Star-Crossed RECAP 3/31/14: Season 1 Episode 7 “To Seek a Foe”

Star-Crossed RECAP 3/31/14: Season 1 Episode 7 “To Seek a Foe”

Tonight on the CW Star-Crossed returns for another new episode.  In “To Seek a Foe” Grayson continues to rely on Emery, which puts her relationship with Roman on hold. Elsewhere, Zoe sets a black-cyper trap for Taylor, but it backfires and harms Lukas instead, leaving Roman and Drake to find a cure for the poison before it kills him; and Eva continues her search for the truth about Julia’s recovery.

On last week’s episode when Emery (Aimee Teegarden) was confronted by a tabloid photographer (guest star Devere Jehl) with video of her talking about cyper, she enlisted Julia’s (Malese Jow) help to find a replacement story for him. Meanwhile, Drake (Greg Finely) told Roman (Matt Lanter) that Grayson’s (Grey Damon) parents were the leaders of the Red Hawks. When Grayson’s parents threw a big charity ball at their house, Drake made plans to go, at Vega’s request, to undertake an important mission. Roman went to the party to make sure Drake stayed out of trouble, but got caught in the middle of a kidnapping scheme.  Did you watch last week’s episode?  We did and we recapped it right here for you.

On tonight’s episode Grayson (Grey Damon) continues to seek solace from Emery (Aimee Teegarden) after the incident with his mother. Feeling guilty for her part in everything, Emery tells Julia (Malese Jow) she’s going to support Grayson during this trying time with his family, putting her relationship with Roman (Matt Lanter) on hold. Zoe (guest star Dora Madison Burge) sets a trap for Taylor (Natalie Hall) using black cyper, but Lukas (Titus Malkin, Jr.) is the one affected and is rushed to the hospital. When Roman realizes black cyper is involved, he and Drake (Greg Finley) try to find a cure for the deadly poison before it kills Lukas. Meanwhile, Eva (guest star Stephanie Jacobson) gets closer to the truth about Julia’s recovery. Ed Ornelas directed the episode written by Jay Faerber.

Tonight’s episode is going to be exciting for sure and you won’t want to miss it. We’ll be recapping it right here for you as well. Tune in at 8 PM EST to the CW for the latest episode of STAR-CROSSED and in the meantime hit up the comments and tell us your thoughts on this new show!

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Emery thinks about Roman’s sweet words of devotion. Downstairs, Grayson watches a news report about his mother and the Red Hawks. Her parents tell Grayson he can stay and hide out there as long as he wants and tell him to stay strong. He says he’s going to his uncle’s. Her parents leave and he tells Emery they’re really cool. She tells him she’s sorry and he says he credits her with giving him the nerve to stand up to his parents. He asks how you look someone in the eye and lie to them (which is what he’s doing to her, right?) Grayson says he’s going to see his mother for some answers and he asks her to come along to support him. She agrees.

Roman tells Drake to quit the Trags but he says he has to play along and pretend he’s one of them or they’ll kill him. They need to find Zoe before she tells Vega that they foiled her kidnapping of Grayson. Roman worries that Zoe may come after them herself. Sure enough, she’s watching from her car nearby. They feel like their only defense is that she can’t get into the Sector.

Emery tells Julia that she’s feeling bad about not telling Grayson about Roman and her feelings. Julia says Grayson has been there for her and Julia says she can’t stay with him out of guilt. Emery insists she has to see things through and support Grayson. Drake and Roman come into the cafe and Roman admits that he went to Emery’s but saw her there with Grayson and says they looked cozy.

Eric and Grayson sit down with the girls and Eric says he’s failing math to change the subject away from Grayson’s mom. Julia offers to tutor him and says she doesn’t get cars – like Bruce, her beater car. She tells Eric the noise it’s making and Eric diagnoses the problem. Ms Benton comes in and tells Grayson if he wants to chat she’s available. Then she steals the dirty mugs from their table when the waitress sets them down. Weird.

Sophie waits on Taylor but she’s late. Lukas shows up and asks if she knows she likes guys. Sophie tells him she likes guys too and reminds him that Atrians don’t pick love based on gender. Lukas wishes her luck with that. Taylor is loaded down with shopping bags and leaves Zoe a voice mail about the party as she juggles her bags. Lukas runs up to help her and she asks him to pop the trunk. It opens and some of the black Atrian stuff leaks out (at least that’s what it looks like). Zoe watches this in her mirror and says that wasn’t what she had in mind, but it will do.

