Survivor Blood vs Water Recap – Major Blindside Rocks an Alliance: Season 29 Episode 9 “Gettin’ to Crunch Time”

Survivor Blood vs Water Recap - Major Blindside Rocks an Alliance: Season 29 Episode 9 "Gettin' to Crunch Time"

Tonight on CBS their Emmy Award-winning series Survivor Blood vs Water San Juan del Sur airs with an all new Wednesday November 19, season 29 episode 9 called, “Gettin’ to Crunch Time.”  Tonight, two reward winners trade their spots to prove their loyalty; an idol paper trail leads to chaos at camp; one castaway plays dirty when his game is threatened.

On the last episode, the claws were out when two parents protected their children in a heated exchange. Also, the castaways reaped the rewards of a Taco Bar after exiling one of their own. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CBS synopsis, “two reward winners trade their spots to prove their loyalty. Also, an idol paper trail causes chaos at camp, and one castaway plays dirty when his life in the game is threatened.”

Tonight’s season 29 episode 9 looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of CBS’s Survivor: San Juan del Sur – Blood vs Water episode at 8:00 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about season 29 of Survivor. Who will be sent home tonight?

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Ten Survivors are left on night 21 as everyone comes back to camp. Jeremy checks in with Reed who is furious that his honey was blindsided. He’s not sure who he can turn to and has to come up with a new game plan now that he’s alone. Jon tells Missy he feels really bad for leading Josh along. He says Jaclyn feeling disrespected was what lead him to vote Josh out.

Keith says people have been lying to him for 18 days. He takes Missy to task for flipping. He’s wondering how he can use the idol to create some drama and get either John or Missy out. He thinks about telling them all to vote for him like he’s given up and then playing the idol and forcing them to go after each other.

It’s time for the #RewardChallenge and it looks like it’s going to be a muddy one. They will split into teams, face off one on one to knock the other person off a beam into the mud. The winners get to go on a luxury fishing yacht, deli sandwiches, sodas and cocktails. Just as the challenge starts, so does the rain. It’s Wes, Missy, Jon, Jaclyn and Keith versus Alec, Baylor, Reed, Jeremy and Natalie.

First is Wed versus Reed. They get muddy stepping up so they are already slippery. The beam is held by rope so it’s already wobbly. Wes falls in first and Reed falls on top of him. First point goes to Reed. Next is Natalie versus Jaclyn. Jaclyn has a longer reach but totters in and Natalie scores so it’s two to one. Next up is Jeremy versus Jon. Jon knocks him off making it two to one.

It’s Baylor versus her mom. Baylor bounces the beam to try and knock her off and does. That makes it three to one. Keith versus Alec is next. Keith slaps Alec in the chest and he goes in. It’s three to two. Now it’s reed versus Wes again for a rematch. Wes gets mud in Reed’s eye and then bounces the beam and Reed goes in. That ties it up three to three.

Natalie and Jaclyn are in a rematch and Jaclyn shoves her but loses her balance. That makes it four to three. Jeremy and Jon are up again and if Jeremy wins, it’s over. Jeremy hunkers down low and starts to bounce the beam. They slap at each other, Jeremy falls and it’s tied up again. The final match will be Baylor versus Missy. It seems like Missy always lets her kid win.

They face off and Missy starts rocking the beam. Baylor starts really rocking it back and forth. Missy reaches for Baylor, misses and goes in. That means Alec, Baylor, Reed, Jeremy and Natalie win reward on the yacht. Natalie asks if she can choose someone to go in her place. She lets Jon go in her place and then Jeremy gives his to Jaclyn. The couple is shocked at their generosity.

Jon tells them he loves them. Jeff asks Natalie why she did that when food is hard to come by. Natalie says when someone shows you loyalty, you need to show it back with love and respect. He tells the winners to decide who’s going to exile and they send Jeremy. He says he’s okay with that, but that seems a crappy thing to do to someone who gave them a treat and is in their alliance.

Baylor says she sent him to exile so he can try and find the idol that’s out there so it can benefit their alliance. That makes sense but I wonder if Jeremy knows that’s why he’s being sent. The losers and Natalie head back to camp. Natalie says Jon needs food so she gave it up to show she appreciates what he did at tribal for him. She’s hoping for future leverage.

Keith says he and Jaclyn were both nearly crying. Wes says this was a very strategic move. Wes talks to Natalie and says to just to let him know if he’s going home and says he doesn’t want to be #blindsided. They are hoping to get some indication of who need to use the idol. Jeremy is okay with giving up reward for Jon and Jaclyn. On Exile, he gets a clue to look for an idol.

Jeremy sees the yacht in the distance and thinks about the food he could be having. On the yacht, the group enjoys seeing dolphins jumping nearby. He’s happy to be there with Jaclyn and says he appreciates Jeremy and Natalie giving them this chance. Reed says Jon and Jaclyn weren’t supposed to be there and says Natalie is pulling a stunt. He says it’s transparent and makes him want to hurl.

He asks if it really means anything in the end. He says he has nothing to lose, so he plans to stir up some chaos to try and stay around. On Exile, Jeremy says he hates it and says sleeping on rocks with no shelter is just no fun. Then the rain starts. He was up most of the night and the next morning is really tired. He didn’t find the immunity idol but decides to go look one last time.

