The 100 Fall Finale Recap – Finn Gives Himself Up: Season 2 Episode 8 “Spacewalker”

The 100 Fall Finale Recap - Finn Gives Himself Up: Season 2 Episode 8 "Spacewalker"

Tonight on the CW The 100 returns with an all new Wednesday December 17, season 2 episode 8 called “Spacewalker,” and we have your weekly recap below for you. On tonight’s episode, Clarke [Eliza Taylor] returns to Camp Jaha with troubling news. Meanwhile, Finn [Thomas McDonell] struggles with the aftermath of his actions.

On the last episode, Abby (Paige Turco) was determined to find a way to protect her people from a coming attack by the Grounders, even if it meant heading into unknown territory and leaving some captives behind. A worried Bellamy (Bob Morley) convinces Clarke (Eliza Taylor) to go with him to the drop ship, where he and Octavia (Marie Avgeropoulos) reveal a dangerous secret. Clarke came up with a bold new plan to stop the Grounders’ attack, leading Abby to a desperate decision. Meanwhile, at Mount Weather, Jasper (Devon Bostick) and Monty (Christopher Larkin) began to question the motives of their new friends, while Dr. Tsing (guest star Rekha Sharma) conducted a deadly experiment to determine how to make use of the captives. Did you watch last week’s episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CW synopsis, “Clarke (Eliza Taylor) returns to Camp Jaha with devastating news. Finn (Thomas McDonell) struggles with the aftermath of his actions. Abby (Paige Turco) gathers information from an unlikely source and prepares for a fight. Meanwhile, flashbacks reveal Finn and Raven’s (Lindsey Morgan) relationship on the Ark. Isaiah Washington, Henry Ian Cusick, Marie Avgeropoulos, Devon Bostick, Ricky Whittle and Chris Larkin also star.”

Tune in tonight to catch the season 2 episode 8 of The 100 on CW – we’ll be right here recapping it for you live! While you wait for the recap, check out a sneak peek of tonight’s episode below!

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The Grounders ride on horseback. Clarke walks with them. They head back to Camp Jaha. They make it to the barricades and Bellamy tells them to hold their fire when he sees Clarke. They open the gate. Clarke goes in and tells them to shut the gate behind her. She tells Finn he can’t be seen right now. Abby asks what’s the news and Clarke says they can have a truce but only if they get Finn. Abby asks what the hell that means and Finn says it’s punishment – blood for blood – for what happened at the village. The other sky people shout out to give Finn to the grounders.

The adults are ready to sacrifice Flinn and say he should have been floated a long time ago. One year ago, we see Finn on the ark talking to Raven about the air locks. He asks about her birthday and she says she just wants to pass. She says she wants to move to zero g and not spend her life trapped in this tin can. Finn says he has something for her and hands her a raven necklace he made. Now, Finn sits outside when Murphy comes to talk to him. He says they gave him a gun which means they really are screwed. Murphy says they kicked the Grounders asses last time and can do it this time.

Bellamy comes up and says they’ve reinforced the wires and tells them to stick to B corridor since it will be easier to defend. Clarke says she’s going to talk to Lincoln. Murphy calls her princess and asks if she has any orders for her. She says to stay away from her then tells him he didn’t try hard enough to stop Finn. Murphy tells her that if she wants to talk blame, Finn was out there looking for her. She stomps off.

Clarke goes to talk to Lincoln and tells them they don’t need to have him restrained but he says he wants to be. Abby asks Lincoln if there is a way to make peace. He tells them the waiting riders are there for Finn and they won’t leave without them. Lincoln says the Commander is offering a good deal because Finn killed 18 people in the village massacre. Clarke says that’s now who he is but Lincoln says it is now.

Abby asks what they’ll do to him. He says they’ll burn him, take his hands, tongue, eyes and then they’ll take turns with the knife. He says he must suffer the pain of 18 deaths for the lives he took and only then can they have peace. Raven asks Abby to let her out and Abby says she can’t believe she thought that she would give Finn to the Grounders. She tells her to trust her and Raven says she’s trying. She tells Raven if she pulls another stunt, she’s locked up again.

Jaha says not to be too hard on her and says she’s a fighter. Jaha tells Abby she needs to hand Finn over. She says she can’t send a child to his death and he reminds her they sent 100 children to the ground. She says that was another time and another chancellor. Finn tells Clarke he has to go and says he’s putting everyone in danger. He says maybe death is what he deserves for what he did. She says he was trying to save their people and he says he was just trying to save her.

