Star-Crossed RECAP 4/7/14: Season 1 Episode 8 “An Old Accustom’d Feast”

Star-Crossed RECAP 4/7/14: Season 1 Episode 8 “An Old Accustom'd Feast”

Tonight on the CW Star-Crossed returns for another new episode.  In  “An Old Accustom’d Feast,”  Roman invites Emery to an Atrian holiday inside the sector; and Emery asks Sophia for advice on impressing her mother. Meanwhile, Vega tells Drake that he’s been picked to be the new undercover operative and that he must leave town and have his markings removed, but Roman asks her to reconsider sending Drake away; Julia refuses an offer from Eva, forcing Eva to take her mission elsewhere; and Grayson talks with Emery about her feelings for Roman.

On last week’s episode Grayson continued to seek solace from Emery after the incident with his mother. Feeling guilty for her part in everything, Emery told Julia she’s going to support Grayson during this trying time with his family, putting her relationship with Roman on hold. Zoe set a trap for Taylor using black cyper, but Lukas is the one affected and was rushed to the hospital. When Roman realized black cyper was involved, he and Drake tried to find a cure for the deadly poison before it killed Lukas. Meanwhile, Eva got closer to the truth about Julia’s recovery. Did you watch last week’s episode?  We did and we recapped it right here for you.

On tonight’s episode Roman (Matt Lanter) invites Emery (Aimee Teegarden) inside the sector to celebrate Dinaskyu, an Atrian holiday that celebrates the family. Emery asks Sophia (Brina Palencia) for tips on how to impress her mother (guest star Susan Walters Ashby). Vega (guest star Merle Dandridge) tells Drake (Greg Finley) that with Zoe missing, they’ve tapped him to be their new undercover operative, which means he’ll be leaving town and getting his markings removed. When Roman goes to Vega and asks her to reconsider sending Drake away, she offers him a way out. Meanwhile, Eva (guest star Stephanie Jacobson) approaches Julia (Malese Jow) with an offer. When Julia refuses, Eva takes her mission to a dangerous place. Finally, Grayson (Gray Damon) confronts Emery about her feelings for Roman. Michael Zinberg directed the episode written by Brian Studler (#108).

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Tonight’s episode is going to be exciting for sure and you won’t want to miss it. We’ll be recapping it right here for you as well. Tune in at 8 PM EST to the CW for the latest episode of STAR-CROSSED and in the meantime hit up the comments and tell us your thoughts on this new show!

At the high school, Emery runs into Castor and Gloria. He tells he’s there to talk about an Atrian holiday – Dinaskyu – that they’re inviting some human students to attend in the Sector. She sees Roman and excuses herself to make out with him in the supply closet. They hear a noise and duck but decide it’s nothing. He tells her they won’t always have to sneak around like this. Emery tells him she saw Castor and he told her about Dinaskyu and says she needs an invite.

Roman invites her to join him for Dinaskyu but she worries about the Trags hatred of race mixing. He says they are stepping up security and that he and Castor are working on a new approach to the Trags. He promises to keep her safe and she asks if there will be a day when they don’t have to hide and he says yes. He tells her that his mother is a concern because she’s not excited about the humans coming in. Emery says she can skip it but he tells her not to run from the fight. He kisses her and says it’s important to him that she’s there.

Julia runs into Ms Benton who asks her if she can help her with a project after school. She says she can’t pay her and Julia asks if it can be an internship and she agrees. She leaves and Emery comes up. Julia tells her she landed an internship and Emery teases her about working for free. Julia then teases her about Roman and turns out, they are both invited to the Dinaskyu since Sophia asked Julia.

Emery tells her she still haven’t broken up with Grayson and Julia encourages her to do it quick like ripping off a Band-Aid. Roman comes to invite Drake to join his family for the Dinaskyu as he always does and tells him this year is different. Drake agrees as long as he can bring his favorite herb of choice.

Gloria snags Roman and tells him there will be dignitaries visiting the Sector for Dinaskyu and asks if he’ll do a photo-op with them. He says no and walks away. Gloria tells him Nox would want them to work together and he tells her she had an affair with his father and he won’t be her dancing monkey and doesn’t trust her.

Emery breaks up with Grayson and he tells her he understands. He says it must be hard for her being in love with an Atrian. He tells her he saw them together at the hospital. He says he thought she wanted to be with him and she says she didn’t mean to hurt him. Grayson tells her she played him and hurt him and says he knows she ratted his mom out to the reporter. She says it was an accident and he asks how her ratting out his mom was an accident. He tells her that every word out of her mouth is a lie and walks away.

