The Blacklist RECAP 1/20/14: Season 1 Episode 12 “The Alchemist”

The Blacklist RECAP 1/20/14: Season 1 Episode 12 “The Alchemist”

Tonight on NBC their new criminal drama, THE BLACKLIST starring James Spader continues with a new episode called, “The Alchemist.” On tonight’s show the next target on the Blacklist is a man who protects the guilty by preying on the innocent.  Ryan O’nan guest stars.  Did you watch the last’s episode? We did and we recapped it right here for you!

On the last episode the entire FBI team was under investigation as internal affairs tried to find the mole. Elsewhere, Red (James Spader) was missing and conducted his own investigation into who betrayed him. Meanwhile, a serial killer from Liz’s (Megan Boone) past, “The Good Samaritan” (guest star Frank Whaley) struck again. Liz was allowed to join the hunt for the killer as Cooper (Harry Lennix) knew Red would likely reach out to help knowing how much this unsolved case meant to Liz. Diego Klattenhoff and Ryan Eggold also starred.

On tonight’s show Red (James Spader) informs the team that “The Alchemist” (guest star Ryan O’Nan) – a man who relies upon science to transform a person’s DNA – has been contracted to protect a well-known mob informant and his wife. As the team goes undercover to catch him, Liz (Megan Boone) finds herself on the hunt for an unlikely couple. Meanwhile Liz and Tom (Ryan Eggold) find themselves at another bump in their relationship and Ressler (Diego Klattenhoff) debates whether or not he should give his ex-girlfriend his blessing. Parminder Nagra & Harry Lennix also star.

Tonight’s episode of The Blacklist is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it. So pop some popcorn, grab a snuggle buddy, and definitely tune into this hot new series! While you wait for our recap, hit the comments and let us know if you are excited about this new series.

RECAP: Red tells Liz that she needs to find a man, who’s killed women, children and infants if he needs to. Red says that he’s tell her about this Blacklister because he’s protecting Theodore and his name is the Alchemist. It then cuts to a man who’s about to get it on with a pretty blonde, the pretty blonde ends up passing out and waking up in a plane. She’s now got short black hair and looks completely different, she’s confused and doesn’t understand what’s going on. The alchemist ends up changing people, the guy who she was with is there too and completely different. Their pilot jumps out of the plane, who I assume is the alchemist. The Alchemist changed their I.D.’s and is letting them die in the plane, the ultimate untraceable murder. Harold and his team find out about what happened to the two people who just died in the plane, that it’s linked to the Alchemist. Harold wants Liz to meet with Red and get him to talk about the case. Red is talking to a guy about finding the mole and how it’s gotten nowhere yet, Dembe arrives with a gift basket, Red asks about how the defence is doing. Red tells the guys to put the data together to get more information and leaves. Red is now meeting with Liz in a synagogue, Liz says Red was wrong about the Alchemist she believes that he killed Peter; but it turns out that the Peter isn’t dead, that he’s really good at what he does. Red says that if he tells Liz, she has to try duck eggs. It cuts to Budapest, Ressler is with Liz and Malik, and they’re at a bar. Ressler is talking to Liz about his ex-wife, then Malik sees the man they’re looking for. They’re getting ready to take him down, but they are waiting for the right moment to strike. Peter walks away alone and Liz follows behind him, but she was too obvious, Peter knew and starts to run, but is cut off by Ressler in the kitchen.

Liz is at home, her husband Tom arrives and says that he didn’t go to the job interview because he wants to be with her, he doesn’t want to put her in the position to choose him or his career. Jenny is due in six weeks, she expects for Tom and Liz to take care of the baby. Liz says she would quit her job if she could, he doesn’t want that, he only wants her to be safe. Tom mentions how she’s got so many secrets, while he’s barely got any apparently. Tom and Liz will be hosting a baby shower. Liz is now back at headquarters, turns out the man who was killed in the plane who was supposed to be Peter was a man who was altered to become Peter. Liz asks Red how the Alchemist does this to the victims, Red says it’s genetic manipulation. Red says if Liz finds the Alchemist she can resurrect the dead. Liz talks about people who were killed throughout the years, the people who were dead aren’t. Amar has found out how to tell the difference of people who died and the people who were supposed to be dead. The Alchemist is greeted with his client, she’s talking about how her husband was caught in Budapest. He wants her to tell him who she told about this plan, she doesn’t give a solid answer and receives a bullet to the head. Ressler is interrogating Peter, asking if he can describe the Alchemist and who he is. Ressler is interrupted by someone, the man walks in and talks to Peter. Peter wants to know how this man will get him out, the man takes out a piece of gum, Peter asks for it and it turns out that it was a type of poison. The Alchemist wins once again. Liz tells Ressler who the Alchemist is, not as a person, but by showing a photograph. Ressler recognizes it was the man he let speak alone with Peter, he runs back into the office room and find Peter on the floor, he yells for someone to get a doctor.

