Talking Dead Live Recap 3/2/14: With Norman Reedus, Emily Kinney, and JB Smoove

Talking Dead Live Recap 3/2/14: With Norman Reedus, Emily Kinney, and JB Smoove

Talking Dead returns this evening with special guests Norman Reedus, Emily Kinney, and JB Smoove. Did you watch the last episode of Talking Dead? The special celebrity guests were JMindy Kaling And cast member Michael Cudlitz.  If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here.

Talking Dead features host Chris Hardwick who also hosted Talking Bad.  Chris will spend time with fans, actors, producers and tv enthusiasts, recapping tonight’sThe Walking Dead episode, and taking questions and comments from viewers. Fans may continue to engage with the after-show following the on-air conclusion, online, at for more videos, weekly polls and photo galleries of the guests featured on the series.

This week on Talking Dead joining Chris are Norman Reedus who plays Daryl Dixon on The Walking Dead, mily Kinney who plays Beth Greene on The Walking Dead and JB Smoove who is a comedian, who is best known for his role as Leon on the HBO series Curb Your Enthusiasm.  Tonight’s guests will discuss the evening’s proceedings and take your questions live.

Talking Dead airs tonight,  at 10 PM ET on AMC.  While you wait for the recap,  Celeb Dirty Laundry offers a live recap of tonight’s  The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 12, “Still”.  [CLICK HERE]

RECAP: With Chris Hardwick is J.B. Smoove, Emily Kinney and Norman Reedus; Chris asks what Norman felt about learning about Daryl’s past. Norman says it’s a strong statement how he never did anything and followed  his brother; it was like he was totally lost in his time. Chris then says he has to make his own decisions; Norman says he is learning to be useful and having to do things. Chris asks what Daryl would do without Beth; Norman says he would have been a loner for ever. Chris then mentions they finally learn more about Beth and Emily mentions that she is insecure about being alive; knowing that she wasn’t a fighter but there is a reason for her survival.

Emily says the first drink for Beth was like a mission to help her through the time; she is dealing with the loss of her family and prison. This mission is to help her keep her mind off of all the problems going on, Chris says she is a better drunk then Daryl. J.B. mentions that her drinking mission was something of her wanting to prove herself that she is a grown woman who can help herself. Chris says he likes seeing Beth basically say that she is finally ready for the world and is an adult; willing to take care of Daryl and be strong. J.B. says when watching two characters and worries about how Tyreese is with three white kids; he feels very passionate about everyone. J.B. says they all just kill off characters like crazy and was even worried about himself coming onto the show.

J.B. then mentions how about Norman as Daryl would prefer Snake or Squirrel; Norman says he’d prefers squirrel since they don’t bite back. Norman then mentions how the snake was an eel and it tasted horrible, a fan comes up and asks Norman and Emily what they felt the meaning of burning down the moonshine house; Emily says it was a goodbye to the past. Chris asks if the house was real that the burnt down; Norman says it was real and so hot that they had to turn from it. Chris then mentions he was impressed with how Beth was totally strong against Daryl when he was acting like such a jerk; it was a moment of release for Daryl. Emily mentions how she believes that Beth wanted to make a friend with Daryl but she realizes that he also needs someone in his life since he is so sad. Chris asks J.B. what he felt about the fight between the two; J.B. says that they needed to reset themselves as people.

Norman mentions how the stunt man got beat up pretty bad when he beat him up with the rubber golf club in his fight with the walkers, Norman mentions how he was pretty much growling all his line in the beginning scenes; he even says that he was actually chewing a lot of gum before. Chris then mentions how Beth was going to have a drink but starts crying; Emily says that there is something about getting what you want on your journey and it made her feel lost. She was working through her feelings with the prison and her father as well; Chris is really amazed to see how Beth is emotionally pretty healthy. Emily says that she is grounded and finds way to make herself keep going; though she is still really down. J.B. says country clubs are expensive and would totally go there himself if they were wide open.

Chris brings up a fan from the audience named Crystal asking if it was harder for Daryl to lose his brother or his prison family; Norman says that losing Merle made him let loose of the past but his prison family loss really crushed him. A caller asks how it felt being stuck in a trunk for Emily and Norman; Norman says it was really cute but he took a lot of portraits of Emily while they were in there. Chris questions when Beth mentions how Daryl will be the last man standing; Norman says it was the hardest thing for Daryl because he needs people to keep him going. Chris asks why nobody planned to go meet up at another place if something happened; Norman mentions they never had a plan for a tank to come through to woods. Chris says everyone is taking a life size cut out of Daryl Dixon with them tonight.

Chris really thought that a romantic thing could happen between Daryl and Beth; J.B. mentions that they are in the safest possible position. Chris asks Emily and Norman where it is going; Norman says it is all on Emily to answer. Emily says they are getting closer but doesn’t feel like it will be romantic; though they will be a better unit and a team. A caller asks if Norman and Emily drank moonshine for the role; Norman mentions that there is a lot in Georgia. J.B. mentions he had some last night and believe he still has moonshine in his system. Chris asks if J.B. would join the group to find shelter or saving the world; J.B. says you can’t save the planet or anyone. There is no reset button and believes he would follow Carl; he doesn’t feel like a wild goose chase is worth it.

We now see the sneak peek; we see fog all around Maggie, Sash and Bob; the three are surrounded by walkers and are ready for a fight.