Supernatural RECAP 5/6/14: Season 9 Episode 21 “King of the Damned”

Supernatural RECAP 5/6/14: Season 9 Episode 21 “King of the Damned”

SUPERNATURAL continues tonight on the CW with a brand new episode called “King of the Damned” where Abaddon demands that Crowley help her kill Sam and Dean. When he refuses, she reveals a shocking bargaining chip to change his mind. Meanwhile, Castiel captures one of Metatron’s angels, and gets Sam and Dean to help him with the interrogation.

On the last episode Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) investigated a case in Chicago, where they discovered that various mafia-esque monster families were, unknown to humans, running the underbelly of Chicago. Onewas a family of shapeshifters run by Margo Lassiter (guest starred Danielle Savre), whose leadership was thrown into question when her brother David (guest starred Nathaniel Buzolic) returned home. The other reigning family in town was made up of werewolves, led by Julian Duval (guest starred Sean Faris). While in Chicago, Sam and Dean met Ennis (guest starred Lucien Laviscount), a man with a personal vendetta against the monsters. The Winchesters warned Ennis about heading into the hunter lifestyle, but Ennis refused to listen and starts down a dangerous path.  Did you watch last week’s episode?  If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode Castiel (Misha Collins) captures one of Metatron’s angels (guest star Gordon Woolvet) and asks Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) for help with the interrogation. Dean eagerly accepts, which doesn’t go unnoticed by Sam. Meanwhile, Abaddon (guest star Alaina Huffman) demands Crowley (Mark Sheppard) help her kill Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles). When he refuses, she reveals her shocking bargaining chip. Also, Castiel (Misha Collins) sets a meeting with Gadreel (guest star Tahmoh Penikett).

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of CW’s Supernatural at 9:00 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know what you thought of the last episode?

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It’s 1723 in Leith, Scotland. A man packs a bag while he drinks. He hears a sound and sees light flashing beyond his door. It opens and it’s modern day Abaddon. He asks who she is and what she wants. She says she’s a friend of the family and wants him. She scrawls a rune on the door and tells him he won’t be sailing for the colonies. Another guy comes in and asks what it is and if they’re having a party. She laughs and says yes – a farewell party. She kills him and then turns back to the other guy and chants. The rune glows as she chants on.

Now, people hang out in a bar when one of their co-workers come over and they try to ignore him. He says he can’t complain since he was hand-picked by the big man himself – Metatron. The other guy asks what and he says Meta depends on him and they’re tight. He says he appreciates Meta’s vision and the guy reminds him they got them all thrown out of heaven. He says a chosen few will get to go back and the hostess watches with interest.

The guy walks outside and down an alley. A couple of people grab him and he’s chained to a chair. Another guy comes in and tells him you have to be careful what you say because you don’t know who could be listening. The guy pleads ignorance but he tells him there are consequences for talking about Metatron. The tied up guy hears footsteps and asks if it’s him. He says it is – but it’s Kas!

The brothers Winchester pull up at an address Kas provided. An angel opens the door and tells them the commander will see them now. Inside, they find a bustling headquarters with phones ringing, computers and a ton of angels working. They are brought to Kastiel’s office. Kas hugs the brothers. He tells the angel he can go. Kas says the guy can be stuffy.

Dean asks about the commander title and Kas says they had no leader and insisted he lead. He says with Metatron as powerful as he is now, he had to step up. Kas is still looking for a diplomatic option to get rid of Meta, but it may mean war. Kas tells them he’s trying to stop angel on angel violence. He says they have one of Meta’s guys they need information from but he’s not talking. That’s what he wants them for and Dean says he can do it.

In Cleveland, Crowley tells some minions that there is a crisis. He says Abaddon has made inroads into their group and is causing problems. He tells them to go out and spread the word that the king is back and the kingdom is on sound footing. He asks who’s with him, but none of them raise their hands. Abaddon is at the door and he tells them they betrayed him. He tells them that no one in the history of torture has been tortured the way they will torture them.

Abaddon comes in and tells him she knows he helped one of the Winchesters get the first blade and the mark of Cain. She tells him after they kill her, they’ll kill him for sure. She invites him to join her to defeat the Winchesters then they can take each other on. He tells her to go and says she has no hold on him. She snaps her finger and calls for Gavin – the kid from Scotland – who comes in. It’s his son.

Crowley says he doesn’t care about his kid and vice versa. She tells him she knows about his little human blood problem that’s infecting him with humanity and emotions. He says not a chance and she snaps her fingers to torture his son. Crowley watches. His son screams and blood is running out of his eyes. Crowley tells her party tricks don’t impress him – he says he’s seen and done worse.