Taylor calls 911 and the others run out to help Lukas as he collapses choking on the fumes. Emery sees the black leaf stuck to the trunk of the car and plucks it off and looks around suspiciously. Taylor and Lukas get medical attention and Roman shows Duke the black Cyper Emery found. They agree they need to go back and talk to Castor so he can advise them. They’re sure Zoe put it there. Emery races up and barrages Roman with questions. He tells her to trust him and says he needs to get back to the Sector to investigate. She tells him she’ll be at the hospital. Grayson comes over and tells her it will be okay.

Roman and Drake figure that Taylor would have been the target not Lukas and that Zoe was using her as a test subject. Lukas’ mom watches him in the ER as Emery and Sophie come in. Lukas’ mom greets Sophia with a hug and tells her that Lukas always talks about her. The doctor tells her that Lukas’ lngs are swelling and if they can’t get it down, he won’t be able to breathe. She thanks him.

Castor looks at the black Cyper and says that Vega is getting daring. He explains to the boys that the black Cyper spores fatally burn the lungs of humans. He tells them a whole bush could wipe them out. He says the cure is fresh black Cyper mixed with human blood. Castor gives them a bomb and tells them to put it into the center of the bush to blow it up. Drake says they planted the body with the Cyper eight days ago and Castor says it will release the spores today so they have to act fast.

Emery greets a nurse Colleen that she knows and she asks if she’s ever seen the symptoms before. She says a camper from Black Bear Lake State Park was brought in yesterday and has since died. Roman and Drake come to where the body was buried but it’s been moved. Zoe goes out to where she planted it in an old abandoned cabin-type building and stares at the moving giant bush and smiles wickedly.

Roman and Drake come to the hospital and they look for Taylor. They run into Emery and she says Lukas is the same. She asks Roman to help and he tells her Cyper can’t help. He says it has to be fresh black Cyper and they’re looking for it but it has been moved and is remote. Emery tells them about the camper from the state park and says she can take them there. She insists that she will go and she and Roman take off.

Drake finds Taylor whining about having to have more tests and she’s freaking out. She tells him neither him and Zoe care because she thinks they’re hooking up. He says it’s not like that and says Zoe was helping him get booze to take back to the Sector. She tells him Zoe isn’t taking her calls and thought it was because they hooked up but he assures her they didn’t. She tells him she’s worried about Zoe and he asks for her address to check on her. She worries that he’s using her but he swears he doesn’t want to get with Zoe and flirts with Taylor. She jots down the address for him and he kisses her and goes.

Ms Benton brought the cups to a guy at a lab who’s looking for Cyper. Julia and Emery were the cup holders they are testing the DNA on. She’s hoping they were both cured with Cyper and they can proceed.

Emery and Roman get to the park and she tells him she has a good idea. She asks what Zoe’s involvement is and insists that he trust her. He tells her Zoe is a closet Atrian and a hidden Trag. She’s floored and asks who the Trags are. He explains that they are the Atrian extremists who hate humans. He says that one of them tried to kill her the night of the carnival but he stopped it. Emery says that means the Red Hawks were speaking the truth. He tells her the Red Hawks and Atrians are both extremists that hate. He says he wants to protect her and she tells him she needed to know why he kept pushing her away. They have a tender moment but then move on with the investigation.

Julia finds Eric working on her car outside the hospital. He did a bunch of work and tells her she needs a bunch of everything. She tells her car Bruce not to listen to him. She asks what she owes him and he tells her to pay him back with tutoring. He brings her some food he brought for Lukas’ family and she tells him it’s sweet.

Sophie and Grayson walk the hospital halls and she asks how he’s doing. He tells her he’s nervous about going to see his mom and wished Emery could go along. They watch as Lukas goes into a seizure and starts to crash. Sophie says she wishes she could help him. Drake shows up to Zoe’s home address and hops the fence into the backyard. He sees the house is a wreck and finds computer equipment and some other stuff. He triggers a laser alarm and is shot in the back with some arrows. He screams in pain.