Finn asks if she can forgive him. She asks him not to leave but doesn’t offer her forgiveness. They hear voices chanting outside and she asks what it is. She goes out to see and Finn follows. It’s the Grounders chanting that blood must have blood. Clarke wants to hide him. Everyone can hear the chants from the surrounding woods. Abby wants to pull back but Clarke says they have to show they’re not afraid. Abby says she is and Clarke tells her to fake it.

Abby tells them to open the gates and the riders ask for the boy. Abby says they’re not giving him up and are ready to fight if it comes to that. They ride off and they hear a bellow. Bellamy tells the guards to watch the woods. They hear a noise and it’s Kane walking up. He calls out to not shoot. Kane walks in the gate and Abby says she was scared she wouldn’t see him again. He says it’s good to see the camp again. He says he bought them some time and it’s safe for now. They close the gates and go in.

He says he was in Lexa’s stronghold and then they brought him there last night with a bag over his head. Jaha is also brought in and he asks why he’s in handcuffs. Abby says he’s being detained for treason. She tells Kane no offense but says she’s keeping the job until this is over. She asks how he bought them time. He says he thinks Lexa will be open to the right proposal. He says they can put Finn on trial for war crimes here. Jaha says they might have to execute him themselves. Kane says this could be the most merciful outcome for Finn than Grounder justice.

Jaha asks if she still wants the job. Abby comes out and Bellamy tells Abby she can’t turn Finn over to the Grounders. She says they’re all trying to save Finn and tells Bellamy and Raven to step aside. They do and she marches off. Bellamy tells Raven he thinks they’re going to give him up. We see back on the ark, Finn comes to see Raven at work to wish her happy birthday. She says she got busy and he asks if she got her results. She says she aced it and got the first perfect score ever. He asks when her first space walk will be. She says never because she failed the physical – they found a heart murmur. She tells herself happy birthday.

Bellamy tells Finn he needs to get out of there and says they can protect him at the drop ship. Finn says no one can come with him but Bellamy insists. Then a mob comes over and moves to attack them. Bellamy blocks them and Clarke says Bellamy is right and they need to go. Back on the ark, Finn waits for Raven in her shop. He has something for her and tells her happy birthday. She says he’s a week and a half late. She opens it and sees it’s a piece of tape with her name on it.

He says it goes with this – it’s a space suit. He tells her she can sneak out for a space walk. He sticks the name tag on her suit and helps her suit up. She talks him through letting her out of the airlock. He opens the airlock and lets her out. She smiles back at him and he tells her to have fun. She floats outside in her space suit and looks around and down on earth.

Now, Abby goes to talk to Lincoln and tells him about the trial option. Abby asks if Lexa will accept the outcome and Lincoln says their people would kill Lexa for being weak. He says if death has no cost, life has no meaning. Kane says Lexa is a visionary but Lincoln says she has to do what she has to. Abby says she needs to talk to Lexa face to face. Finn is in the woods headed for the drop ship.

Clarke catches up to him and says she won’t leave her alone. He says the Grounders won’t just leave when the see he’s gone. She says they’ll figure it out but then a Grounder is on them. He has a gun on the guy and says he doesn’t want to shoot him and tells him to go. The guy runs off.

At the drop ship, Raven and Bellamy are waiting on them and wonder where Clarke and Finn go to. They hear someone coming and find Murphy there. He says he was invited and Raven says she thought they could use an extra gun. Murphy says space walker will be fine and tells them to relax. We see Raven floating out in space on her tether when Finn calls her and says it’s ark station to the birthday girl and tells her it’s time to come back inside.

She says she’s on her way back in and she follows her tether to the airlock. He closes the outer doors and her feet touch down. He goes to open the inner door as she pulls off her helmet. She says she was fee but then they hear a warning about an outer door breach. She asks what happened but he doesn’t know. Now, they show up with Finn carrying Clarke. She’s wounded and he says a Grounder hit her in the head. Bellamy tries to bring her around. Finn looks sick over this.

Bellamy tells Clarke she’s going to be fine and Raven reassures him that Clarke will be fine. She says they’ll figure it out and he says that’s what Clarke said right before he almost got her killed. Indra meets up with Abby for a talk on neutral territory. Indra says they saw Finn in the forest and she came there to trick them. Indra says if they don’t find the boy soon, they’ll attack them. Abby says if they kill one of them, they’ll kill two of theirs and that only helps the mountain men.