Roman and Castor come to see Vega. They ask her about using black Cyper and sending out unmarked Trags to harm humans. Castor says they will turn her in if she harms any of the humans coming for Dinaskyu. She tells him to offer something rather than threaten her. He asks what she wants and she says she doesn’t know yet. She vows that the Trags will not harm any humans inside the Sector. She tells Teri to spread the word and says that they have bigger things to focus on. Vega asks if she’s found Zoe and Teri says she’s disappeared, she can’t be held accountable for her failure to kidnap Grayson and Drake will have to pay the price in her place.

Emery and Sophia come into the diner and Sophia explains the origins of Dinaskyu and says it’s about fishing and when the men would ship out to fish. The women get flowers because they were left behind to take care of the kids while the men were gone. Emery asks if she should bring flowers to their mom and Sophia hesitates then says yes.

Roman and Castor talk about the Trags. Roman wants them destroyed but Castor says that would make them martyrs. He says they are losing popularity and are on their way out. Some kids bring Castor some Dinaskyu trinkets and he says being treated as the father of all Atrians has changed his way of thinking. Roman says people have been leaving them for Nox still. Castor says he is more determined than ever to fight for their safety and freedom.

Drake is buying flowers for Maia, Roman’s mom, for Dinaskyu when Vega finds him. She asks what he thinks happened to Zoe and he says she disappeared and took the black Cyper with her. She asks why their best Trag operative would have gone dark. He says she liked humans too much and couldn’t unleash the Cyper. She asks if that could happen to him and he says never. She tells him to come to her Dinaskyu to find out about his new assignment – as the new outside operative.

Julia comes to see Ms Benton and she shows her the new project. She shows her DNA from an Atrian with Cyper in it. She says she is only at the high school to learn about Cyper and says she works for a large pharmaceutical company. Julia says she’s not interested in the work and Eva says that the DNA sample is Julia’s. She asks how she got it and she says from her coffee mug. Julia says she has no idea how Cyper got in her blood. Eva tells her to keep their talk secret because neither of them want others to know it’s in her system.

Drake tells Roman that he has to have his markings removed and Roman says he’ll still be recognized. Drake says they are sending him to another city and that he has no choice. He tells him he knows why Zoe was a psycho – because she had to live alone and plot all the time. Drake tells him he can’t come to Dinaskyu because he has to go to Vega’s and then he’ll be gone for good.

Grayson’s Dad finds him at the diner and tells him he wants to come home. Grayson says they’re terrorists. His Dad asks if his new friend – the big Atrian – has made him like them. Grayson has no clue and says he barely knows Drake. His Dad says he left the fundraiser with Drake and Zoe and asks how much Grayson had to drink. He says not that much and that his parents have been lying to him for years. Montrose tells him Atrians cannot be trusted and walks away.

Vega is surprised to see Roman back and he says that Drake came to see him and sounded strange. He says he don’t know what she’s ordering Drake to do, but asks her to release him. Roman says he will be in her debt. She says if he can get prisoner 337 released, she’ll release Drake from his obligation. She says he has until the end of the Dinaskyu feast the next night. She says the prisoner is not a Trag, but was wrongly accused. He asks why she wants him but she tells him no more only that it’s that or he says good-bye to Drake.
[8:44:38 PM] Rachel Rowan: Roman and Emery are back in the supply closet and he tells her about what Vega wants. He says he thinks he needs to help her to keep Drake safe. She tells him to tell Castor everything, but he says he can’t. She asks how he can get a prisoner out and he says he has a plan.

Grayson finds Ms Benton and asks him if she knows where Zoe has gone to. She says they’ve asked around but no one has seen her since his parents’ fundraiser. She sees Julia and asks her if she’s changed her mind about the project. Julia says she can’t help and that it’s wrong – she says if it wasn’t, ms Benton wouldn’t be hiding who she is.

Roman comes to see Gloria and tells her he’ll participate in the program and do what she wants if she can release prisoner 337 from the crate. He tells her releasing a prisoner on Dinaskyu would be a huge gesture to the Atrians. He tells her that if Nox was alive, he would ask the same thing. He asks Gloria to trust him the way she trusted his father.
Castor greets Julia and Emery at the gate to the Sector. She admits she’s nervous about meeting Maia and Castor tells her the best way is to make her son happy. A small Atrian approaches her with a tangled net and Emery kneels down and forms the yarn into a star. Sophia sees this and suddenly realizes where her brother’s star may have come from.