Deep in the park, Emery shows him a remote site. He goes to check the tent and he explains that it’s not a risk to him because he can breathe through his skin. The tent has been used, but there is no Cyper there. She tells him they can keep looking. Her phone rings and it’s Grayson. He tells her he’s outside the jail and asks if she can meet him. She says she can’t be there but says he should go on talk to him mom. They agree to meet at the hospital later. Roman asks her how Grayson is doing and she says his whole world has collapsed and he has no one. Roman tells her he has Emery.

Drake is pinned to the wall by an arrow and struggles to pull it through him and out of his shoulder. He’s in horrible pain but does it. He searches her computer and desk. He sees a flash drive and plugs it up. It’s photos of her and Taylor and a cabin on the water. Drake calls Emery and tells her that Zoe has been using an old house near a lake. Emery thinks she knows where it is and Drake agrees to meet them there.

Grayson meets with his mom and tells her he’s upset that she lied about the extent of her involvement with the Red Hawks. He asks what else she’s lying about and she tells him the Atrians are a threat and they couldn’t lose another son to them. Grayson tells her she’s a terrorist and that his brother would hate what she’s done. She tells him that Emery is the one who told the reporter about the Red Hawks meeting – she was seen with Bandell leaving the party. Grayson says she’s honest and the only person he can trust. He stomps out of the visitor’s room as she begs him not to go.

Julia and Eric sit in the hospital waiting room and she tutors him on his math class. He isn’t getting it but she reassures him. He asks if she’s okay doing this while Lukas is sick and she tells him it’s a welcome distraction. Emery calls her and she asks about Lukas. Julia say she’s not good and had an attack but may not be able to breathe on his own much longer. She tells Emery to hurry and be careful. Emery tells Roman they have to keep moving.

They come to the cabin on the water and Zoe shoots an arrow, narrowly missing Emery. She tells Roman he should have killed her last night. He gives Emery the bomb ad tells her how to use it. She opens the door and sees the massive plant and isn’t sure what to do. Zoe has a sword and fights Roman who has a stick. Emery crawls under the branches and plucks off a single leaf she puts into a jar. She heads in deeper. She sets the bomb on the body that it serving as the base and sees that the spores are about to release.

Zoe has her blade on Roman’s neck and she tells him his time and the humans’ time is done. Drake shows up and tells her she talks to much. He sends Roman away and he takes over the fight with her. Roman sees that Emery is trapped in the room with all the spores. She’s holding her breath and he plunges in and grabs her right as the bomb goes off. He pulls her into the lake with him. Drake throws Zoe into the inferno and he is thrown to the ground.

Roman grabs Zoe and holds her under the water with him. Her air is running out, but his markings blow bright blue and he pulls her close and kisses her, breathing into her mouth. Out of the water, Roman and Emery keep on kissing. He grabs her and holds her close. The smile at each other. Drake interrupts them and says he thought they were dead and is glad they aren’t. Drake says Zoe got caught in the blast. Zoe produces the leaf and they head to the hospital.

Zoe takes Lukas’ mom out of the room for a moment so Roman can work his mojo. He goes in and draws the shade down. Sophie comes in and asks if she can be the one to cure him. She says he can’t save the world on his own. He gives her the leaf and she pts it with her blood and then injects the curative green stuff into his IV. Lukas comes to and sees her there and says her name. She tells him welcome back. They hold hands.

The lab guy shows Ms Benton that Julia has Cyper in her blood. Drake comes to see Taylor and she’s alarmed that he’s scraped up. He tells her he ran into trouble with the Red Hawks. He tells her he found Zoe and says her family is broke and got evicted and moved out of town. She says that Zoe told her that her family was really messed up and never even let her inside her house. Drake tells her that Zoe was embarrassed and didn’t want her to feel sorry for her. He says that Zoe wanted him to tell her good-bye and that she was the best friend she ever had. Taylor thanks him and says she’s glad that Zoe is okay.

Emery tells Roman it feels odd and that she can’t believe all she knows about Trags and black Cyper. He tells her he won’t hold her to what happened at the lake and she says she’ll hold him to it. She says they just saved the world and they can take on anything together. He asks about Grayson and she says she’s going to break up with him but will still be there for him as a friend. She says she feels strongly for Roman and he kisses her. Sophia is there and drags her brother away to the bus.

She goes to her car but Grayson is nearby. He watched it all. Roman comes to see Castor and they agree they can trust each other. He tells Roman that Nox would have been proud of him. Castor locks the door behind him and goes into a secret room where he has a cache of bombs waiting there.