Survivor: Cagayan RECAP 4/23/14: Season 28 Episode 9 “Sitting in My Spy Shack”

Survivor: Cagayan RECAP 4/23/14: Season 28 Episode 9 “Sitting in My Spy Shack”

Tonight on CBS their Emmy Award-winning series SURVIVOR returns with a new episode called, “Sitting in My Spy Shack.”  Castaways receive letters from home, Tony tries to gather information and Woo falls from a tree.

On last week’s episode one castaway’s paranoia led to a game-changing flip, and a grade-school memory challenge looked more like a college exam for several exhausted castaways.  Jeff Probst split the Solarrion tribe into three teams to compete for reward.  At tribal council Jeff called for the vote and sent Woo off first. The others followed and we only saw Spencer’s vote for LJ and his wish for another blindside. The votes were all in and Jeff went to tally them. He came back and called for a hidden immunity idol. Spencer didn’t play his. He read the votes: LJ, LJ, LJ, Jeremiah, Jeremiah, Jeremiah – it was tied. Spencer, LJ and then Jeff said the next person voted out was LJ. Spencer was thrilled and did a fist pump because it was another #BlindSide. Sarah and Morgan started laughing.  Did you watch last week’s episode?  We did and we recapped it right here for you.

On tonight’s episode the castaways receive letters from home. Meanwhile, Tony embarks on a stakeout to gather inside information; and Woo falls from a tree when he tries to collect coconuts.

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our coverage of CBS’s Survivor: Brawn vs. Brains vs. Beauty at 8:00 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments.

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On night 25 at camp, the Survivors try to figure out who flipped and they realize it must be Tony and Woo. Tony defends himself and says he couldn’t tell the girls because they liked LJ. Shockingly, Trish still trusts Tony. His alliance wants to know if he broke it for just this one vote. Spencer thinks Tony is completely unpredictable and needs to go. He, Jeremiah and Tasha need to find other people to vote with them to get rid of him. Tony is paranoid because he knows his blindside didn’t go over well.

He’s scrambling and builds a #SpyShack near the water well so he can creep around and eavesdrop. He crawls into it and hears Jefra telling Trish they can’t trust Tony. Trish says the alliance is there but just down to five now that LJ is gone. Trish says Tony is an Academy Award winning actor. Jefra says it’s the lies not the blindside that’s her problem with Tony. Tony overhears all of this. He knows he’s in trouble.

The Survivors show up for the reward challenge and Jeff greets them. They will be split into two teams of four and go out to get paddles (i.e. oars) and have to spell out a word. The reward is a trip to go caving and enjoy a BBQ lunch. Team orange is Kass, Trish, Tony and Woo. Tasha, Jefra, Spencer and Jeremiah on team purple. Jefra struggles to get into the boat and purple is in the lead to grab up their first box of paddles – there are four to collect.

Orange catches up when Tasha fumbles untying the box. Tony and Woo get the second set for orange but then Tony loses a paddle and has to dive in and get it and then struggles to get back in. The two teams are even at this point. Orange and purple are neck and neck with one box left. Orange reaches theirs first and purple overshoots it and has to back up. Orange has all their paddles and purple is lagging behind. But now they have theirs and are close behind.

The teams come ashore and have to bring all their paddles to the platform where two members have to spell out the words. Woo and Kass for orange and Tasha and Spencer for purple. It’s a three word phrase. Spencer figures something out and Tony is spying on them. Orange and purple have two different ideas and then purple gets another idea.

Purple wins with the phrase “worth playing for” – Jeff’s reward challenge catch phrase. He tells Tasha, Spencer, Jefra and Jeremiah to go enjoy their treat while Tony worries that he is in deep trouble. The losers head back to camp and Woo says he’s bitter about this loss. Kass worries that the others have time to work on Jefra to swing her over.

Kass isn’t offended by Tony blindsiding LJ but thinks that Spencer needs to go next. Trish comes back from the well but she wants to go pick fruit. Tony is upset that she won’t stay and talk. She asks Woo to come with her and Tony goes off alone to search for the special idol. He still thinks there’s a chance that someone in the other group may have it but decides to look anyway.

Trish points out the papayas and Woo climbs up to shake the tree. He knocks them down but then falls when climbing back down. He grabs a dead branch that snaps and he goes tumbling back. He worries that he broke his butt or got a charlie horse in his booty. He says an injury is the last thing he needs. He’s relieved that he didn’t do any permanent injury and says he’d break his ass for papaya any day.

At the caves and waterfall, the winners hike through a giant cave with a guide. It’s gorgeous. The caves are sunlit and incredible. The winners rave and then are brought to their table to eat right there in the giant sunlit cavern. They dine on ribs, tea and chocolate chip cookies. Spencer is happy they have a chance to work on Jefra. She says the last tribal makes her question whether there is an alliance and they talk about voting out Tony. Jefra agrees Tony needs to go.

The guide comes up and hands them envelopes with letters from home. Jefra immediately bursts into tears. She cries as she reads a letter from her mom. Tasha is crying too. Jeremiah is stuffing his face happily. Jefra’s mom writes to her that she shouldn’t let her warm heart be her downfall. She sees this as a sign she needs to switch alliances and she shakes on a new alliance with the other three.

