The Bachelorette Andi Dorfman and Josh Murray Breaking Up: Nick Viall Sex Jealousy and Josh’s Male Chauvanism

The Bachelorette Andi Dorfman and Josh Murray Breaking Up: Nick Viall Sex Jealousy and Josh's Male Chauvanism

Season 10 of ABC’s The Bachelorette 2014 came to a close in July, and surely you have heard by now that Andi Dorfman and Josh Murray are officially engaged and planning their ridiculously extravagant TV wedding. To hear Andi and Josh tell it, they are hopelessly in love, and anxious to get down the aisle. But, the truth of the matter is they have several issues to work out before they can even begin to think about saying their “I Do’s,” like for example Andi’s scandalous hookup with Nick Viall or Josh’s chauvinistic controlling ways.

When Nick Viall dropped a bomb on Josh Murray and well the entire viewing audience and revealed live on the ATFR show that he had sex with Andi Dorfman, everyone knew that there was no way it would be water under the bridge. Josh Murray played his part and smiled on stage afterwards and gushed about how happy he and Andi were, but several sources have revealed that all hell broke loose once the cameras were turned off and Josh was furious with Andi for making a fool of him on live TV.

According to the August 18th edition of OK! Magazine, Andi’s hookup with Nick Viall has revealed some of Josh Murray’s ugly personality traits. OK!’s insider tells the magazine that, “Josh has a pretty jealous personality and a bad temper. Josh would take control and answer questions for Andi. Sometimes he barely let her get a word in. She’s had to tell him to let her speak for herself a number of times.” Another source told the magazine that, “Josh is insecure- and Andi is finding it really unattractive.

So Bachelorette fans, do you think that Andi and Josh will actually make it down the aisle? Or will Josh’s jealousy issues and Andi’s scandalous behavior on The Bachelorette cause them to break up before they even finish planning the wedding? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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  • wilddog

    I think too much is being made of this. The Bachelorette is based on the premise that the bachelorette that the lady gets to go through a couple of dozen men to find her perfect mate. Every bachelor going on the show knows he’s going to see his ideal girl kissing and flirting with other guys. And that she will spend a night in the Fantasy Suite with possibly two other guys if you get to the finalist stage. The fact that she had sex with someone in the suite shouldn’t be a surprise. Also after several weeks of the kissing, hugging, and flirting, she must have been horny as hell when she finally got some time away from the camera.

  • Letty Eballa

    Can you blame Josh. I am sure they will work it out in time because they seem in love. I think Andi also got a match. Josh will not take Andi’s BS. Give them time. Everything will heal. They seem to be the perfect match.

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  • perkins

    did not embarrass him; remember that Andi would have done anything to prevent this
    stupid nonsense. She is a Lawyer, Think like one. If Josh had slept with
    someone before choosing her she would not have been happy about it either. I
    Truly understand her choosing someone to make her happy in bed, but I do
    believe that she would have talked to him, to meet private, and let Josh know,
    he would probably have supported her and go with her to meet. Things would have
    been different, and both would have moved on. Even as friends. Remember, that
    guy was very much in love with her, he was hurt, men have feelings too. We know
    what we can do when love is involved and feelings. It would have been the same issue,
    if she had chosen Nick, Josh would have felt used also due to the feelings they
    had built together. The bottom-line, as a woman we all know who we want before
    we sleep with them, she should not have done it, or she should have met him in
    private, trust me, you would have found a way no matter those cameras where around,
    I would probably have gone to his hometown, no one could take my happiness
    after I found it no one, that’s me. I would rather let the man I love know
    about it and then go meet with the heartbroken one, so what if he was hurt,
    things happen in life we cannot control. Probably you would still have all the
    respect on all sides okay, think like a lawyer….that’s what we do” eliminate
    them before they eliminate you “a ha ha ha ha ok” he was hurt, and he had to
    hurt you too, you would have done the same, if you would put yourself in his
    shoes ok. He wanted answers so stop blaming him. You have your man you wanted
    who cares about how he feels, you would have met him. I love josh support them
    two and I was team josh all way, but I truly got disappointed of her actions. Especially,
    refusing to meet him knowing it would come back and eat you, Looks Fade Girl,
    but such things stay, you would have stayed smart for ever to me, you had it
    all, probably the best cutie couple of the bachelorette. Why did you mess it up
    for me, Gosh Andi I was so mad. An intelligent woman should not do things like
    this. It’s straight up stupid. That’s a great man great foundation, you too his
    pride, and yours too. Remember on Ray’s show, you stated if you found out a man
    you choose cheated you would throw him out, so what does that say to you. I
    really like you Andi, and support you both for marriage and great kids but you
    should have met that man privately no matter what circumstances, I would board
    that plan even at night to his hometown with Josh, because if josh loved you he
    would have forgiven you, this applies to you dear. Josh told you how cheating
    made him feel and you went and did it anyway. Gosh!!!!!!!!!, I am so mad that
    you let that happen, you can be book smart but if you have no come sense it
    does not make you intelligent at all. I do not think your in laws like that but
    they want their son happy, so yeah, them eyes gonna be on you dear. I have been
    married 16years and trust me marriage is not that easy regardless of love. Things
    like that hunt you. It’s done, but never judge josh or questions him without
    you looking in the mirror. Now you make the best out of it, love him, listen to
    him and be there for him. To make the best out of it. It’s a permanent mark on
    your record. Remember Kim Kardashain can get away with that she has it all.

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