says he put them both at risk and she says he’s a decent man who was trying to help them. Jax says he doesn’t think that’s true. Grant asks what’s next and Jax says the only way to stop August is to have him arrested. Grant says they gave him the body but Jax says most of the preacher’s body is still at the construction site and he’s going to give her statement to the cops along with an anonymous tip on where to find the body.

Jax says this is the only way to fix this permanently. Jax says she won’t have to testify for a while. He tells her he’s going to take them home tomorrow and will leave some guards with her. He also says this has been brutal, but he kept his word and they’re both save and alive. He says he won’t break that promise. He leaves them.

Althea waits in a parking deck as Chibs and Quinn roll up. He tells her that they were going to give this to Patterson but thought it might help her more. He tells her that August killed a Pastor Haddem from Oakland and is threatening him and his family. He says the statement is from the wife. He gives her a map to the body’s location. He says the wife got a tip from one of her congregation.

Chibs tells her if she doesn’t move on Marks now, he’ll be gone. Althea asks how she can explain this and he says he can give it to someone else. She says she thought he was in bed with black and he says he’s not in bed with anyone. He tells her with Marks and Lin gone, black and yellow are not a threat. He says they’re good with brown and Charming will be at peace.

She asks about Dun and says he’s missing. She tells her that Gemma ID’d him and then said she knew she’s on the take and his dick. He apologizes and says they can stop seeing each other if she thinks it’s a mistake. She asks if he thinks it’s a mistake and he says he doesn’t know. She says if it’s a no, take her right there. She says if he has feelings for her to take her right there or they can go back to playing cops and robbers.

He doesn’t move and she starts to walk away. He grabs her wrist, kisses her, shoves her on the police car and pulls her clothes off. He screws her with Quinn watching. The guy doesn’t turn away, he just watches like it’s his new favorite TV show. Later, Jax sits on the porch as the guys unload Bobby’s body. He puts on his glasses and his helmet. He cranks his bike and pulls away from the cabin.

The cops uncover the pastor’s body at the construction site. Unser pores over his notes on Tara’s murder. A guard comes for Juice and says let’s go. Juice asks where to and grabs the shank from below his mattress. He leaves the cell with the two guards. They take him to solitary and tell him to shut up. They go through another door and another then lock him in a small cell.

The guard says it wasn’t their call and they’ll let Tully know. He asks where Lin is but they just walk away and don’t offer any answers. Juice sits down on the floor and holds the shank looking at it intently. The guys dig the grave and Gemma asks for time with Bobby and they back away and head inside. Wendy tells them not to track mud in and Brooke takes the out to rinse off.

Abel comes out and sees the open door and goes to the kitchen. He grabs a cookie and hears Gemma crying. He steps close to the door and then steps outside. She tells Bobby she’s sorry and says she had no idea and says she couldn’t see all this. She begs for his forgiveness. Abel listens to this. She cries and asks Bobby to forgive her.

August is dragged out of a nightclub in handcuffs by the cops. Jax and Chibs watch from down the block but stand clearly so that August can see them there. Moses stares at them as they crank their bikes. They roll around by Moses and just glare.