Taxi Brooklyn Recap 7/9/14: Season 1 Episode 3 “Cherchez Les Femmes”

Taxi Brooklyn Recap 7/9/14: Season 1 Episode 3 “Cherchez Les Femmes”

Tonight on NBC their new action comedy series TAXI BROOKLYN airs with a new episode. On tonight’s episode called, “Cherchez Les Femmes” Cat and Leo investigate the beating death of Leo’s friend, a survivor of the Holocaust. Elsewhere, Cat becomes Leo’s sponsor to help him with his immigration problem.

On last week’s episode, Sasha Lowenthal, a famous handbag designer, asked Cat (Chyler Leigh) to work on the disappearance of her son Ian, an infamous socialite hell-raiser. When Cat and Leo (Jacky Ido) found Ian murdered, their investigation revealed a world of high society ripe with family secrets. An internal betrayal lead to Leo’s arrest by Immigrations and Customs Enforcement officers. Also Starring: Raul Casso, James Colby, Jennifer Esposito, Bill Heck, Caterina Murino, Ally Walker and Jose Zuniga. Did you watch the last episode?  If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode Cat (Chlyer Leigh) helps Leo (Jacky Ido) with is immigration “problem” and becomes his sponsor. Josef Wiesel (Tom Morrissey), a holocaust survivor and friend of Leo’s, is beaten to death. As Cat and Leo investigate, they uncover the truth about Josef’s heartbreaking past, and discover that a mafia family with ties to Cat is involved in the murder. Also Starring: Raul Casso, James Colby, Jennifer Esposito, Bill Heck, Caterina Murino, Ally Walker and Jose Zuniga.

Will TAXI BROOKLYN be another huge hit for NBC? Well you’ll have to tune in tonight at 10PM EST to find out and don’t forget to sound out in the comments and tell us what you think about this new show. We’ll be recapping all of the action right here for you. Will you be checking out the action?

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Cat is at Immigration taking responsibility for Leo. The guy tells her that if Leo is arrested, she’s arrested and the case will take years. He says he has one case that has taken five years. Cat isn’t happy that she’ll have to see them every two weeks and tells Leo if he’s in trouble, he’ll be deported. Cat asks if they can speed it up and the agent says no. Then gets annoyed. They leave.

Leo tells her it won’t be that horrible and says the way she looks at him scares him. He drops her off at the station and says he has to go. He runs over her foot on the way off. She screams and collapses. Leo picks up Mr Wiesel, an older man he sees walking. He asks if he forgot his groceries and Leo asks if he’s okay. He says he’s fine and Leo insists that he give him a ride. The old guy hops in.

Leo asks him again if he’s okay and he asks how his son Nico is. He says he’s playing Quasimodo in a school play. Wiesel says being without family is hard. The EMT checks Cat and says she may have a broken foot. He drops Mr Wiesel off and says he’ll see him next week. He refuses any money and the man wanders off toward his building.

Leo sees a dark car pull up and a man jump out and grab Wiesel. He pops a u-turn and gives chase after the dark sedan that took his customer. A man leans out and shoots out his tire and they speed away. Leo memorizes the license plate and pulls out his phone to call Cat. The Captain tells Cat that he heard the FBI is opening a case on her dad’s death and asks if Gregg had anything to do with it. She says no.

Esposito comes in as the Captain tells her Lou Capella was just released from prison. She calls Gregg and tells him they can have dinner tonight. Leo comes in and asks Cat if she found Wiesel. He notices her cast and she tells him he ran over her foot. He’s surprised. She tells him they found his friend’s body and he was beaten to death. She tells him she’s sorry.

He says he was just an old man and asks who would do this. He tells her he’s going to find out who did it. She says he’s not a cop and he asks her for her help. He begs, she promises. She asks Leo to ID his body. They go down to the morgue and he tells Pena that it’s Wiesel. They tell him it looks like an interrogation. She says someone held him while someone else struck him.

Pena asks if he ever talked to him about being a survivor. He didn’t know. Pena shows him the numbers on his arms that Hungarian Jews were marked with. Pena asks Cat what happened and she says Leo ran over her foot. They go to his apartment and Cat asks him to look for things out of place. Esposito says there is a suit fresh from the cleaners. Espo asks why she has a cab driver there.

Cat says he’s a witness, a source on the deceased and has been in the apartment before. Espo says he heard she ran over his foot and Cat asks why he’s been in IA so much. Leo says he was going through his silver and says he thinks he knew something would happen. Pena finds $10k cash and a note that says he hopes it will cover the cost of his burial. There’s a photo and Leo says it’s likely Eva and Wiesel says she’s dead.