He wonders if Jon already found the idol but says if Jon had told him, he wouldn’t have gone to all the effort to search for it. Jon tells Jaclyn that Jeremy probably got a more specific clue about the idol and will know he has it. He says people will think he was lying this whole time for not speaking up and saying he has it. He says this could make trouble for him.

It’s time for the #ImmunityChallenge. The Survivors come in and then Jeremy comes back from Exile. Jeff says it looks like it kicked his butt and Jeremy says it was tough with the rain. Jeff takes back the immunity necklace from Jeremy and says they will unspool a rope to release blocks then stacked with a flag in the middle. But they have to do it all with just their feet. This is a Survivor first.

They draw for spots and the challenge starts. They start out trying to untangle the rope with just their feet. Keith, Jon and Natalie get theirs down first. They can only use their hands if a block falls out of the basket. They all now have their pieces and start trying to stack with their feet. This is literally a balancing act. Reed is doing well – those dancer feet are coordinated.

Missy and Jon are not doing well. There are 21 pieces that have to be stacked and then the flag has to be lifted up and over. Natalie, Reed and Baylor are all on the second level. Alec is struggling. Reed and Keith make it to the top row first. Reed knocks some of his blocks over and Keith takes the lead. Baylor and Natalie start on their third. Keith has just a couple of pieces left. Keith knocks some over.

Reed knocks one off and then again. Baylor has her last piece ready to drop. She drops a piece and Missy coaches her. Baylor gets her last piece in and gets her flag. She lowers her flag into the blocks and into the hole and wins it. Baylor comes to claim her immunity necklace. Jeremy says as long as one of their alliance members won, he’s okay with it.

Reed is bummed about losing the challenge and is very worried that he’ll be going home. He says he’s going to light the camp on fire on his way out. He decides to rifle through Keith’s bag. He finds the rules for the immunity idol and says it was a #RookieMistake to leave a paper trail. Then he goes to Jaclyn and Baylor and tells them he went into Keith’s bag on accident thinking it was Julie’s.

He gives it to them so they can clearly see that Keith has an idol. She wonders when Keith found it and how he’s been able to hide it from them. She says it’s about to get crazy. Keith tells Wes that someone got into his stuff and found the idol rules and says now people obviously know that he has an idol. We says this means they’re up the creek.

Jaclyn goes to tell Jon and Jon says he burned the paper that came with his idol. He says this complicates thing. Jeremy tells Natalie that he’s sure Jon has an idol and that she’s the only one he can trust. She agrees. They think he’s trying to control the game. Jeremy plans to catch him in a lie. He shows the exile idol clue to Jon and asks where he thinks it would be.

Jeremy says if Jon found it, they don’t need to go back. Jon doesn’t confess and Jeremy can’t decide if he thinks he’s lying or not. Jon says someone has it. In private, Jon says he thinks Jeremy knows he has the idol and now needs to change the course of the game. He goes and tells Missy he has an idol and says he wants to get Jeremy voted out this time.

Missy says it may be the time to take out Jeremy but says Jon and Jaclyn have been barreling people over and wonder if she needs to stick with Jeremy and Natalie instead. Missy wants to split the votes between Keith and Reed to flush the idol. They all head to #TribalCouncil. Josh comes in and takes a seat at the jury area. Reed whispers eye to him.

Jeremy says trust is huge right now since it’s 6-4. He says they’ve been building trust in their alliance all season. He says Jaclyn and Jon joined their alliance so he and Natalie gave them the reward. Jaclyn says it reassured them they’re all together in this. She says she doesn’t think anyone in the other alliance would have done that for them. Reed says it’s not selfless and is self-serving to secure loyalties.

Jeff says it’s a win-win and Reed agrees. Jeremy says Exile was draining and kicked his butt. Missy says she could see how fatigued he was. She says it was a different Jeremy. Jeff asks Missy about idols. He says at day 24, there have been no idols played. Missy says people are feeling comfortable so they haven’t played them. Jon says he’s sure someone has an idol.

Natalie agree that if there is an idol among the four, it could change it and would also be an issue if someone in their alliance is hiding an idol. Jaclyn says Wes and Keith haven’t talked to them and she says she thinks it’s one of them since they haven’t been talking strategy. Wes says Jon broke trust with him and Jon brings up the disrespect to Jaclyn.

Wes and Jon have a mini argument. Jaclyn says Keith never pays attention to her. Baylor asks Keith why he doesn’t talk to the girls and he says he talks to her mom. Reed says it’s great that they’re fighting and it may give him opportunities. Jeremy says he checked on Jaclyn when Jon was on Exile and says that means you have the other person’s back.

Natalie says she hopes her alliance sticks to the plan and focuses on the long-term goals and not listen to desperate people. Jeff calls for the vote. Jeremy votes for Keith. Keith votes for Reed. Natalie votes for Keith. Alec votes for Reed. Looks like they are splitting the votes. The votes are in and Jeff goes to tally them. He comes back and makes the usual call for immunity idols.

Keith doesn’t play his. What? OMG! Jeff reads the votes: Keith, Reed, Keith, Reed, Reed, Jeremy, Jeremy, Jeremy, Jeremy. Josh’s mouth falls open then Jeff announces Jeremy got a #blindside. Natalie looks at Missy and asks what the f-? Natalie is not pleased. Jeff says this was brutal and beautiful example of why you should never give up.

He sends them back to camp and Reed mouths “I love you” to Josh on the way out. Jeremy says he didn’t see it coming at all and says he thought his alliance was set. He regrets giving up the reward and says the good guy lost this time.