Gavin falls to the floor screaming. She continues the torture as Gavin begs and pleads. Crowley tells her she’s made her point and says to stop. She does.

The captured angel tells the Winchesters he’s a trained commando and can withstand any torture. Dean grabs for him but Sam calls him off and says he can’t tell them anything if he’s dead. Sam says he thinks the guy is a lying loser who doesn’t know anything and Dean says Metatron isn’t recruiting loser. Ezra (the angel tied up) says he could be a decoy.

They mock him and say he probably hasn’t even been back to heaven. He reveals that there is a movable portal wherever Meta wants it to be.

Gavin says that Crowley isn’t his father. He says his father was a drunk that he buried and Crowley says a lot can change in 290 years. He demonstrates the lightbulb to prove his point. Gavin comes closer and looks at it and asks if you can cook a pigeon on it. Abaddon says he’s not very quick and opens the curtains. He’s amazed at the traffic and asks if they are angels in heaven.

Dean and Sam tell Ezra that he’s just a fan boy and doesn’t know Meta. He says Metatron doesn’t even know who he is. Sam asks if he’s so important, why is he down there. They mock him some more and Ezra admits he was a finalist and says ground forces are still important. He reveals that he almost made it onto the squad and they ask what. They laugh as they realize he never even knew what the job was he was trying out for.

The brothers laugh as they leave and wonder what the special squad was to do and where they can find the door to heaven. Crowley reveals that he sold his soul to the devil for an extra three inches in his pants. He says he went to hell, got demonized and eventually got to be king of hell. He tells Gavin he was always worried that his old man wouldn’t amount to much. Gavin is horrified.

A female guard comes in and sees that Ezra looks pretty much dead. He’s got blood running out of his nose and mouth and a bullet wound to his chest. The brothers tell Kas that he was fine when they left him and it couldn’t have been suicide. Kas says it’s an angel kill and they worry that Meta has a spy inside Kas’ group.

Dean says the problem is that Kas thinks no one is lying and he thinks everyone is lying. He says he and Sam will nose around. Kas calls Sam back and asks about Gadriel when he was possessing him. Sam says he doesn’t want to talk about but Kas pushes. Sam says it was more like they were sharing his body and Kas asks if he ever sensed a presence. Sam says he felt never completely alone, but not threatened, just like there was unrest like he was misunderstood or had unfinished business. Sam says he didn’t feel hostile but he says he was wrong because he killed Kevin. He walks out.

Crowley mentions that he beat and starved Gavin, stayed drunk, woke up hung over and then beat him some more. Gavin says he worked him harder than the horse and never let him go to school. He says he’s still illiterate and Crowley says it’s overrated. He touches him and tells him to read and hands him the paper. Gavin reads and is shocked that he can read now. Crowley says there are perks to being the king of hell.

Gavin asks if that makes him prince and he asks if he accepted him as his father, could he keep him from burning in hell no matter his sins. Crowley laughs at his trying to negotiate and says – that’s my boy. Gavin wants to go back to his time and get on the ship to the new world. Crowley starts to tell him something about the ship but then stops himself. Crowley says he’s ready to talk to Abaddon.

Gadriel and Kastiel meet privately. Gad says what happened in the garden wasn’t his fault and Kas says he obviously wants to redeem himself. Kas says he’s placed his faith in the wrong master. Kas says he made the same mistake and it led to the fall. Kas tells him to reclaim his loyalty to their original mission to serve heaven. Kas says he’s been deceived and it will be much worse under Metatron. Two angels come up behind them (the female guard from Kas’ group and another). Gad shouts a warning and they take out the two angels.

Dean has a flashback to when he used the first blade. Sam tries to snap him out of it and tells him his phone is ringing. It’s Crowley who says he found Abaddon. He asks where he is and Crowley says they need to go get the first blade before they come for her. Thing is, Abaddon is listening to the conversation with a smile.

The Winchesters head to a cemetery, open a grave with a stinky corpse in it. They’re grossed out because Crowley his the blade inside the corpse and Dean says it’s not the first place he would look. They hear a growl and guess it’s a hell hound. The guys run and break into a crypt and then block the gate. It attacks. Dean calls Crowley and tells him the grave is guarded by a hell hound.

He tells Dean that he thought she was collected and Dean puts him on speaker. Crowley calls out to Juliet, the hound, and tells her to stand down. She does with a whine. Gavin and his dad go on reading the newspaper by the fire. The brothers come back out and dig the blade out of the fetid corpse. Sam digs it out so Dean doesn’t have to touch it. It is all slimy and Dean says they need to go kill a knight of hell.