The Captain shows up and says that anytime a survivor dies in New York it’s news. He tells her to close the case fast. She asks for a car and he says she can’t drive with a broken foot. He laughs when he hears it was Leo that broke it. Pena finds a journal under the bed that says he had a wonderful dinner with Eva. Cat asks Leo and he says Wiesel always told him she was dead.

At the precinct, Cat reads the journal and there are tons of mentions of different women. Camille, Eva, Marjorie. She says Marjorie is from a decade ago, Eva two years ago and Marjorie six months ago. Espo says this is what Viagra is good for. The Captain says it could be a jealousy thing. They wonder why the neighbors never saw any women coming and going.

They head to his work and ask about the women. They ask his boss why he was still working at the gallery and he says he always refused retirement and says he loves it. He had worked there since he came there after the war. He worked every day of the week. The boss says every Thursday he went to buy a bouquet of rare and expensive flowers. The florist says he told her it was for his fiance.

They are told where he went and they go. It’s a brothel. The woman at the counter says it’s a therapeutic clinic and it’s licensed. Cat asks if the license if from whores r us. She says they specialize in cognitive realignment. Leo tells her Wiesel was murdered and they ask for Eva, Marjorie and Camille. The woman says he sees Nadia. They talk to her and she’s in shock that her Josef is dead.

Nadia says he’s been coming for two years. She says he never touched her and only wanted to have dinner. She says Eva died in Auschwitz and he wanted her to dress like her. She says they pretend they are in Budapest before the war and they listen to old music and talk about the pain in their hearts. She shows them the dress and says she made it like the one in the photo.

There’s a knock and Nadia is told she has a client. They notice bruises on her and Leo thinks she’s being held as a sex slave. Nadia begs them to please go as the madam gets pushy. Leo asks Cat why she’s not arresting them and Cat says she’ll turn it over to vice and they’ll have them shut down in a week. Cat gets a call about the cash that Wiesel left. It’s from an armored car robbery four years ago.

Cat says all the robbers were named Capella and she says the oldest son Luke went to jail and the dad, Tommy, died. She says they need to go see Sophia, Tommy Capella’s widow. They go. She tells him to stay in the car and try not to run her over. She heads to the door and rings the bell. Annabella answers the door, hugs Cat, greets Leo and invites them in.

She tells her grandma she won’t believe who’s there and brings in Cat. Sophia asks why she’s there and Cat asks where Luke is. He comes down and she tells him they found money from the Dean Street robbery. He says he never saw any money and she asks if Tommy took it to the grave with him. Sophia tells her to leave. Cat shows them a photo of Wiesel and they say they don’t know him.

Luke tells Cat he was cleared of homicide and served his time. She tells him the man he had beaten to death was a Holocaust survivor and tells him he’s going down. He says her dad tried to take him down and look what happened to him. Cat says if she finds out that he was involved in her father’s death, she’ll kill him herself.

Cat broods and Leo asks if she’s okay. He tells her take a deep breath and says she likes like she’s going to have a stroke. She says this is what Irish people look like. She says the robbery was her dad’s case and the Capellas have executed plenty of people. She says her dad was after them for years but they killed witnesses or bought juries. She says her dad killed Tommy Cappela and IA said it was justified.

Leo asks her about Annabella and she says they were besties and that her dad was a decent guy – a doctor. Annabella calls her and says to listen. She says she knows about Camille and tells her to meet her in the park in 15 minutes. Cat asks Leo to let her out so she can be alone and cool off for a few minutes. She says she’s good and tells him to go make some money.

He heads out and she calls another taxi. They meet at the park and talk about when they pretended to be Spice Girls. Annabella and Cat reminisce and wonder what happened. Cat says you went to college, I became a cop. Annabella says they can still be friends and Cat says it would be awkward. She says she overheard Luke saying he would put Camille on her deathbed for five million. Neither knows who Camille is.

She asks Annabella if Luke had anything to do with her dad’s murder but she says she doesn’t know. Cat asks why she’s telling her and the girl says her family has done enough killing. She leaves. Cat calls Leo and says the Capellas are involved and says he needs to leave town. He tells her he’s being followed and she tells him to lead them to Prospet Park.

He pops a u-turn and peels out. Cat calls Espo and says she needs him. He races toward the park with the dark sedan on him hot and heavy. He’s surrounded and yanked out of the car. They asks where it is then threaten to do to him what they did to Wiesel. Leo goes crazy and attacks and they knock him down and kick him. Cat and Espo roll up and catch one of the guys.

