Star-Crossed RECAP 5/12/14: Season 1 Finale “Passion Lends Them Power”

Star-Crossed RECAP 5/12/14: Season 1 Finale “Passion Lends Them Power”

Tonight on the CW Star-Crossed returns for another new episode and the season 1 finale. In “Passion Lends Them Power,” In the Season 1 finale, Roman is injured and Emery asks an unexpected friend for help. Meanwhile, Vega sets off the Suvek during a parade; Teri overhears some startling words from Vega; and Gloria shares a secret.

On last week’s episode Roman and Drake teamed up with Grayson – After Roman (Matt Lanter) and Drake (Greg Finley) discovered the Trags are building a bomb known as a Suvec, they realized they need help and turn to an unexpected source – Grayson (Grey Damon). Emery (Aimee Teegarden) enlisted Sophia (Brina Palencia) and Lukas (Titus Makin Jr.) to help them smuggle the Suvek out of the sector, which ultimately puts all of them in danger. Meanwhile, Teri (Chelsea Gilligan) continued her mission. Elizabeth Allen directed the episode written by Brian Studler & Samantha Stratton.  Did you watch last week’s episode?  If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode After Roman (Matt Lanter) is badly hurt, Emery (Aimee Teegarden) turns to an unexpected ally for help. Meanwhile, Grayson (Grey Damon), Drake (Greg Finley), Sophia (Brina Palencia) and Lukas (Titus Makin Jr.) race to find the stolen Suvek before the Trags can activate it. However, Vega (guest star Merle Dandridge) is a step ahead of them and sets off the Suvek in the middle of a Marti Gras parade. Teri (Chelsea Gilligan) is shocked when she overhears Vega ordering the death of her friends. Gloria discovers Taylor’s (Natalie Hall) secret and shares one of her own. Ed Omelas directed the episode written by Meredith Averill & Adele Lim

Tonight’s episode is going to be exciting for sure and you won’t want to miss it. We’ll be recapping it right here for you as well. Tune in at 8 PM EST to the CW for the latest episode of STAR-CROSSED and in the meantime hit up the comments and tell us your thoughts on this new show!

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Roman is bleeding out in Emery’s shed. She wants to call the doctor. He tells her that the blade Castor stabbed him with was coated in Atrian poison and human doctors can’t help. Emery asks if Cyper will help and he says it’s too dangerous, but she insists. She tells him to hang on. He passes out and she leaves. At the diner, Drake brings Taylor a pile of food. She asks what her parents are going to say when she starts showing.

She bends her fork accidentally and Drake tells her that women get stronger during pregnancy. He gives her some Atrian prenatal herbs and she asks how this will work once the baby is born. He says the baby can live in his pod but she equates this to jail. She eats a bite of cake and finds something in it – it’s a slice of Mardi Gras king cake and she got the baby (HA). Lukas comes by and tells her it’s good luck.

Taylor gets a call from Gloria. Lukas and Sophia wonder if Gloria has the Suvec yet. They haven’t heard from Grayson. Julia and Eric are flirting and Lukas and Sophia join them. Lukas tells them to slow the PDA. Drake comes to tell them the float never made it back to the school and they worry about Grayson. Julia asks what’s going on but they don’t want to tell her or Taylor the real story.

Taylor tells Drake if he lost a trailer and float she can’t trust him with a baby. Eric tells them he called Grayson’s phone and got an EMT – he was beat up and car jacked. Drake worries the Trags have the Suvec. Vega tells Teri that their outside operative has the Suvec and says she owes it all to Teri for getting the key from Castor. Teri tells her mother that Castor killed Roman with a poison dagger. Vega says that he was their enemy even though Teri cared about him. Teri says she needs to take a walk.

Emery shows up at the Sector and says she left her camera inside. The guard lets her in and says to be careful. Teri runs into her and Emery says she needs Cyper to save Roman. She says he’s bleeding out. Teri says she also needs Atrian blood and says she’ll come with her and help. They rush off.

Grayson is in the ER when Eric and Julia show up. They ask what happened to the float. He says he was taking it to Gloria and was ambushed. He says he didn’t get a look at who did it and says it happened fast. Eric wants to call Gloria and tell her there is a bomb in the float but Julia says they can call the cops directly.

Teri and Emery get back to the shed with the Cyper to find Roman barely breathing. Teri injects her blood and the Cyper into Roman’s arm. Teri says they need to give it time to do its work.

