The 100 RECAP 5/28/14: Season 1 Episode 11 “The Calm”

The 100 RECAP 5/28/14: Season 1 Episode 11 “The Calm”

Tonight on the CW at 8PM EST an all new episode of THE 100 airs. On tonight’s episode, “The Calm”, Raven makes Bellamy an offer he can’t refuse. Meanwhile, Kane risks his life.

On last week’s episode Murphy (guest starred Richard Harmon “Bates Motel”) returned to camp claiming to have been held captive and tortured by the Grounders, and Clarke (Eliza Taylor) and Bellamy (Bob Morley) had very different opinions on how to handle his return. Octavia (Marie Avgeropoulos) sneaked away to find Lincoln (guest starred Ricky Whittle) and returned with a serious warning for the 100. Meanwhile, a mysterious virus striked camp forcing many to be quarantined, and Jasper (Devon Bostick) pulled off a heroic move. Paige Turco, Thomas McDonell, Isaiah Washington, Henry Ian Cusick and Chris Larkin also starred. Omar Madha directed the episode written by T.J. Brady & Rasheed Newson

On tonight’s episode with a low food supply at camp, Clarke (Eliza Taylor) and Finn (Thomas McDonell) lead a group out to hunt for food and wind up in a compromising position. With Finn’s life in danger, Clarke makes a game-changing decision. Meanwhile, Raven (guest star Lindsey Morgan) makes Bellamy (Bob Morley) an offer he can’t refuse. On the Ark – Kane risks his life and is reunited with Chancellor Jaha (Isaiah Washington) and Abby (Paige Turco). Marie Avgeropoulos, Devon Bostick and Chris Larkin also star. Mairzee Almas directed the episode written by Bruce Miller

Tune in tonight to catch the eleventh episode of THE 100 on CW – we’ll be right here recapping it for you live! In the meantime, let us know what you think of THE 100 so far.

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Clarke stares out into the forest. Bellmary coordinates the watch then comes to ask if she’s seen anything. She says it’s been two days and hopes the bomb has scared off the Grounders for good, but tells him she thinks they’re still coming. Jasper and Raven are working to get more gunpowder and construct land mines. Clarke is upset they survived 100 years only to slaughter the people left here. There is only radio silence from the Ark and Bellamy says they may have run out of air. Clarke says it’s good that her mom was on the Exodus ship and died quickly in the explosion. She says that no one is coming to save them.

Kane comes to woken by lights in the window. He calls out hello but no one answers. He staggers through the darkness and there are flashes of light, but he sees nothing. Back at camp, Octavia explains about smoking meat and one of the guys hassles her about being a Grounder pounder.

Raven is working on turning one bullet into two when Finn comes in. She says Jasper has the recipe and is digging stuff out of the latrine to make gunpowder. Finn says he wants to apologize again and she says he doesn’t need to. He says when she’s really pissed, she finds a project so she doesn’t have a free hand to punch someone. Raven says she’s not keeping busy, she’s keeping them alive. He apologizes again and starts to leave – she tells him to wait and says they’re good. She says she just wants him to be happy but then they hear shouts.

There’s a fire in the meat shed. A fight breaks out and Bellamy stops it but then Octavia reminds them that was all their food. Murphy blamed it on the other guy and Bellamy tells Clarke this but she says they can’t fight if they’re starving. Bellamy organizes hunting parties and tells them to use spears for the game, not bullets. He says to save those for the Grounders.

Finn asks Clarke to hunt with him but she already has a partner. They go out as a threesome. Raven stays back and Bellamy comes and tells her he needs more ammo. He asks where she’s going and she says she’s getting the hell out of there. He asks where she’ll go and she says out into the woods and says she’ll find someplace safe. He asks her not to go and says she’ll be dead or worse. She asks if he’s going to sit until he runs out of bullets and he says yes – until she finds something better.

Bellamy reminds her she rebuilt a pod to get down there and made a giant bomb in a tin can. He says there is more in her brain. She says they need to build radios and he says she’s smart even if she’s a pain in the ass.

Kane wanders around the ship calling for anyone. He hears Wick singing – the guy from engineering. He says they came down to override the containment codes and says not to tell anyone he messed up. Kane says he didn’t mess up and helps him free his arm where it was trapped. Kane asks if he saw anyone else and Wick says he heard there was a hull breach in engineering.

