Tamra Barney Divorce News: Fired From Real Housewives of Orange County Star Attacks CDL (PHOTO)

Tamra Barney Divorce News: Fired From Real Housewives of Orange County Star Attacks CDL (PHOTO)

Real Housewives of Orange County’s Tamra Barney has been under the microscope over the course of the last few weeks. Is she getting fired or not? Well, according to Tamra her position on The Real Housewives of Orange County’s cast is secure, and she doesn’t take kindly to CDL’s reports that it isn’t. The reality TV star even took to Facebook to inform her followers that our “trash” article claiming her job was on the line was completely false, and argued that she and Eddie are NOT the “least interesting couple” on RHOOC. (See screen cap below)

To hear Tamra Barney talk, The Real Housewives of Orange County would be a flop without her, and she has even gone as far as to refer to herself as the “most talked about housewife” in interviews. The thing is, Tamra’s storylines have run dry. She doesn’t film with her children anymore, and her husband Eddie is hardly ever involved in her scenes. The biggest plot in Tamra’s life is, “Should we have a baby?” (Which is comical considering she is pushing fifty.) Sure, Tamra brings a lot of drama to the show, but it is all drama she created over he-said she-said bickering. And, she has been so busy trying to keep her scenes interesting, that she has rubbed every other member of the cast the wrong way.

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The majority of Bravo’s housewives have some sort of personal storyline aside from their interactions with the other girls. And, Tamra doesn’t. Now, that rumors of her possible divorce have been laid to rest, Bravo has no reason to keep her around. So, is Tamra Barney going to be fired by Bravo? Well, she may think her job is secure, but we have heard from more than one source close to the show that is not the case. Multiple members of the RHOOC cast don’t want to film scenes with her anymore because they are sick of her bickering, and RHOOC’s ratings have dropped, they are shopping for new housewives that have real drama in their lives, not self-imposed drama based on jealous nasty behavior.

Have you had enough of Tamra Barney on the Real Housewives? Do you think she has run her course on the reality TV show, or do you hope Bravo keeps her around? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Image Credit: FameFlynet and Tamra Barney Facebook

  • katness

    I like that “tamrat.” fits her perfectly! I hope she reads these posts. if she does, she’s probably cussing and swearing, then crying about how she is the victim….

    • Joro

      I agree, and she might not be rubbing the corner of her eyes to try and make tears like she does on other episodes of her son leaving, and any other time she thinks it might be beneficial to her………..
      I have truly lost respect and interest for Bravo.

  • katness

    what!?!?! Seriously!?!?! she looked like an egyptian…. please do not disrespect the memory of a truly legend like Audrey Hepburn. that’s a crime. trust me, Heather is NO Audrey Hepburn in any way shape or form!

  • Susan Carrier

    Oh grow up Jody! She is ghetto trailer trash and always has been! Her children don’t want to live with her and other than Heather, she really has no friends! She gives nothing of value and is a bona fide liar! A complete waste and “wanna be!”

  • Todd

    Get rid of her! She is simply put, “A Disgusting Person and is Rotten to the core”!!! I hope they get rid of her and I hate watching the show with her on it!

  • Soncie22

    Next!!…send in the replacement, we’ve had enough of Tamra Barney’s antics, and fake crying! Dear gawd that woman can ‘ugly cry’!

  • Pattye Dixon-Boner

    Get rid of her!!! She is phoney and boring with the same old, same old every year!!!! Please listen to people who watch and are sick of Tamra and her over the top nastiness and jealousy!!

  • Pattye Dixon-Boner

    I will not watch if she is on next year.

  • Kat

    I used to like her but this season was really her downfall, she seemed on the edge of a nervous breakdown.

    • Joro

      I agree with her downfall, and if she does get fired o that she will say she was NOT FIRED had to QUIT because of all the stress the show caused her marriage and family. Anyway, it will be someone else’s fault and some dramatic excuse, which I was told at a young age that an excuse is nothing but a dressed up lie.

  • Lindsey Mozzo

    She’s not even the person we love to hate anymore. Yes, they should drop her (esp. because it’s clear she think Bravo would be nothing without her). It all looks so desperate by Tamera.They didn’t listen to their viewers over Brandi whatz-her-name, why do you think they would care what we think about Blechy Barney?

  • Kathy90250

    I’m pretty tired of her and it is clear she is jealous of the younger housewives such as Lizzie. You can tell Tamra is very insecure when Lizzie is around. I understand that Lizzie will not be on the show and I hope that is a false rumor because I like her along with Shannon. Tamra has issues and needs to concentrate on her children. She needs to go-

  • Kathy90250

    I was also shocked at Terry and Heather’s behavior towards Shannnon and David. Not sure if that is part of an act or the real behavior but it was uncalled for and quite ugly.

  • mtc1054

    I agree she must go. She is a poor example of a mother and a friend. If her children do watch the show, she is teaching them how to talk about and be rude to people. Tamara is a mean spirit and it is unfortunate that she thinks nothing of destroying other people to help her fame. I believe her theory of how to become famous is backfiring in her face. I also agree that she cannot even pretend emotion….the fake tears about her son….give me a break. I love Shannon and David…they are real and true to themselves. Heather and Terry need to learn how to accept an apology. Again a very poor example for their children. I like lazier she is a very sensitive person and I think Tamara is jealous of her. Lizzie was right she is very insecure. So long Tamara…take some lessons on how to be a good person. Sorry about your own issues and maybe someday you will grow up.


  • stacie1

    you need to get a life Jody, and lose some weight.

  • stacie1

    It’s obvious that she creates trouble and throws her cast mates under the bus to stay in the spot-light. Very sad that one has to stoop so low. She should switch to: New Jersey Housewives, that’s all they do is gossip & back stab each other for a story line. They are the worst. Though I find the Atlanta Housewives the least interesting and don’t watch that one at all.

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  • Joro

    with a Tramp Stamp too!

  • Joro

    Yes she is.

  • Jaime

    Honestly, this whole season felt like Tamera was super fake and was just desperately fabricating drama to stay relevant.

  • Enough

    It is time Tamra goes and I think she should take Heather and Terry with her they are a phony as the plastic surgery he performs!

  • carrie

    boot her out, she makes stupid drama and its disgusting how she treats her “friends” Shannon is a good person did not deserve any of it, and anyone in shannon’s shoes would of flipped out

  • Matty Mattel

    guys she was wearing a freakin wig.. can’t you tell???

  • Markeeta Araujo

    I do not like to watch her at all. I was happy that she would not be returning and disappoinyed when I saw that het nastiness must be endured another season! Too bad Bravo!