Survivor Recap: John Rocker Exiled, Val Eliminated – Blood vs Water San Juan del Sur Season 29 Episode 2 ‘Method of Madness’

Survivor Recap: John Rocker Exiled, Val Eliminated - Blood vs Water San Juan del Sur Season 29 Episode 2 'Method of Madness'

Tonight on CBS their Emmy Award-winning series Survivor airs an all new Wednesday October 1, season 29 episode 2 called, “Method of Madness.” On tonight’s show another castaway is voted out of the game.

On the last episode, eighteen castaways competed with and against loved ones in a “Blood Vs Water” style competition that reintroduced Exile Island to the game. In the opener, the 18 players arrived in Nicaragua and participated in their first challenge and the return of Blood Vs Water with the absence of familiar faces. In the opener, husband and wife team Jeremy and Val had to compete against each other, the loser would be sent to Exile Island. Val lost, she went to Exile Island but while there, found a clue for an immunity idol. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

on tonight’s show after losing their flint, one tribe attempts to barter with Jeff in a rare negotiation. Meanwhile, former MLB player John Rocker’s controversial past threatens his future in the game,

Tonight’s season 29 episode 2 looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of CBS’s Survivor: San Juan del Sur – Blood vs Water episode at 8:00 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the return of Survivor.

RECAP: Rachel Rowan: On #Survivor, Coyopa comes back from Trival Council and Josh tells Baylor he was the one who put her name down. He tells her it was to further their alliance so the guys don’t think he’s on the girls’ side. He begs her to not be mad. Baylor says it was a smart move but thinks it’s sketchy that he didn’t tell her beforehand. She wonders if she can trust him. Over at Hunahpu, a couple of the guys are doing workout stuff. Jeremy says they’re like crazy cartoon characters. He says it’s good for his game since the girls don’t like them. They realize they can’t find their flint and Kelley says this is not good.

They ask Jon if he had it last and he says he used it and set it down. He says he fells like J’tia when she dumped the rice in the fire. He’s worried the others will be angry with him but decides to take the high road and be honest. It’s time for the Exile Island/reward challenge. Jeff welcomes the tribes as they come to sit in the arena. Natalie is shocked to see her sister is gone from Coyopa. She cries and says she hasn’t cried in a decade. The others comfort her. He asks if the tears are for her and her sister. Natalie says they’ve been inseperable their whole lives.

They have to balance a ball on a disk while going through some obstacles. Once done they have to roll three balls up a slanted table into shallow holes. The reward is fishing gear. Coyopa decides to put up John Rocker and that means he’s facing his sweetie Julie. He’s big and strong, but does he have balance? John drops his ball and has to start over. Then it happens again. Julie is going slow and steady without a drop. Her tribe mates tell her to keep it slow. John finally makes it past the first obstacle that was hard because of his size.

John loses control of his ball again and curses and has to start over. Julie is still going and almost at the end. Now she just has to roll her balls. John drops his ball again – he’s either too big to make it through or he’s giving it to her on purpose. Julie sinks two balls. John is still working when she lands her third ball. This means that John will go to exile. Another classic #BloodVsWater. Julie says this is rare since he’s good at most physical things. John says worst that he’s losing to a friend, he lost to a girl. He seems to mean it, but maybe not.

Jeff tells her to select someone from her tribe to go with John. Julie sends Jeremy to Exile with her MLB sweetie. Jeremy and John head off after sharing a hug. I think Julie did him a favor by not sending any of the women or the gay guy with her honey since he’s got a rep for mouthing off to these demographics. Hunahpu asks if they can trade their beans for replacement flint. Jeff reminds they have two firefighters. He criticizes them for not offering the beans when they first came in rather than seeing if they won the reward. He tells them they can have the fishing gear reward or the flint.

Then he tells them that when it rains, and it will, they are going to be sorry they don’t have the flint and says if they come back to him later, the cost will be much greater. They debate then cave in and leave the fishing gear behind and Jeff says they’ll have a new flint waiting on them back at camp. They head back to camp and find the flint and are happy. They all congratulate Julie on her win. Natalie is bawling about her sister and they tell her to let it all out. Missy is teary on her behalf. She tells Natalie that her sister is a badass and is fine.

Over at Coyopa, the tribe discusses John. Dale says he remembers a guy named John Rocker that got run out of baseball because of his opinions on ethnicities in NYC. One says he may have changed and Josh says he’s even more eager to work with John after hearing this since he says he’ll be hated. On Exile, Jeremy isn’t happy to be there and says he knows who John Rocker is. He says John said racist things (I would actually question that – what he said was more anti-ethnic than racist). Jeremy shares his idol clue and tells John if he’ll protect Val, he’ll protect Julie. John agrees.