Indra says she’s brave but says only the boy can die for what he has done. She leaves Abby there and takes her men and goes. At the drop ship, Clarke is still out. Finn comes back in and Raven says to give it time. He tells Raven he never meant to hurt her and she says she knows that. She says things change and maybe it’s for the best. He tells her not to let him off so easily. She tells him they’ll always be family and he agrees. Clarke comes out of it and looks around.

Raven says she told him she’d be okay. Her head is hurting but she’s awake. Finn says he thought she was dead because of him. She says she’s right there. Finn says he’s killed so many people and she says the things they’ve done to survive don’t define them. He asks what if she’s wrong and this is who they are now. Bellamy calls out that they have company. They are surrounded by Grounders.

On the ark, the alarm continues about the air pressure. Finn can’t open the inner door and Raven says it won’t until they’re equalized. He panics and then it opens. He runs in to her and pulls her into the ark. She tells him to shut the door and he does. They hear an announcement for the emergency teams to go to their sector. He says they have to get out of there but he tells her to give her the suit. She says the unauthorized space walk is a capital crime. He says since he’s not 18, it won’t be for him.

He tells her she’ll get floated and tells her to give him the space suit. She takes it off and he puts it on. He is confronted by the guards. Now, the Grounders are there and Murphy says they’re not getting any closer. Raven says they can give them something. Raven wants to give them Murphy instead. She tricked him into coming out there so she could sacrifice him.

She says enough Grounders have seen him there to accept him as the shooter. Raven holds a gun on them and says they can give them a murderer. Finn says to stop and says the only thing they can do is stay and defend the place. Bellamy agrees. Finn tells Murphy to go upstairs and while he watches the lower level. He tells everyone where to go and they follow his orders. Raven tells Finn they’ve got this and hugs him. He tells her – may we meet again. She says they will.

Once everyone is gone but Clarke, he opens the lower hatch and looks at Clarke. He tells her to be careful and she tells him that he should too. She goes outside and he goes down into the hatch. The other kids watch outside and then see Finn is outside surrendering to the Grounders. They scream but the Grounders have taken him saying the Commander wants him alive. Clarke watches in horror as he’s dragged away.

On the ark, Raven welds when her boss comes to see her. He tells her he’s pulling her off duty and says she got her zero g certification and says he overruled her rejection and she’s in. That means Finn risked himself for nothing. At Camp Jaha, the sky people watch the Grounders erect a pole. Bellamy wants to go get him but Kane says he would still die. Raven begs Abby to do something. She says they can’t. Raven is in tears. Bellamy walks away and Raven does too. Clarke says she’s going to talk to the Commander.

Raven slides a knife up Clarke’s sleeve and says if she won’t let her go, to kill the Commander. Raven says she owes Finn her life. Clarke goes out the back and heads to the Grounder area. Abby sees her and Kane holds her back. He says she has to let Clarke try. Clarke walks among the Grounders and they let her pass then circle back around her. Clarke approaches Indra who has a spear pointed at her. Clarke says she’s there to talk to the Commander.

Clarke walks forward until the spear draws blood on her skin and Lexa calls out to let her pass. Lexa tells her she’s bleeding for nothing and can’t stop it. Clarke tells her that she can. Finn is brought out in chains to the stake in the ground. Clarke tells her to show the sky people how powerful she is and that she can be merciful and not a savage. Lexa says – we are what we are. Clarke says she’s a killer that burned 300 of the Grounders and is soaked in Grounder blood.

She tells Lexa to take her. Lexa says Finn is guilty and Clarke says he did it for her. Lexa says – then he dies for you. Raven prays for Clarke to stab Finn. Clarke looks over at Finn and asks if she can say goodbye. Lexa nods her assent. Clarke goes over to him and the Grounders all go silent. Raven asks what she’s doing. Clarke kisses Finn on the mouth then tells him she loves him too. He tells her he’s scared. She hugs him and then she says he’s going to be okay.

They’re both crying and he tells her – thanks Princess. She pulls back and we see the knife is out of her sleeve and bloody. She has stabbed him fatally and he’s dead or near dead from blood loss. She walks away soaked in his blood. She tells the Grounders – it is done. Raven is crying and screams no. Bellamy holds her back.