The Amazing Race Recap – Racing Through Sicily – “Pretty Fly for a Food Scientist”: Season 25 Episode 7

The Amazing Race Recap - Racing Through Sicily - “Pretty Fly for a Food Scientist”: Season 25 Episode 7

Tonight on CBS the Emmy award winning show The Amazing Race hosted by Phil Keoghan returns for yet another exciting installment in an all new Friday November 7, season 25 episode 7 called, “Pretty Fly for a Food Scientist.” On tonight’s episode, the race continues in Italy as the remaining teams try go-carting.

On the last episode, racers struggled on a frightening Road Block when they were suspended high above the Atlas Mountains. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On Tonight’s episode the Amazing Race takes off on its milestone 300th leg as teams race through Palermo, Sicily. Two rival teams form an unlikely alliances and Racers battle to beat the clock in a high octane go-cart race through the mountains

Tonight’s The Amazing Race season 25 episode 7 is going to be as awesome as ever, and you won’t want to miss it. Be sure to tune in for our coverage of The Amazing Race — tonight at 8 PM EST! While you wait for our recap, hit the comments and let us know how excited you are or this season of The Amazing Race!

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Tonight on #AmazingRace, we start out with just six teams in Morocco. Misti and Jim will start out first since they won. Everyone will head to Sicily. They get their clue and drive away to a travel agency. Adam and Bethany leave next. Kym and Alli leave next. Tim and Te Jay are next to depart. Misti and Jim find out the flight doesn’t arrive til 8 pm the next night. Brooke and Robbie head out fifth. The last to leave is the #SweetScientists.

There are two flights – the second gets in at 8:40 pm. Looks like #TheDentists and #TheCyclists are on the early flight. The girls draw out #TeamNoFun on the dust on Jim and Misti’s car. In Palermo, the first two teams touch down and depart the airport together. They hop in a van together to ride to the first leg and haggle with the driver to try and get a better rate. They are wowed by the view of the sunset. Jim says they are warming up a little to the cyclists.

The second flight touches down 40 minutes later and they all run for taxis and take separate rides. Adam and Bethany’s cab driver zips around the other cars. Robbie complains he’s hungry and wants pizza. At the Teatro, they have to grab a tambourine with a time on it and dance. The times start at 6:30 am and all look to be 10 minutes apart. The other teams all show up gradually. #TheDentists and #TheCyclists get their clues at 6:30 am but struggle to find a cab.

At 6:40, the scientists and wrestlers get their clues next. They are all running around looking for taxis. Tim and Te Jay and the soul surfers get their clue next and they are all now running around in a frantic search for cabs that don’t seem to be anywhere. The first two teams finally get to the #roadblock. They are going to get to race in a go kart up Mt Pellegrino. They have to beat a certain time to get their next clue and then ride down the mountain in a vintage race car.

Jim and Kym put on racing suits and goggles and hop onto their go karts. Amy and Maya are able to finally get a cab and the surfers nab one next followed by Tim and Te Jay. The wrestlers are in an absolute panic because they can’t find a cab. Misti and Alli have to take a cab up to where the race ends. The riders have just four minutes seven seconds to climb up the mountain. It’s hilly and a little scary. Jim floors it aggressively and Kym is close behind.

Maya and Amy are there next and Maya suits up to make the drive. The wrestlers finally find a cab but it took them 40 minutes to get one. Jim tries to block Kym but she’s able to get around him on the uphill part because she’s lighter. They have just 20 seconds left and he passes her again. They both make it through with seconds to spare. Jim gets his clue and then Kym and they choose antique cars for the ride back down the mountain.

The soul surfers are there abut Maya heads out solo to race up the mountain. Maya does not make it in time. She was over by 16 seconds and has to follow the pace car down the mountain slowly. Kym and Jim pull up to meet the women and it’s time for a #detour – painters or posers. Painters require them to lie on their backs up high on a scaffold and restore a fresco. Posers require them to listen to selections from operas then ID the costumes, name of the actor and song.

Adam, Maya, Te Jay and Brooke all head up the mountain. Brooke flies past them all and zips up the hill at top speed. All four make it by the required time and hop into their antique cars to head back down the mountain. Maya tries to get her driver to pass the others. Brooke’s driver is an old dude who refuses to go any faster.

Jim and Misti choose the painter detour and so do the cyclists. They have to climb up the scaffolds and it’s really hot at the top. They have to paint over and stay between the lines. All four lie up there sweating and painting in awkward positions. Only four teams can choose the paint detour. The soul surfers head to paint and then the wrestlers choose the opera challenge. Hello, those two? Really? They are not #RocketScientists.

Amy and Maya follow the soul surfers hoping they can do the painter challenge. The soul surfers show up and race up there. Tim and Te Jay and Maya and Amy are there as well. It’s neck and neck and they race through the church and up the scaffold. Bethany and Adam are first, the guys next and the #SweetScientists lose out on the fourth slot and have to head over to the poser detour. Robbie and Brooke show up to the opera house and get a great seat.

They watch the performance and are terrified, but the names and song info is there. All they have to memorize is the order they saw the costumes in and then have to pick them out of the room full of outfits. Jim and Misti are told to redo some of their fresco. Alli and Kym call the checker over and she also gives them a thumbs down. Tim and Te Jay pick at each other and criticize each others painting. Amy and Maya show up to the opera and watch the performance with the wrestlers.

They all head down to the costume room. Amy and Maya each memorized half. Robbie asks if they want to compare notes. Jim and Misti get approval and are in first place. They get their next clue to go to Villa Niscemi which is the pit stop. Kym and Alli get thumbs up and get their clue. They’re in second place now. Both teams turn their sheets in at the opera house and the wrestlers are told theirs is not complete. They forgot to write down a name but don’t notice it.

Amy and Maya are told theirs is also not complete. The two teams agree to work together and then go watch the opera one more time. Jim and Misti are prepping for a foot race since the cyclists are close behind them. Jim and Misti race up to the villa and are thrilled to see Phil waiting. He tells them they came in first and they whoop and holler. This is the #Happy300 leg of the race. They win a trip to Ocho Rios in Jamaica. Kym and Alli race up a few minutes later to take second. Jim says this is their fourth win.

Adam and Bethany are told to make some of the lines thinner and cleaner. He tells Tim and Te Jay they have some lines missing. They are hoping the opera thing is going slower. The wrestlers and scientists both get their clues thanks to working together. This puts them in third and fourth place. Adam encourages Bethany not to give up on the tiring work. Tim and Te Jay complain that they should have done the opera.

Adam and Bethany finally get their approval which puts them in fifth place. They head to the pit stop. Tim and Te Jay finally get their approval and head out but they are in sixth. They panic and run out not realizing it was pit stop time. Amy and Maya make it to third at the pit stop followed by the wrestlers. Phil asks them to demonstrate the opera and they do. Adam and Bethany are in traffic and are worried the #CollegeSweethearts will pass them up.

Bethany and Adam make it to the villa to take fifth and Tim and Te Jay show up, horrified that they are last but are relieved when Phil says it’s not an elimination leg. He tells them next time they will have to face a speed bump. Tim and Te Jay are confident and say if the dentists could do it, they can too.

The End!