Malik talks about that the Alchemist is named Eric, he’s an expert in DNA. Turns out that he’s got a family, Harold tells them to pay his wife a visit. They ask when the last time was the wife last saw Eric, she hasn’t seen him in 6 years. The wife talks about how Eric is a very dangerous man, she admits that he comes by sometimes offering to help her and Annie their daughter. She says that he spent a lot of time in has lab, Liz asks about the lab. Ressler and Malik find a dead body in the trunk of a car. It then cuts to Red with his team of computer experts, who are trying to put ripped pieces of paper together and decipher. Red tells Liz to come over to see what the computer experts are doing. Liz shows a paper of numbers on a paper that has numbers on it, Red she needs to find out who Eric is and that helps her find out what she needs to do. Liz shows Ressler photos, what if the number from the lab was a piece of an equipment of his, a serial number for one of them. Ressler finds out from a set of pictures, and asks for people at HQ to get on it and find out. The Alchemist meets with a woman who he’s going to end up making his next victim. It shows a woman named Jolie, who was looking at Tom’s folder.

Liz and Tom are currently holding their baby shower, during it they’re playing all these weird games, like changing plastic baby’s diapers and blind fold tasting baby food. A woman asks if Liz if she’d spend time with her baby when they have one, Liz doesn’t want to take off time from work. Jolene walks out and interrupts their argument, Liz ends up walking away. The Alchemist is currently working on his next victim, it cuts to Tom talking to Jolene, and she’s talking to Tom how to save his and Liz’s marriage. Jolene talks about how he should take Liz to an art exhibit about this photographer who takes pictures of having sex with random strangers, Tom says it’s weird and doesn’t understand it. She then says it’s her show, he feels bad and tries to apologize but it turns out she was just joking. Liz and her team go in looking for the Alchemist, they were too late, but have found where he performs his surgeries and the faces of people he’s worked on. Ressler talks about how two rooms in the back were packed up, he knew they were coming and is planning to kill anyone who knows who he is. Ressler and Liz arrive to a crime scene where they find a couple Molly and Annie.

Tom calls Liz and tells her he’s sorry for missing her in the morning, he tries to apologize with her about last night, Liz says she was over reacting and they need to talk to each other about it. They agree to make some time for each other to talk it over. Liz then goes and asks Aram how they’re doing with the data recovery, they’ve found out the deaths of the pilots and the victims on the plane. Liz believes that Annie and Molly are still alive. Red finds out who the mole is in the HQ, turns out they’ve found out its Malik. Red gets a call from Liz, turns out that she thinks that Eric is trying to start a new life with his wife and daughter faking their deaths. Eric is at a gas station, he brings his daughter and wife into it, Harold and the others have found out where he’s at. Eric believes that he’ll be able to get away from the cops, but he finds out his daughter is diabetic and that’s where he realizes his mistake. After firing a bullet, Eric’s daughter ends up getting shot. He’s freaking out and then the cops arrive outside.

It’s not just the cops, but the swat team also there. Ressler and Liz arrive at the scene, they want the suspect Eric alive. The cops don’t want to do that because they want to help the hostages, Liz walks with her hands up she wants to talk to Eric. Eric says that he will give names if Liz gets her a medic. Eric doesn’t want to listen to the cops and save his daughter, he wants to be free and live with his family instead. In the end Eric’s wife shoots him in the back, and the sniper also shoots him. Eric is dead and there goes Liz’s leads. Liz calls Tom, turns out that Tom has been waiting for a while now. She asks if he’s cooked, he lies and says no. She says she’ll be late and pick up Chinese food, Tom does not look happy at all. Ressler appears and tells Liz that all the names have disappeared from the database. Liz meets up with Red to talk about the Alchemist, he only wanted the list and nothing more, and Red gets up and walks away. Ressler meets with his ex at a restaurant, they get together to talk about their current relationship. Ressler tells her that she’s making a great decision with her new boyfriend Michael, turns out they’ve decided to not get engaged because she’s been thinking about Ressler lately. It cuts to Tom calling Jolene seeing if her invite to the art show is still up, that it will be just him going. Ressler seems to have gotten back with his ex. Liz arrives home and finds all dishes that had food on them seeing that Tom did cook, she sees that he’s not there and calls him. Tom is currently busy at the art show with Jolene. Malik enters her home and finds Red sitting down, she knows that Red is there to kill her.

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    The Blacklist is DOOOOOPE!!! I love James Spader and his character is straight no chaser!!!! He is obnoxious and rude, but ya cant help but to root for him…. Heez a BAAAAD ASS GOOD GUY!!!!!

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