Kane says they were betrayed by Sydney who stole the Exodus. Wick calls her a bitch and says his mom voted for her. Kane says he needs to get help to open the doors and promises to come right back. He comes back with a tool and wedges the door open, freeing Wick’s arm. He thanks him. Kane helps him stand. Wick says he thinks the vents are working because he hears the pumps. Kane says there may be other survivors. Wick says it’s like a ghost ship. They hear more voices and see a pile of bodies, but there are some coughs so that means living people.

Myles babbles and Clarke tells him to hush. Finn says the tracks are too perfect. They realize they are the ones being hunted. There’s a noise and Myles is down from an arrow strike. A Grounder attacks and punches Clarke and then bashes Finn in the head. Clarke looks up and sees Anya staring down at her.

Back on the Ark, Kane and Wick struggle on. They hand out oxygen masks to the survivors. Kane goes to check the next compartment and Wick says if he opens the wrong door, he could step into space. Kane says sitting still is waiting on death but Wick says the CO2 scrubbers are working. They realize it’s getting cooler and Kane says they need to get the people moving. He says he thinks there is someone alive on earth monitoring them and the cold air is a message. Wick tells him he has hypoxia and his brain isn’t working right but Kane insists they need to move or die.

Clarke and Finn are brought to a cave. Finn says they’ve been brought about three miles but Clarke says since they didn’t blindfold them, they’re likely going to kill them so it doesn’t matter what they saw. They are pushed onto their knees and Anya grabs at Clarke with a knife but all she does it slice her bonds. Clarke asks what she wants from them. They show her an ailing girl and tell her to help her and that if the girl dies, Finn dies.

Kane, Wick and the others come to a dead end and Wick says it’s game over but Kane says he needs to talk to whoever is in there. Wick says to watch this and opens up the coms line. He asks for the earth monitor to contact him. It’s Jaha and Kane tells him there are a dozen survivors. Jaha says Kane is too stubborn to die. He tells them to go to the mess hall where he’s routed air.

They want to get Jaha but he tells them there was a fire and they are blocked in. He says they are trying to revive as many Ark systems as they can before they run out of air. Kane says he won’t let him die. Jaha orders him as Chancellor to gather as many survivors as he can and lead them to the mess hall. Kane tells Wick to take them to the mess hall and then organize a hunt for survivors. He stays behind to try and help Jaha.

Wick stops and tells Kane that the whole deck is an electrical fire waiting to happen but Kane says no one else can die because of him and he tells them to go and get to safety. He works at pulling back the debris blocking the door but then Wick comes to help him. Then the other survivors step up and pitch in. They pull on three and clear the door.

Anya tells her the girls’ name is Tris – Lincoln told them that she’s a healer and they’ve lost theirs. She says she doesn’t have her equipment. Finn tells Clarke she can do it and she asks Anya what happened to the girl. Anya tells her she was on the bridge when they blew it up and says – you did this to her.
[9:44:45 PM] Rachel Rowan: Raven comes to Monty and says she found some good antenna wire that was being used to fix a bed. They searched the Exodus ship wreckage and found a data log. He plays her a file and she says it sounds like interference. He says it was like something was jamming the signal. Raven tells him to strip the speakers and he says if he does, they won’t find out about why it crashed. Raven insists they need radios more and he asks about communicating with the Ark but she says they’re all dead and yanks the wires.

They hear voices and Raven heads out. Monty isn’t happy because his family is still up there. The hunters are back, but Finn isn’t. Murphy goads her and says Finn is with her. She is back in the tent and teary when Bellamy comes in. She’s annoyed because she thinks Finn has moved on with Clarke already. He tells her he doesn’t care and that she needs to move on.

She strips off her clothes and he asks what she’s doing and she tells him she’s moving on. She says she’s only been with Finn and then tells him to take off his clothes. He hesitates so she pulls off her shirt and tosses it aside. Bellamy tells her he’s not the guy to talk her down instead of taking her on and she says good and kisses him and he kisses back and touches her then strips off his clothes too.

Tris is choking and gasping and Finn says she’s getting worse. They sit her up and Clarke says her left lung is likely collapsed and she’s drowning in her own blood. She tells them she needs a small tube and Finn looks around. A Grounder finds something while she sterilizes a knife. She cuts into Tris then inserts the tube. Blood flows out and air flows in.