Gavin insists he’s getting on the ship to go to the colonies. Crowley tells him he’s his father and he needs to listen to him. He slams the door in Crowley’s face. Dean calls Crowley and he tells him they are in Cleveland. He says he has Abaddon there and he will have her there for them. Crowley says they need to hurry because it’s a full day’s drive from Poughkeepsie. Dean says that’s not where they are but Crowley says it again.

That’s the Winchester safe word for “drop everything and run” and Dean takes note. Sam asks if everything is okay and Dean lies and says it is. Crowley smiles at Abaddon but she says he’s been plotting with the Winchesters for a while. She isn’t happy about it being three against one when they show up. She says she needs better odds and shoots Crowley in the heart.

He asks if she’s out of her mind and she says she learned it from Henry Winchester. She says she carved a devil’s trap on the bullet and it’s made him powerless for now.

Gad tells Kas he had nothing to do with the attack. He says he wouldn’t have agreed to meet if he thought assassins would attack. Kas asks why he’s telling him this is and Gad says there must be honor even in matters of war. Kas says this should prove to him that Metatron is acting in bad faith. He lied to Gad and used him to set Kas up. Gad says he gave Meta his word. Kas says he wants him to stay with Meta and just report to him. Kas says obviously Meta has someone in his camp and it’s fighting fire with fire so there’s no dishonor. He tells Gad to think about it.

The brothers pull up outside the hotel and Dean says they need to give it the once over before they go in. Dean says Crowley warned him there might be demons. He tells Sam to check the basement while he checks the main floor. He takes the blade and heads inside. Dean comes in and sees Crowley lying in the chair. He tells him he’ll take him to Abaddon and says it’s not far. He nods and Dean says a guy coming for him. He knocks him away but then Abaddon is there and says even with the blade he’s no match for the new queen and pins him to the wall.

Sam is in the basement and doesn’t see anything. Abaddon says Dean will die first, painfully, then Crowley son while he watches and then Crowley. She says it’s quite a to do list. Dean struggles and his mark of Cain lights up. He’s able to fight back against her powers, but it’s still a struggle. He steps forward and she flings him back. The sword falls from his hand. Abaddon laughs and chokes him with her power.

Dean looks down at the blade as she laughs. The sword moves. She’s looking worried. It moves closer then flies into his hand. Sam comes in the door as Dean charges her and stabs her with the first blade. She screams out as she struggles. She goes down but Dean doesn’t stop. He beats her carcass as Sam shouts out to stop. Dean does but the bloodlust is on him. He drops the blade and see her battered body.

Crowley digs the devil’s trap bullet out and asks for help. Sam tells him he’s lucky they didn’t kill him. Crowley reminds them he warned them with a Poughkeepsie. Sam is shocked that the king of hell knows their safe word. Dean says he’s in shock that Crowley has a son. Dean says he has to go back and Crowley says that he’ll die on the ship to the new world.

The brothers tell him that if you change one thing in the past, everything goes off the rails. Crowley says he’s just one miserable guy who wouldn’t amount to anything. They tell him they’ll take him back to the bunker and figure out the spell to send him back. Crowley says he wants to say good-bye and says that he’ll cheer the day when the last traces of humanity leave him. He goes into Gavin’s room and the door slams behind him.

The brothers run to the doors, but it’s too late. Crowley and Gavin are gone. They curse Crowley. Out in a field, he tells his son that his ship went down. Gavin says that figures given the rest of his life and Crowley tells him not to snivel. Crowley says he’ll be find in the 21st century and says to avoid cheap whiskey and cheap hookers.

Crowley says it has to be good-bye forever. He says if he catches him smoking, he’ll smack him stupid. Gavin thanks him and calls him father and goes for a hug but Crowley stops him. He tells him not tell anyone the whole prince of hell thing – he says it won’t go over well in most circles. Crowley is gone and Gavin is alone in the field.

Dean tells Sam he didn’t tell him about Crowley’s warning because he didn’t want him to go into the room with him. Sam says they’re partners but Dean says he doesn’t understand. Dean says the first time he touched the blade, he knew he wouldn’t stop. He says he knew he would take down Abaddon and anything else. He says it’s not a hero thing but he had to go it alone.

Sam says it’s just him protecting him again and Dean says if Abaddon had got hold of Sam, she could have bargained her way out and they couldn’t afford a screw up. Sam says he thinks the blade is doing something to Dean. He says he thinks they should store the blade away from them, locked up safe. Dean says no.