In interrogation, they ask the guy why an Ivy League guy like him is with the Capellas. Leo and the Captain watch. Espo calls the guy a mook and says he’s not good enough to be a wise guy. The Captain gets a call from the Mayor and heads out. Cat asks who Camille is and why someone wants her dead. He giggles and says he won’t talk until his attorney gets here.

Leo tells her the police in Marseilles have a great trick to get bad guys to talk. He says it’s legal. Leo dresses up in a crazy outfit and swings a sword at him. The guy says he drove the guy to Starbucks and gave him a suitcase with a million dollars in it. The call he got says, we have Camille. The lawyer shows up and Cat says they’re charging him with assaulting an NYPD consultant.

Cat asks why Wiesel was getting 20% on a mob hit if he was such a sweet old guy. Leo says he has no idea. Leo says there’s no way he helped the mob kill someone. He says preppy boy could be lying about the money. He says he saw Wiesel right after that and Cat says he must have stashed it. Leo asks why they would pay him for the job then try to get the money back an hour later.

Leo says they’re businessmen and know you can’t steal money back from people you do business with. He says they only come for a refund if you try and screw them. Leo says Wiesel screwed them and only made them think he had Camille. He says Wiesel knew that they would find out that he screwed them and that means Camille is alive and they need to find her.

Cat calls for Wiesel’s diary. They look for more entries – one says Camille is almost ready. Then lunch with Camille under mulberry tree. Cat asks if there is a tree in the gallery and the guy says it’s in the north atrium. They ask the guard if there is a Camille in there and they are pointed to a Monet painting. Leo thinks Wiesel may have been paid to swap the paintings. The wonder if its’ a fake.

A woman sits there sketching and Cat asks if her name is Marjorie. It is. She tells Cat and Leo that she knew Wiesel and that he loves to watch her paint. She says Wiesel tried to buy her painting of Camille that she copied. Cat asks if he could have swapped her copy with the original. Marjorie says the painting in the frame is legit.

Leo says that Wiesel took them the fake and they wonder why. Cat says she’s late for dinner. She asks Gregg if the FBI opened an investigation on her dad’s death. He admits he opened and she asks why he didn’t tell her. He says it’s a federal investigation. She asks why they opened it and asks if he did it to get back on her good side. She throws a drink on him.

Gregg says he thinks there’s a cover-up, IA is dragging their feet and something is going on. She apologizes and he says he forgot how much fun it is to have dinner with her. She says the last anonymous text she got was almost three weeks ago. She tells him Espo has been in and out of IA constantly and he tells her the only witness has disappeared.

Cat tells him that Luke Capella is on the loose and implied he had something to do with her dad’s death. He tells her to be careful. Marjorie calls and says she got a letter from Josef Wiesel. She and Leo head inside and she has her gun drawn. She says after she called, two men busted in demanding money. She asks if they took his letter and she says she hid it.

The Captain calls and says the preppy guy has been stabbed to death in his cell for talking to her. Cat reads the letter. There’s a plane ticket to Paris and a hotel room paid for where Monet stayed. The letter says he hopes she enjoys these tokens of his affection and she says he knew it was her dream to go to Giverny. Cat wonders if he sent the money to someone else when he sent her the letter.

They ask her if he ever mentioned anyone and she says just Eva, his fiance. Marjorie says it was an incredible sacrifice. She says when Eva and Josef were going to be married they were all sent to Auschwitz. She says they planned their escape but then Eva fell and broke her leg so she acted as a decoy so he could get away. The last thing he saw was a guard shooting Eva.

Leo says she sacrificed herself to save Josef and Cat says he sacrificed his life to save his new Eva – Nadia. She thinks that’s where he sent the money. They see her and then see a sedan grab her and shoves her in. Cat and Leo give chase. He says it’s the guy that jumped him. They speed off. The sedan crashes into a hot dog cart and Cat gets out, gun drawn. She sees the guy as Leo pulls out Nadia.

Cat tells the college idiots they are stupid for not checking the signature on the painting. They deny knowing Luke Capella. She says he’s going to have them killed just like he did their friend. She says they beat an old man to death and the only thing that’s going to keep them from going to jail for life is rolling over on Luke.

At work, Leo gets a letter from Josef with a plane ticket from Marseilles to New York so Nico can come visit him. His roomie asks who Josef is and he says he’s a dear friend. Cat meets Gregg and he tells her to sit. He says Luke Capella didn’t order the hit on her dad. He says Annabella took over the family business after her dad shot Tommy. He tells her that her friend is the new godfather.