The Survivors head into the immunity challenge. Jeff collects the immunity necklace from Tasha and tells them that they will have to stand on a narrow beam and balance a ball on a platform. They then have to move to a narrower point in each phase and hold the platform balancing the ball lower down. This is all about coordination. They draw for spots and get started.

They start high on a long board slanted at about 45 degrees. They are at the tip top widest point. Their balls (like croquet ball size) are balanced on a round platform with a long handle on it. A wind comes up and blows the balls. Jefra is the first out and then Trish and Tony lose theirs rapidly. Kass also falls out. The first round is 10 minutes before they make it more difficult.

After 10 minutes, Jeremiah, Woo, Spencer and Tasha are still in it. They all have to move down one level and then hold the bar supporting the platform about 15 inches below the ball platform. Tasha is struggling but steadies it. Jeremiah loses control and is out. Woo, Spencer and Tasha are left. All three have won immunity before and want it again. They have 20 minutes to go in this phase. More wind blows as they have seconds left. All three make it.

They move down to the narrowest part of the beam and the lowest part of the holding stick. Their hands are now about two feet below the ball platform. Jeff counts down and they start. It’s much harder now to keep control of the ball. Woo is struggling and loses it. It’s Tasha and Spencer in the last phase. There is no time limit and it goes until one falls out. Wind comes up again and Spencer loses control and Tasha takes immunity for the second time in a row and is guaranteed a spot in the final seven.

Jeff tells the rest of them that he will see them tonight at Tribal on day 28. Jefra says she’s firm on voting Tony out tonight and sticking with her new alliance. They head back to camp and everyone congratulates Tasha. She thinks the four alliance will blindside Tony but is worried they’ll go to a tie and draw rocks. Tony goes running off through the woods to find an immunity idol. He thinks about a crazy looking tree that’s iconic.

Jefra soaks and Trish says she looks upset. Jefra tells her she doesn’t feel safe with Tony there. Kass joins them and Jefra is almost in tears and says he’s a liar and is on her nerves. Tony doesn’t find it at the tree and then finds another odd shaped tree and searches there. He digs and scratches and then feels something and then digs with a stick. He freaking found it!

He’s got the #SpecialIdol that he says is priceless. This idol can be played after the votes are read. It cannot be given to someone else. He hides it and goes to wash up. He’s thrilled and says it’s so powerful. Kass tells Jefra that keeping an annoying person is a good strategy. Trish tells her they need to vote for one of the three. Tony comes to soak with  them and Trish asks if they can trust him and he acts insulted. He starts swearing on his whole family that they can trust him.

Trish doesn’t think Jefra will flip but she tells them she thinks Spencer has an idol. Woo is there too and says if he has an idol, they’re screwed. Woo thinks Jeremiah is a huge threat since he’s such an athlete. Jefra pulls Jeremiah aside and tells him she’s not going to vote for Tony with them. He plays it cool and says it’s okay. He thinks her old alliance got the better of her.

Jeremiah tells Tash and Spencer that he’s a model. Tasha says that makes sense. Spencer thinks it’s funny that Jeremiah thinks that’s a big secret. Spencer decides to tell a secret too and tells them he has an idol. They wonder who they should vote for and they discuss voting for Woo. Spencer worries about playing his idol wrong and making a big mistake.

They come into Tribal Council and then the jury comes in. Sarah, Morgan and LJ come in. Jeff starts with Spencer and asks if the game is up for grabs but he says he knows they are on the outside and the numbers aren’t with them. Jeremiah tells them that Jefra talked to them but then went back to her alliance. Jefra admits that Spencer and Tasha would be harder to sit beside because they would be harder to beat.

Spencer reminds everyone that Tony has swore on his family and then broke promises. Spencer says that he can’t be trusted and then tells the others he would vote for Spencer at the end because he’s been driving the game. Woo chimes in and says Tony can’t get to the end without them. Trish says they called Tony out and Tasha asks why they’re not alarmed. Trish says they are but that Tony made them promises.

Jeff asks Woo how they decide to vote between Spencer and Jeremiah and he says they talked about who could have the hidden immunity idol. Jeremiah admits that Spencer is a big threat and says he’s a bigger threat in the game than he is. But Spencer says Jeremiah is playing a big social game. Tasha says they’re not voting Tony tonight. Tony says he has his bag of tricks and Spencer says he’s not going to play anything from it.

Voting starts with Kass. They all take their turn. Spencer voted for Woo and they don’t show any others. Jeff goes to tally the votes and calls for hidden immunity idols. Spencer pulls his out and says it doesn’t matter that Woo stole the clues. He plays the idol for himself and then Tony says he had a fake idol.

Votes are Woo, Woo, Woo, Jeremiah, Jeremiah, Jeremiah. It’s tied and then Jeremiah gets another and then Jeff announces Jeremiah is voted out. Jeff puts out his torch and he wishes his alliance luck and leaves. Spencer isn’t happy. Jeff says it’s another tribal with another big move and that’s the end of the tribal at #Survivor.

Jeremiah says for some odd reason they just pinpointed him and he says he knows why Spencer targeted him.