Taylor Swift’s Boyfriend And Love Troubles: Unable To Write New Material – Needs Boy Drama In Her Life ASAP!

Taylor Swift's Boyfriend And Love Troubles: Unable To Write New Material - Needs Boy Drama In Her Life ASAP!
Taylor Swift apparently has writer’s block, which is one of the reasons we haven’t been bombarded by breakup ballads on the radio for so long.

A new report from OK! Magazine claims that Taylor has hit a wall in her songwriting, with sources blaming her non-existent love life for her writer’s block. A source tells OK!, “When she complained to friends that she’s hit a wall, they joked that she just needs some new boy drama to get her back on track.”

I don’t know why that’s a joke – most of Taylor’s hit songs have come after a nasty breakup with her boyfriend at the time, which also tends to be well publicized. Since Taylor hasn’t dated nor broken up with anyone in a long time, it makes sense that she’s having trouble finding inspiration for new material.

OK’s source also adds that Taylor has become extremely lonely and frustrated at her lack of romances, especially since her last ‘boyfriend’, Orlando Bloom, isn’t even interested in dating her. Maybe Taylor feels like all the guys are avoiding her because of her reputation? Or perhaps Taylor is purposefully staying single to prove that she doesn’t need a relationship to function.

Either way, her songwriting is suffering, and with it, her career. There’s nothing wrong in owning the source of your inspiration, and if breakups make Taylor write catchy pop songs, then so be it. She should embrace that fact, and take advantage of it. I mean, it’s not like she’ll be able to use it forever, and her fan base is notoriously fickle. Teenagers tend to move on fast, and if Taylor can’t keep their attention, she’ll have nobody left to listen to her whine sing about her failed relationships.

What do you think about there being no new Taylor Swift songs as of late?

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5 responses to “Taylor Swift’s Boyfriend And Love Troubles: Unable To Write New Material – Needs Boy Drama In Her Life ASAP!”

  1. Nat Mirotta says:

    Her album is complete; where do you get your news from?

  2. avalon says:

    BS gossip out of OK magazine. According to insiders the album is done she is just deciding what songs she wants to release because she has dozens of songs already. The album will be out in the fall, her albums are always released two years apart like clockwork. She is the most prolific songwriter in the business she can write a hit song about anything. Go listen to the song “Ronan” she wrote the song about a 4 y o cancer victim who died! If you dont cry after listening to the song you better check if you have a heart beat. Or the song “safe and sound” about Katness in the Hunger Games. “Best day” was written for her mother on mothers day!

  3. tiffany says:

    Taylor releases a new album about every 2 years, she has stated the album that is due this fall is basically done. Your story is full of crap, all her fans know when her new music is due to be released.

  4. screwball says:

    “her songwriting is suffering, and with it, her career” what a load of drivel

  5. Rosegardens says:

    What a pack of lies. Too bad this rag doesn’t have any real journalists. Orlando Bloom was never her boyfriend, and the rumor was he was chasing Taylor. The rest of those lies were copy and pasted from elsewhere, OK, the fish wrap, being one of them. Taylor writes hundreds of songs before any album is released before narrowing it down, and she has her new album coming by Oct at the latest, and the lead single will be coming by August. The songs are all chosen. The finishing touches are being put on them. The person who put this article together can’t get a real job, so Fischer settled to writing lies for Celebrity.