The Bachelor 2014 Spoilers: Nikki Ferrell Has Sex With Juan Pablo To Steal Him From Clare Crawley?

The Bachelor 2014 Spoilers: Nikki Ferrell Has Sex With Juan Pablo To Steal Him From Clare Crawley?

Even though we are only on Episode 6 of The Bachelor 18, the majority of Bachelor fans already know who Juan Pablo chooses in the Final Rose Ceremony (thanks to blogger/spy Reality Steve). Last night on Episode 5 of The Bachelor, things got heated between Juan Pablo and bachelorette Clare Crawley during a secret late night dip in the ocean. And, like the majority of Bachelor fans we are all still trying to determine whether or not Clare and Juan Pablo had sex while they were in the ocean. Regardless of whether or not they did the actual deed, their secret late night meeting did contradict the theory that Nikki Ferrell is the winner of Season 18 of The Bachelor.

Juan Pablo spends every possible second he can with Clare Crawley, and she has emerged as a popular pick for the winner of The Bachelor this season. But, according to Reality Steve (who is 99% accurate when it comes to spoiling The Bachelor), Nikki Ferrell is the bachelorette that Juan Pablo gives the final rose to.

We can’t help but wonder if Nikki Ferrell and Juan Pablo have a few secret rendezvous of their own before the end of The Bachelor this season. If Clare is already sneaking into Juan Pablo’s hotel room when the other girls are sleeping and having hot and steamy swimming sessions with The Bachelor, then how else would Nikki Ferrell be able to win him over?

Clare may or may not have had sex with Juan Pablo in Vietnam, but Nikki Ferrell will most likely have sex with Juan Pablo before the season is over! That is the only logical explanation we can come up with that would explain why Juan Pablo suddenly shifts all of his attention from Clare Crawley to Nikki Ferrell.

What do you guys think? Will Nikki Ferrell and Juan Pablo have sex before the end of Season 18 of The Bachelor?

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  1. […] the final rose to. Reality Steve, the infamous blogger and Bachelor spy, announced recently that Nikki Ferrell would win Season 18 of The Bachelor. The news arrived months before the love-fest even […]

  2. samanantha wright says:

    What happen to a man getting to know a woman, without 30 other girls. Weird. Right.

  3. DuchessLazy says:

    Clare = freak, neurotic,weird-looking,low character,not the best choice
    Nikki = immature,pretty,not the best choice

    • Dufis says:

      Nicky is a total fake. It appears to me that she plans out all her responses and acts out her role taking her script from previous shows. I don’t think she is capable of loving Juan and is too self centered to be a mom.

    • David Bailey says:

      Clare = freak (no she is not), neurotic (yes),weird-looking (absolutely not as she is the most attractive physically speaking of all the ladies a 10/10),low character (how can that be so when she has not been romantic with a man for a long time, yet judged on the swim in Viet Nam I can see why you would say this. She loves her Dad so much she wants it all in Juan Pablo, who may not be like her “southerly gentleman“ father), not the best choice (I agree she is not for him mainly because she would insist being #1 and not his daughter. Why BTW, does Claire at 32 use “like” when explaining? And, WHY has she specialized in “men’s hair” which leads me to wondering whether she has been “just saying NO” to men coining Nancy Reagan’s comment years ago w.r.t. Birth Control and MORALITY) Nikki = immature (they all are relatively speaking but for a few like Rene is the most mature and can LISTEN for a change), pretty (yes and so is Claire for example calling Claire “crazy“ was way off base and cruel on National TV), not the best choice (well given the choices, she will fit in with his daughter given her profession of loving children and she does let things roll off her shoulders like he does and it seemed her Dad was flexible too. I would NEVER appear on such a program but if I had, the brunetter piano player I would have gotten to know and say, how about that masseuse > is she for real? That is my analysis except for one more comment; there are farrrrr more step-Dads than step-Moms as much as I dislike the whole new reality, so stats would indicate that any of these women but for Claire and the soft spoken lady also with a son who left the show, would not be the best candidates for Juan Pablo. It is devastating for kids to grow up not having a choice to keep biological parents together in today‘s world plus “Mom“ thereafter having the HOG share of the time spent with the child{ren}. If sin truly does exist which we all agree does, this I believe is #1 as would centuries of ancestors gone-by without any doubt)

  4. […] Every season of The Bachelor is kind of the same. There’s always a shady chick that is nasty as hell behind the scenes but then plays super nice in front of the dude handing out the roses, right? I mean, ABC purposely throws someone like this into the mix as a catalyst to fights and catty behavior. So of course Juan Pablo Galavis is enjoying the company of Nikki Ferrell. […]

  5. […] Translation: Clare Crawley is denying rumors that she and Juan Pablo had sex in the ocean in Vietnam, in her very long-winded manner. But did that stop Nikki Farrell from getting even…? […]

  6. Ashley says:

    I hope he picks Renee… she’s the realist person on that show!!!

    • David Bailey says:

      Rene is gone and true, they would both have to share their children which seems on the surface to be Equitable and Rene lives in the same state as he does Florida however, can or will Rene have more children and if so, this would mean a genuine mixed marriage with 3 children not having the same biological parents that I believe Spells > a MESS.

  7. David Bailey says:

    I agree with taking it off the air. As for Claire, not sure whether you are right as she adored her father which is important to then love a potential husband so Claire clearly knows what love is. Her OLDER sister needs to butt out. After 25 years you are saying people are not sure? If that is so perhaps those type of people are not capable of loving since this seems stunning to me…think about it, 25 years of living with a person be it spouse or child or parent and still not sure whether they love them?

  8. David Bailey says:

    The Bachelor hmm … it doesn’t take a rocket scientist (logic) to realize that when 27 females are after one male, they ALL know only one can be selected and so, why any of them whine, complain and bring out the claws afterwards; especially, when he did shed tears when he HAD TO send certain ones home, he was very kind and considerate at least on camera, and many of them raved about him being “such a catch” until, they weren’t picked? I do not blame him for saying “it’s ok” to the new Bachelorette OMG Andi?! She turned on him in a opportunistic heartbeat that night ONLY because she knew she was going to be picked as the next Bachelorette. As a prosecuting attorney she has to be an actress, manipulative etc. and she sure played “it’s okay” up to a point that she was insulting and discriminatory towards him as this IS his second language. I had not watched this show for years and it hasn’t changed since what goes on behind the scene the public would be surprised with. Every female contestant gains fame regardless of whether she is picked or not and so she cannot LOSE so why the crocodile tears in the Limo? Personally, I would never date someone from that show but, I watch to gain insight into both genders’ psychology. I couldn’t stomach watching the next Bachelorette and besides it is a busy spring. In ending this, Claire the best looking lady there with stunning looks from head to toe and yet, she is seemingly extremely hard up for marriage making her persona paradoxical. Perhaps her Dad put her to high on a pedestal and vice versa that it may be impossible for her to come down off her throne and stop the ‘fairy tale” notion since life is not that. For her to badly insult him about his ability to raise children was simply Ugly and yet Chris Harrison plus all the women in the audience ignored this, which shows just how much they think of fathers’ importance because, can you see a guy walking away pointing at Andi IF she had a child or say Rene if she were picked ?! since she does have a son? The Double Standard would have kicked in as the women in the audience would be all over a man saying this. Have fun with the Bachelorette while I am fishing, hiking and hopefully golfing.