Star-Crossed RECAP 3/10/14: Season 1 Episode 4 “And Left No Friendly Drop”

Star-Crossed RECAP 3/10/14: Season 1 Episode 4 “And Left No Friendly Drop”

Tonight on the CW their new series STAR-CROSSED continues with a new episode called, “And Left No Friendly Drop.”  On tonight’s episode wRoman’s pod is ransacked, which leads to a discovery about his father’s secrets. Seeking more information, Roman reaches out to Julia for help, prompting jealousy from Emery.   Did you watch last week’s episode?  We did and we have you covered with a recap right here.

On last week’s episode it was the tenth anniversary of “Arrival Day” and the town was preparing a commemoration for the fallen soldiers. Gloria selected a small group of human teenagers who will spend some time inside the sector to see what it’s like to be an Atrian for a day. In addition, Gloria assigned Emery the task of filming the interactions. While Grayson offered to help her with the project, Roman strongly objects to Emery going inside the sector. Despite Roman’s concerned for her safety, Emery decided to move forward with the project. While Sophia was excited to show everyone around her pod, Teri and Drake resented the intrusion and decided to have a little fun at the humans’ expense. However, when Drake was kidnapped during the tour, he was surprised by who was behind the abduction. Meanwhile, Julia confronted Roman with her suspicions about cyper.

On tonight’s episode tonight’s season 1 episode 4 is going to be an exciting one that you won’t want to miss, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of the CW’s Star-Crossed tonight at 8 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know what you think of Star-Crossed season 1?  Check out the sneak peek video of tonight’s show below, while you wait for the recap!

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The guards are trashing Roman’s pod. Someone tipped them that they had restricted tech. They finally leave and Roman says they have nothing to head. Mais says they actually do and shows them a phone she found hidden in their Dad’s stuff. Roman says only Trag have phones and she tells them she can’t make the phone work. Roman tells her that whoever reported them knew about the phone and they wouldn’t be allowed out of the Sector again. Roman promises to ditch it somewhere so they won’t be implicated.

At school, Drake is tripped and Teri calms him. He says he joined the Trags to get freedom. Teri says they are the Trags’ best link to fight and tells him to get in line or prepare for destruction like Beaumont faced.

Roman tells his sister he has to find out what’s on the phone before he destroys it so he knows what’s up with his Dad. Roman finds Julia and asks for her help. He gives her the phone and tells her that he has to know what’s on it. She reminds him it’s illegal and he agrees but then asks nicely and she consents. He sees Emery and rushes off. Julia makes an excuse to Emery for why they are talking.

One of the teachers gives a lesson Atrian anatomy. She explains that their markings are important because they are bioluminescent. She explains how much faster Atrians mature and some of their food allergies. She says some biologists believe they share an origin. Julia asks if Atrians and humans can get busy and she says theoretically. Taylor makes a joke about endurance and Drake responds in kind. The teacher pushes them back on topic.

Emery got flowers with no card. Turns out they’re from Grayson trying to make amends. He apologizes about his parent at the Commemoration and she tells him he should have been honest. He says he thought it would scare her off and she tells him his parents are scary but she wouldn’t have judged him. He promises never to lie again and she hands back the flower and says she can’t believe that right now.

Lukas works on the phone but Roman isn’t sure. Julia tells him they can trust him and Lukas says minorities have to stick together. Julia has to explain to him that they (blacks and Asians) were the minorities before the Atrians came. Lukas tells him it has an auto erase so if the phone isn’t used for a while, the data will erase but Lukas assures him he can retrieve it.

Sophia stares at the trophy case and Emery talks to her about the swim team and friendship. Emery tells her if they win the swim meet they go to finals. Sophia tells her that back on their planet her Dad taught her to swim and it’s one of her earliest memories. Emery says she’s probably a great swimmer and Sophia says there’s no place to swim in the Sector. She takes Sophia to the pool where she kicks ass because she can hold her breath for so long. Teri drags Roman in to see it. Sophia break the pool record. One of the jerky humans says she’s not freestyling properly and Emery tells him to race her. He says he’s not getting in the pool with a disease ridden alien. Sophia is crushed.

One of the parents complains to Gloria that the Atrians might have a disease. Emery stands up for Sophia but Gloria tells her that she and Nox agreed that sports were off limits for a while. She says they agreed it would be disruptive. Roman steps in and says it’s a bad idea. Grayson says it’s a great idea – he tells them that the other school heavily recruits to win. Gloria agrees to talk to the board but that everyone would have to be on their best behavior. The humans and Atrians all nod.

Roman waits for Sophia outside and tells her she’s making herself a target for Red Hawks and nut jobs. She reminds him he took a risk with the phone. She says that she is honoring their Dad by pursuing the swim team. Emery tells Grayson that it was cool that he supported Sophia and says if he’s a Red Hawk, he must be a super secret one. He continues to lie and tells her he’s not. Emery tells him that she understands wanting to feel normal because she was a sickly kid. He invites her to come along for the carbo loading dinner and she agrees.

Lukas tells him the phone data is all texts that are times and dates for what were probably secret meetings. He also found a video file that was encrypted that he’s still working on. Roman asks Lukas to keep the phone because it’s safer with him. Roman finds Maia and Castor in their pod and they tell him the guards were back looking for the phone. She told Castor about the phone and Roman lies and says the phone has been destroyed. He asks Castor why Nox had the phone and he says the Trags use phones to plan meetings but he’s sure Nox wasn’t a Trag. Roman lies to Castor and says it’s gone.