The Mardi Gras float is in Zoe’s hands. She climbs it and looks inside to check on the Suvec. She sees it and says – let’s rock and roll. Taylor tells Gloria they are looking for the float and Gloria asks if this was a senior prank. She gets a call and when she opens her purse, Gloria sees the herb and knows she’s pregnant. She asks who the father is and then says she doesn’t want to know who it is.

Gloria says that if word gets out, people will think Atrians are preying on girls. Taylor says she’s not sure she will keep the baby because she doesn’t know what kind of life the child will have. Gloria tells her to come with her.

Roman wakes up and his wound is healed. Teri tells Emery to go get him some water and she goes. Roman asks why she’s there and she tells him she saved his life. She says Emery came to the Sector and she got the Cyper and gave her blood. She holds his hand and cries and says she never thought she would see him again. Roman says he’s never seen her cry before and tells her that she’s a healer.

Emery comes back and she and Roman embrace. Teri says that Roman has to be back to the Sector by sundown and tells Emery that he’ll be safe because Castor isn’t around anymore.

Grayson leaves Emery a message and tells her they found the float but the Suvec isn’t there. The cops don’t believe them and then they recognize Grayson as a Montrose kid and take them even less seriously. Lukas has a radioactive app and says they may be able to use it to trace where the Suvec has been taken.

Roman and Emery cuddle now that Teri is gone. He tells her that fighting for their people almost cost both of them their lives. They kiss. He says his dad wanted him to be the next leader and to put the needs of the people first. Roman says that was his father’s path, not his. Emery asks how he can be sure and Roman says because his path always leads him right back to her.

They kiss some more and Emery takes off her jacket. The kisses grow more heated and she pulls off her shirt. Looks like they’re going to get what they’ve both been wanting. They lie down on the mattress in the shed and everything intensifies. We see that they’re naked and giving that shed more action than its ever seen. Emery’s phone rings with a call from Grayson that she either doesn’t hear or ignores.

The Mardi Gras parade is in fine form and the students’ float is looking good. Lukas runs the app searching for radiation as they ride the float. The cop in charge that blew them off comes to see Zoe who is watching from above. He says that everyone has abandoned looking for the Suvec – even Gloria.

Roman and Emery kiss and cuddle post-coital and her phone rings again. She says it’s Grayson again and plays the messages. Grayson’s message says that the Suvec has been stolen and for Emery to stay away from the parade. Emery freaks out because her parents and Julia are there. Roman freaks because his sister is there. They throw their clothes on and head out. Since Teri told Roman to be back to the Sector by sundown they assume that’s when the device is set to go off.

Vega calls Zoe and tells her to set the Suvec to go off at sundown. Zoe tells her that the Atrians and humans that know about the device are there looking for it. Vega tells her to stop them even if they have to kill their own. Teri overhears this and looks none to pleased that her friends’ lives are at risk even if she doesn’t care about the humans.

Gloria brings Taylor to a neighborhood of homes under construction. She tells her the houses are for Atrian families and mixed race couples. Taylor says she’s never heard of this and Gloria says they’ve kept it under wraps until it’s done. Gloria says she wanted her to see what her life could look like if she decides to have the baby.

Emery calls Grayson but can’t hear because of the parade noise. Roman looks around while Emery steps into a doorway to try and hear better. She loses sight of him. She tells Grayson she’s on the way and takes off in the other direction. Roman sees an Atrian in the crowd of human revelers and thinks it’s his dad. The man walks on and Roman cuts through the crowd to try and get to him.

The man sits on a park bench and Roman reaches out to touch his shoulder. The man turns to face him and thanks Roman for coming. He says his name is Jesper and he’s the gate keeper to Ojida. He says the herb he has draws you to it by evoking strong memories. He tells Roman that Saroya came to Ojida last night and told him about the Suvec.

Roman says they don’t know how to stop it and Jesper says he needs to take the Eiksen’s key out of it so it can’t be activated. Jesper brings over a little boy and tells Roman that the child (Gloria’s child) is his half-brother.

Teri asks Vega to call off the hit on her friends but Vega says they will kill anyone who stands in the way of their victory.

Emery tries to find Grayson but runs into someone scary who pursues her through the crowd. She takes off at a run but is caught. She asks what they want and they tell her that they’re going to take her life because her dad killed their leader and she seduced Roman, their future leader. Grayson shows up and draws their attention by saying his dad is the leader of the Red Hawks. Emery punches one and they take off and join the parade right in front of some cops on horseback.

He asks who they are and she says they are Atrians that have had their markings removed so they can hide among the humans. She says they hate her too. Grayson says they hate her because of Roman but he always put her first and still does. He asks her where Roman is now. He’s at the playground and Roman says he knew about Gloria and Nox but not about his half-brother. The child comes back over and Roman says he’ll find the Suvec but they need to head back to Ojida. He tells the boy that he’ll see him again. Jesper tells him they’re all depending on him. They leave.