Gloria goes to see prisoner 337 who is being held with heat panels to keep them weak. She brings out an old woman and takes her to a water tank. The woman submerges herself and comes out looking about 50 years younger with her markings glowing blue!

In the hall of the missing, Drake tells his mother good-bye and kisses the drawing of her. Castor brings Emery a bowl of water and washes her hands then Julia’s. Maia won’t use the bowl after the humans and says so in Atrian. Roman isn’t happy. Emery thanks Maia for having them in her home and offers her some flowers. She won’t take them and Sophia and Roman both chastise their mother but she refuses to be polite. Emery takes her seat again looking very uncomfortable.

At Vega’s celebration, the Trags bring Vega flower offerings and they call her mother. Teri says she didn’t know she had that many brothers. Drake tells him tomorrow she’ll have one less. Vega calls Drake up and tells them he’s leaving to live among the humans and says it’s the biggest sacrifice a Trag can make.

Gloria brings Soroi (the prisoner) back to her old pod and leaves her. The girl climbs up into the ceiling, grabs a satchel and vaults herself out the window and out into the Sector. Is she up to mischief?
[8:59:42 PM] Rachel Rowan: It’s time for the feast, but Maia refuses to go because of the humans. Sophia stays to help clean and so does Emery. Maia tells her that she never understood her husband’s desire for peace with humans. She says if there is any way that her learning a few phrases will make up for her Dad murdering her husband and children’s father, she’s mistaken. Sophia interrupts and tells her mother that Emery saved Roman’s life on Arrival Day.

She asks how she knows and Sophia says she saw her make the star like Roman has. Maia tears up and bursts into tears and asks if it’s true. Emery says she’s sorry for making her uncomfortable and leaves. Soroi comes to Roman’s pod and leaves the bag hanging on the door. Emery comes out and sees it. She opens it and sees a silver container. She touches it and blue lines shoot around her arm. We see her as an Atrian piloting a ship. Soroi is the other pilot. Castor comes in and shoots her while Soroi cries. Emery lies on the floor unconscious. Hmmm….

Roman gives Castor a Dinaskyu trinket and they hug fondly. Gloria gives Roman a nod. Emery wakes up on the floor stunned. Grayson sits in the diner alone. He watches security footage of himself on the night of the fundraiser and sees he was with Atrians.

Ms Benton is in the Sector for Dinaskyu and approaches Julia again about working with her. Julia refuses again and Eva asks her what would happen if her father was out bowling and someone put something in his drink that gave him a painful and fatal illness. She asks if she would help them to prevent that happening. Julia tells her she doesn’t know how it got in her blood but offers to tell her where it’s growing to stop her from hurting her Dad.

Roman tells Drake he got him off the hook with Vega. He asks how and Roman says he’ll tell him later because he’s called for a photo op. Emery comes in and Julia nabs her and says she has to go. Julia tells her they have to leave right now and she asks for a moment. She goes up front and Castor asks her to join them. She looks terrified.

Grayson calls his Dad and says he’s ready to come home. He’s at a Red Hawk meeting. Mais and Sophia come in and sit with Roman and Emery. Castor invites everyone to Dinaskyu – a celebration of family. Soroi asks Gloria where Nox is and she says that he’s dead and that Castor is the new leader. Emery says OMG when she sees Soroi. Castor stops mid-speech when he sees Soroi. He says this year will change every Atrian’s life for the better. Drake sees Soroi – his mom! She comes to him and calls him “her boy” and hugs him. Vega smiles at Roman.

Ms Benton is in the Cyper greenhouse and tries to harvest a piece but finds it is embedded in an arm. She calls Mr Burke and tells him Cyper grows from the bodies of Atrians. She tells him to bury all the Atrians they have.

Emery tells Roman she needs to show him something. He kisses her and she pulls out the silver device and asks if he knows what it is. He says it’s a flight recorder like a black box. She says someone left it outside his pod and she touched it and was piloting a space ship. He says if you touch it, you relive the pilot’s experience. Emery asks if what she saw was true and she tells him that someone came into the bridge of the ship and shot her. He asks who and she tells him it was Castor.