Emery shows up for dinner with Grayson and his jerk buddy. She tells him carb loading is a myth and he says he still enjoys gorging on pasta. He tells her about the myth about getting a date after making a girl mad and she consent to considering it a date. The news report that Sophia will be swimming in the meet. Next day, there is a full on protest about this as the Atrians get off the bus at school. Sophia get drinks thrown on her and when Roman tries to help her the guards punish him instead. He breaks loose and goes to her. Teri snaps and break one of the cameras that are recording them.

Gloria asks the Atrians of they know who Jackie Robinson is and explains that he was discriminated against because of his skin color. She tells them he maintained dignity and never rose to the bait. She says that sports can help cross racial lines and says they all need to be model citizens. She tells Teri to use her words and she says screw this. Sophia speaks up and says it’s for her and her Dad that they should do it and says please. Drake speaks up and says if she wants to race against unmarked monkeys, she should go for it.

Roman finds Julia and tells her he was searched before school. He tells her they need to destroy the phone right now. She tells him Lukas should have the video. Emery comes up and Roman leaves and Julia makes another excuse. Emery tells her to stop lying to her. Emery tells Sophia she got her a present – it’s gear for the race. Sophia opens her locker and there’s a doll that looks like her with a knife in it. Roman tells Sophia it’s over – that she can’t risk her life and he’ll drag her out of the pool if he has to. She tells him no and stomps off. Emery tells him to support his sister. She tell him she knows that he wants to keep them all safe and he tells her that he protected her and has to do the same for his sister. She’s confused.

Lukas shows Roman the video. They see water and before they can see anything else, the guards are there and grab Roman. Gloria is there as well and tells them to take Roman to her office.

Gloria asks him if he knows the penalty for having a phone and Roman says he knows. She calls it a terrorist device and he says it’s not his. She tells him she knows it’s his father’s. Roman says he needs it to know what his father was doing. He asks who he was meeting. Gloria assures him that he was not a Trag. She breaks the phone and says she’ll get the guards to back off.

Roman asks Lukas if he can help him trace the number that was texting his Dad. Roman finally tells him the phone was his Dad’s. He and Lukas send a ping to try and trace the phone. Lukas shows him that the phone is within a couple of hundred yards of them at the school.

One of the girls from the other school tells Sophia she’s excited about her racing against them and hands her a pre-race drink and Sophis sips it. She starts choking and seizing up. Emery rushes to help her and Julia finds Roman. He rushes in and tells Emery to help her get his sister to the locker room. Teri head butts the girl that poisoned Sophia and a brawl ensues.

Roman lays Sophia down and pulls out some Cyper. The bio teacher is there and won’t leave. He says he can’t use it while she’s there. Emery tells them it’s anaphylactic shock and stabs Sophia with an epi shot. She goes limp but then comes to.

The brawl erupts into the pool area and it’s Atrians and their school versus the other school. Even the jerk gets involved and they take on the other school together. Taylor watches the fight and Drake winks at her. An air horn sounds and Gloria tells them the next person to throw a punch is expelled. She pulls the swim team into the locker room. She says they can’t compete anymore. Sophia says it’s her fault but Gloria says that she says the meet was a disaster but that for the first time humans and Atrians were fighting side by side for each other for the first time. Sophia asks if they can still swim and Grayson agrees and says they can do it together. Gloria gives them an hour at the pool.

The swimmer take their marks. The jerk tells Sophia that it’s on. The race starts. The humans and Atrians not wimming all cheer together. Roman and Emery stand side by side and he thanks her.

Emery tells Julia she knows Roman saved her with Cyper and Julia says she’s glad she knows now. She says that if humans knew Atrian blood plus Cyper could cure people, they’d be used as lab rats. Julia tells her that people would kill for that information. Julia insists that Roman cares about her and would be with her if he could. Emery says she’s glad Roman has her and Lukas to talk to.

Grayson finds Emery and tells her their meet wasn’t quite normal. They share a laugh and she asks about his bandaged hand. He says he tried to punch a Collier swimmer but hit a sack machine instead. She steps closer and they kiss. He smiles sweetly at her. Roman watches from the bus with a heartbroken look on his face. Lukas knocks on the window and says he lost the signal and thinks the person drove away toward the burbs.

Roman finds his sister and she tells him he was right and she was naïve. He tells her he’s sorry for being over-protective. He says he doesn’t want to hold her back and says he feels like with their Dad gone he feels responsible for her. He tells her Nox would have been proud of her today. Sophia cries and asks him about the phone. He tells her he knows their Dad wasn’t a Trag but was talking to someone outside of the Sector. Roman says he’ll get to the bottom of it and they hug it out.

Gloria talks to someone and tells them about the phone and says Roman doesn’t know she ordered the search. She’s talking to Castor and tells him not to try and leverage it against her. She watches the decrypted video and we see that it’s her smiling with her clearly Atrian son saying show Daddy how you can swim! I thought she was a secret Atrian but not – I think she was getting busy with Nox and her son is a super-secret Atrian-human hybrid!!! OMG!!!