Gloria drops Taylor off and she thanks her. She says it’s the first time since she found out she was pregnant that she feels hope. Gloria says she’s glad to hear her say that. Gloria sees the young boy and thinks it might be her son but then she gets a call and says she’s on her way. She turns her car around and heads off.

Lukas says he’s got a reading and thinks it’s nearby. Taylor is there and Sophia points her out to Drake. Taylor tells Drake she ran into Zoe and that she told her about the baby. Zoe points her to a snack stand and Taylor goes. Drake asks why he shouldn’t snap her neck. She says that unless he stops his friends from looking for the Suvec she’ll make him watch while Taylor and his baby die.

The gang is all in a warehouse. Emery tells Roman that Grayson saved her and asks where he was. He says he was an Atrian that told him about his father and says it may change what he promised her earlier but they can talk about it later. Lukas says the radiation is highest in the building and Roman gets in the elevator to go check the roof.

Drake busts in and says they have to give up on the search or Zoe will kill Taylor. Turns out Zoe has Taylor and the Suvec on the roof. Taylor sets the timer for 10 minutes and tells Taylor that it’s a device that will wipe out humanity. She reveals to Taylor that she’s an Atrian and tells her she’s everything that’s wrong with humans.

She tells Taylor that her baby with Drake is an abomination that she will personally fix. Taylor uses her super strength to knock Zoe away and heads down, slamming the doors locked after her. Zoe tells the others to find her. Zoe uses the key to activate the device. Drake tries to talk them out of pursuing it but Roman says they have no use.

The elevator opens and Taylor tells them there is a device on the roof to kill the humans and that they have to stop her. Drake tells Taylor to get to her car and drive as far away as she can. The elevator door opens again and it’s a Trag in a hoodie and a mask. Drake punches him out and Roman says he has an idea.

Vega tells the Trags it’s almost time for battle and they must prepare but then orange smoke grenades are tossed into the Sector and armed men rush in to confront them. Teri covers her mouth and Vega reaches for a weapon. Gloria tells her to stop. Vega tells the Trags not to be taken but Gloria speaks their language and tells them it’s a fight they cannot win and it’s better to be captured than dead.

Teri raises her arms in surrender as do the others. Gloria tells Vega she knows about the Suvec and demands to know where it is. As Vega is cuffed and led away, she tells Gloria it doesn’t matter because it’s too late. A Trag brings Emery up to the roof at gunpoint. Gloria tells Vega to tell her where the Suvec is or she’ll spend life in the crate. Vega says she’ll come kill Gloria first and the person that betrayed her.

Teri admits she was the one that told Gloria and Vega is disgusted. She says her father will be angry and Teri says she thought her dad never left Atria but Vega says she’ll see what happens. On the roof, Zoe tells the Trag to shoot Emery. Emery shoves him away and all hell breaks loose because it’s Roman in the Trag disguise.

Down in the streets, Lukas sets a float on fire so that all the people run away in panic. While Zoe is distracted, Drake and Grayson drop in on them. Drake and Grayson cover Emery and Roman as they go to try and deactivate the Suvec. Eric and Julia stack up crates against the warehouse wall and she calms Eric by telling him she’s faced death before. They kiss. He’s ready to die with her if he has to.

The Trags face off against Drake and Grayson as Roman goes for the Suvec. He goes for the key but one of the Trags has Emery at gunpoint. Grayson tells Roman that he has it and points the gun at the Trag. There are seconds left on the device. Grayson goes down with a shot to the chest. Zoe shot him but then Drake stabs her.

Roman is struggling to pull the key out of the device. Emery goes to Grayson as he collapses. There are two seconds left on the Suvec timer when the clock stops. Zoe laughs at him and says Trags always have a back up plan. She has a controller and presses it. The device opens up. Downstairs, Eric takes Julia in his arms.

The top of the device rises and a blue light steaks out everywhere. Humans drop like flies. Taylor’s car flips over, gasoline leaks out and flames start. She screams for help – screams for Drake. Roman struggles to his feet and looks down. He sees the mass of humanity on the street unconscious. He goes to Emery who is down. Drake tries to wake Grayson.

Another blue light comes out of the top of the device and Roman says that’s not the bomb, it’s a signal. The blue light streaks up into the sky. An Atrian ship detects the signal and says – we found them – activate the warships. A fleet of Atrian ships head for our galaxy.