It’s time for the immunity challenge and Jeremy and John are brought back from Exile Island. Jeff says they have to swuare off Sumo style and try to knock each other off a floating platform. Hunahpu has to sit someone else and they choose Julie. The first is Kelley vs Jaclyn. They swim out to the platform. The women fight hard but Jaclyn wins for Coyopa. Next is Drew versus Alec. The brothers start hard and one slips. They fight hard and Alec goes in for a point for Hunahpu. It’s a tie.

Next is Jeremy versus Wes. Jeremy is super aggressive but Wes brute forces him into the water. Coyopa has two points now. Natalie is up against Val. Natalie knocks her down right away. Josh shouts directions. Val shoces Natalie toward the edge. Natalie gets up to her knees and shoves Val over. That ties it back up 2-2. Next is John versus Jon. Jon goes down hard and Rocker slides onto his back. He stays low and almost has Jon on his back. Jon knocks the big guy into the drink after a hard battle putting Hunahpu ahead. John has a bloody nose and Jeff checks on him.

It’s mom versus daughter when Missy and Baylor face off. Missy says she’s picturing one of her exes so she doesn’t think about fighting her daughter. Missy hits hard and Baylor takes a crack to the face. Her mom says she’s sorry and then shouts at her mom to restart. They tell Missy to play the game. Missy doesn’t really fight back and Baylor knocks her in. That ties it back up 3-3. Josh versus Reed is another loves one face off. Josh knocks Reed down and then Reed pushes on him. Reed pushes Josh over and Hunahpu takes the lead.

It’s Keith versus Dale for the last match with old guy against old guy. Keith comes out strong but Dale has him on his back and pushes him to the edge. Keith gets back up and Keith goes in to tie it back up 4-4. Kelley tells the others her dad is insane. The last is a Kelly versus Jaclyn rematch to break the tie. Dale can’t even watch and says he can’t do it because it’s her birthday but he has to root for Jaclyn. The match starts. The women are both down and grappling on the surface. Kelley has Jaclyn on the edge and then she’s in. Hunahpu wins immunity again.

Jeff congratulates them and hands over the idol. He tells Coyopa that they are back at tribal tonight. Val is worried because she only has an alliance with Jaclyn and no idol – she had a clue but Dale had already snagged it. They march back to camp dejected. Dale says he was proud of his daughter. Jaclyn tells him she hates Kelley right now but will get over it. John tells Val he liked hanging out with Jeremy and reveals that he had a clue that he shared with John. Val tells John to save himself and find it.

He’s worried. The clue said to dig by the well and he heads off to look for it. He’s finding just rocks but then turns up the idol. He says this bought him an extra three days with pride. He says athlete types like him usually make it to the merge then get voted off so he wants to protect himself. Val lied to him and told him she has two idols. John goes to talk to Josh about votes. John tells Val they are splitting votes between her and Baylor then will vote Baylor out. He tells her to play her idol to save herself.

Val says if she and Jaclyn vote for Baylor too, she’ll be safe. John tells her about his deal with Jeremy for him to protect her and Julie. Josh sees John off with Val and is suspicious that John has lied to him. He’s worried about splitting the votes. They head to tribal. Jeff asks Dale about being 0 for 4. He says they lost head to head and it was a pride thing. Alec says it was hard to go against his brother and wasn’t likely the smartest move. John says they are going to gel and will take a challenge and be back. Josh rattles off a weird analogy to a Broadway show that not everyone seems to get.

Val says we have people playing to play both sides and calls out Baylor. She says Val has had it in for her since they got there. Jaclyn says Baylor had promised to vote with the girls but she sided with the guys. Val tells them all that Baylor had told them to vote for Dale. Wes says Val has said she has an idol and then others say she says she has two idols. He says that means they have to vote for her to draw it out. Baylor and Val admit they are both expecting votes. Baylor says this is all crazy talk.

Jeff sends them all to vote. We see Baylor vote for Val and John for Baylor to protect Val. Wes also votes for Val. Val of course votes for Baylor. The rest are not seen. Jeff goes to count the votes. Jeff calls for hidden immunity idols. They are tied at two votes each when Jeff counts them off. Then two more tie them up again. Next is Baylor and then Val. There is a tie. They have to revote and Val and Baylor can’t vote and the others can only vote for them.

John now votes for Val and is upset because she didn’t play an idol and now he knows she lied to him about having one. He says that will cause him problems with her husband. The votes are Baylor, Val, Val, Val, Val. So Val is voted out and now John will have to either find a way to explain it to Jeremy to prevent him from going after his girl. It’s Val’s fault that she’s gone for lying about having not one, but multiple idols. Duh. Val says she made big moves but lost out because of her time at Exile. She says she hopes her getting voted out will inspire Jeremy to do better.