Anya comes in, sees the blood flowing out of Tris’ chest and freaks. She throws Clarke down before she can explain that she was helping. Anya also knocks Finn down hard when he tries to defend Clarke.

On the Ark, Jaha is almost out of air when the doors open. Kane rushes in and over to Jaha. He asks if he’s all right and puts an oxygen mask on him. Jaha is angry and says he gave him an order but Kane says he and the people in this room are the best chance to save the Ark. He also reminds him that he once told Kane that he needed to know when not to follow the law. Jaha thanks him and he helps him stand. They wonder what to do now.

Tris is breathing better and then Anya fusses that the girl is hot. Clarke says her heart rate is too high and she’s likely septic. She explains to Anya this means that her blood is toxic. Clarke asks why they sent a little girl into battle and Anya says she was her second. They each blame each other for what happened. Clarke says she needs clean blood. They need a syringe and a hollow needle.

Raven and Bellamy finish targetting sexy and lay back in his bed. She sits up and goes to pull her clothes on. He asks her if it helped and she says no and leaves.

Jaha asks about casualties but Kane says Sinclair still has teams out looking. They think there are no more than 1,000 left and 1,500 dead. Wick comes up and says he has data from the Exodus launch and that the hatch was sealed on this side by someone. They wonder if someone is still alive in the service bay. Wick says if they got lucky, but says they won’t be alive for long. Kane asks how they can get to them and Wick says the maintenance shaft but Sinclair says it will be hot as hell because it’s near the fuel cells. Kane says he has to try.

Finn files a needle. Tris is moaning.They put bleach on it. Clarke wants to use their blood but Finn says to use his. He jams the needle into his arm but Clarke can’t find a vein. Finn tells her that Tris stopped breathing. Anya looks down at the girl and pulls out her knife. She cuts off Tris’ braid and keeps it. Another Grounder picks the girl up and carries her out. Anya follows but then stops and tells the others to take Finn away and kill him. Clarke screams that she did everything she good to help and pleads with them not to kill Finn.
[9:59:21 PM] Rachel Rowan: Kane, followed by Wick, heads to the passage. Wick gives him a battery to open up the bay door. Wick opens up the hatch and tells him it’s not that hot and Sinclair must be wrong. Kane asks if he’s going to try and talk him out of it and Wick says no and asks if he can have his shoes when he dies. Kane smiles and says they are too stylish for him. Kane struggles along the narrow passageway among wires and tubes.

Raven apologizes to Monty about being insenstive before and he thanks her. He tells her all the hunters are back except for Myles, Finn and Clarke. He says they are going to look for them and will use the walkies she just finished building.

Kane struggles along and comes to another hatch which is a grid of metal. Inside you can see the heat waves coming out. He touches something and burns his hand but then makes it through to the ending hatch. He plugs in the battery to open the door and the hatch springs. He heads in and there are several people there. He wakes them up. He finds Abby among them. She says it’s so hot.

The Grounder tells Clarke that Anya will take no pleasure in Finn’s death and she will be welcome to stay with them. She asks why they would want her and he reminds her that their healer is gone. She asks if she will be able to go back and see her friends and he tells her that tomorrow there will be nothing to go back to.

Clarke asks what the marks on Tris’ shoulders were and the guy says they are combat kills. She’s horrified the child had killed five. She asks how many he has and he shows her a chest full of kill marks. When he’s off his guard, she slashes his throat with her scalpel and he does down. She clamps her hand over his mouth until he bleeds out silently.

Monty and Bellamy look for the stragglers with Raven and Octavia in two groups. Clarke runs through the woods looking for Finn. Raven blames herself but Monty is distracted by a signal he keeps hearing on the airwaves. He looks up and says – oh my God. The girls tell the guys there is someone in the bushes. Clarke pauses to look around. The girls find Myles and he tells them Grounders took them.

Bellamy says they have to get him back to camp. Octavia asks about Clarke and Finn but Bellamy says sorry. Raven nods and says they need to make a stretcher. He radios Monty who doesn’t respond. He tries again and again. The radio lies on the ground. Clarke runs through the woods and then is strung up in a trap. She swings upside down and knocked out.